Coronavirus: France situation and evolution

Coronavirus in France: Introduction

Coronavirus is spreading worldwide. From China to Greenland, 169 countries are now touched by the coronavirus. France is one of them in which COVID-19‌ is becoming a serious problem.

Let’s make a point on the situation and recap what happened since the beginning of the virus outbreak in January, before any travel hygiene‌ and basic coronavirus tips‌ such as sanitize phone‌ or use hand sanitizer‌ have been shared to the public.

Historic of the virus in France

When the coronavirus‌ started in China, France cared about the situation. They sent help to China, repatriated the French people in China, they were really not underestimating the situation. On the other hand, the measures in France were first non-existent, just like in a lot of other European countries.

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Basically, France knew that there was an issue, but they thought it would stay out of France. This mindset: “it only happens to others” has been problematic at every scale since the beginning of the virus spread. Then, once the virus started spreading in Europe, France was acting very hard to bring back every citizen currently abroad.

They asked everyone to come back inside the French territory. If the citizens refused, it was sometimes the local country which was pushing French people off their territory. This is what happened in Norway, where all French people were asked to leave the country as soon as possible on the 12th of March.

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The situation today of Coronavirus in France

Virus personal protective equipment
Virus personal protective equipment 

Following the John-Hopkins Institute data, there is now over 20 000 cases in France (20 149 cases) but less than 1 000 deaths (860 deaths), which makes a 4% death ratio overall. This is an average ratio compared to the world average ratio.

  Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

Since last Tuesday, France is now in quarantine. Two days before, measures were taken to close every restaurant and bar. Then, the following day, every « not vital » service has been closed.

And since last Tuesday, France’s inhabitants cannot go out of their houses. In order to go outside, you should fill a paper. There are four reasons to let you go outside:

  • you work and your work cannot be done from home
  • you need to buy basic necessity goods
  • you have health issues
  • you do brief jogging or walk around your house to breathe

Over those rules, you should wash your hands regularly, stay one meter away from every person you see and talk to.

Coronavirus: update on the situation in paris and île-de-france, better air quality

The result was controversial. Some French people respected it well, but others did not. The last option has been abused by some citizens. They were underestimating the situation and having long joggings with friends.

That is why, since Monday the 23rd, the rules have become stricter. Joggings have to last less than an hour and must be one kilometer around your house. The other rules did not change.

What can we expect for France in the following weeks?

France was a little slow to react, but it seems like now, the citizens are respecting the rules and that the virus did not strike as hard as in other European countries (such as Italy).

If you want to be optimistic, you can consider a re-opening of the schools at the beginning of May, followed by the re-opening of companies during the same period of time. If you are pessimistic, a full lockdown until June is not impossible.

Time will tell. For now, we encourage you to stay at home and respect the rules that have been told in your country to make sure we limit as much as possible the virus spread.

  France Coronavirus: 19,856 Cases and 860 Deaths
Virus personal protective equipment
Virus personal protective equipment 
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