Sunny weekend in Warsaw with friends

Sunny weekend in Warsaw : Outbound flight or restaurant ?
Outbound flight or restaurant ?

Let’s start our Warsovian week end with a little joke, little guess: Is this plane our plane to Warsaw or a restaurant in Warsaw??






Sunny weekend in Warsaw : Combination of old and new architecture
Combination of old and new architecture
Sunny weekend in Warsaw : Recent skyscrapers
Recent skyscrapers
Sunny weekend in Warsaw : Warsaw skyline
Warsaw skyline

We love Warsaw for its richness in History that you can understand through its architecture.

You can feel its dynamism through its modern building…not present only 20 years ago…

The post 2nd war period with its amazing and huge Cultural Palace, a Russian gift and symbol of a critical period and subject of lot of arguments and discussions…


Sunny weekend in Warsaw : Dramatic theatre
Dramatic theatre

And like for every sensitive subjects, we could sometimes feel in Warsovian parties in a Corneille Drama…






A few left buildings, part of the Guetto wall remind us another sad part of the Warsovian history

Sunny weekend in Warsaw : Ghetto wall
Ghetto wall


Sunny weekend in Warsaw : Plac Zbawiciela
Plac Zbawiciela
Sunny weekend in Warsaw : Old town market square
Old town market square

Fortunately Warsaw is very different today, with its beautiful places (like Plac Zbawiciela…), its green park, great coffee places with nice terrace…






Sunny weekend in Warsaw : Old town
Old town
Sunny weekend in Warsaw : Colorful birds
Colorful birds
Sunny weekend in Warsaw : Horse in old town
Horse in old town

with these positives waves, we visited the old city…

…rebuilt exactly as it was before the 2nd war

made a few colored…

…and fun friends.



Sunny weekend in Warsaw : Polish street names
Polish street names
Sunny weekend in Warsaw : Underground galleries
Underground galleries

but let’s give you a piece of advice : don’t even dare to get lost like we did there….People won’t understand where you want to go 

Having said that, you will anyway get lost….





Sunny weekend in Warsaw : Underground life
Underground life
Sunny weekend in Warsaw : Vistula river and national stadium
Vistula river and national stadium their huge and endless tunnels, where there is a real underground life (we guess very useful in winter)

so enjoy their beaches, barbecue next to the National Stadium and great night life and bike paths in Summer all along the Vistula

As far as we are concerned, we will come back for sure….so much more to see and understand

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