Coronavirus cases worldwide overview and travel advice

Coronavirus cases - Introduction

Coronavirus is spreading worldwide. Every continent is affected by it. the coronavirus‌ or COVID-19‌ has started contaminating Africa, which is alarming. From China to Greenland, 169 countries are now touched by the coronavirus.

Keep respecting basic travel hygiene‌ recommandations such as sanitize phone‌ and other coronavirus tips‌ to stay away from it or any virus in general while leaving your own home.

  World Health Organization: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public

The number of cases in the world

According to the John-Hopkins Institute data, there are just under 400 000 cases in the world (396 249 cases). There are less than 20 000 death (17 252 deaths), which means that the death ratio in the world is around 4% (4,4%). This ratio is high for a pandemic.

Compared to the Black Plague, it is not a lot, but nowadays, we have way much better healthcare around the world, which is why the ratio is alarming. The race to find a vaccine is still going on. French Professor Raoult has had results with chloroquine, but the sample of the study is too low to conclude.

Indeed, he tried giving chloroquine to 24 cases. And after 2 weeks, only 6 of the cases were still suffering from the virus, which is encouraging. This product is now tested more largely in Europe.

Virus personal protective equipment
Virus personal protective equipment 

Europe is where the situation is the worse at the moment. Every country is now locked down. The services (restaurants, bars) are closed. Remain only the vital services such as malls and hospitals.

The number of cases in Europe is growing very quickly, and this is the alarming point of the situation. In Africa, as said before, the virus just started spreading, which could lead some African countries into trouble during summer. In America, the cases are growing but the situation is not the worst in the world.

  Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

Is the number of cases the most important statistic to watch?

Having numbers to be able to compare is important. Otherwise, we could not make points on the situation. On the other hand, we have to be careful with the numbers we use to compare. Indeed, the number of cases can lead into some bad reflexion mistakes.

Considering the measures taken by the country, the number of cases can vary very hard. The drives to test virus are the best example to prove you this point. In South Korea (and now in the USA and Germany), you can take your car and go to a drive hospital. Once there, they will check your temperature and put a cotton swab in your nose. After 6 hours, you will receive the results via your e-mail.

This drive system is very fast, which means that a lot of people are tested. And the more you test, the more cases you have. On the other hand, if you do not test anyone, the only cases you will count are the ones who come to the hospital, who are usually the ones in the worst health situation.

This means that you will have more deaths and less cases in the countries where you do not test anyone, and less deaths and more cases in the countries where you test massively.

Considering this, you should be careful about the numbers you see. The number of cases is not the most accurate number. You should think about checking the death ratio in the place you want to inform yourself.

To do that, simply divide the number of deaths by the number of cases. This is still not perfect, but it will help you to see clearer through all this fog.

Virus personal protective equipment
Virus personal protective equipment 
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