Stylish and Functional Travel Companion – Bric’s 22″ Cargo Duffle Bag

The Bric’s 22 Inch Cargo Duffle Bag from the MyLIFE Collection is a large carry-on or overnight travel bag that promises both style and functionality. With its tan color and durable construction, this bag is designed to meet your travel needs.

During my recent trip to San Diego, I had the opportunity to use the Bric’s 22 Inch Cargo Duffle Bag and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. The bag’s size was perfect for a weekend trip, allowing me to pack all my essentials comfortably. The sturdy construction ensured that my belongings remained secure throughout the journey.

Not only did the bag impress me with its functionality, but it also received numerous compliments for its elegant appearance. The tan color and polished design added a touch of sophistication to my travel ensemble. I appreciated the attention to detail, such as the dark brown handles and trim, which enhanced the overall aesthetic appeal.

Questionable Authenticity

One of the key aspects to consider when purchasing the Bric’s 22 Inch Cargo Duffle Bag from the MyLIFE Collection is its authenticity. Some customers have reported receiving products that do not match the description or the accompanying images. For example, the handles and trim shown in the pictures are depicted as dark brown, but some customers received a bag with all tan-colored handles and trim. Additionally, while the description claims the interior is fully lined, some customers received bags with no lining at all. Furthermore, the product description states that a security lock is included, but some customers did not receive one, only finding an empty zip lock plastic bag at the bottom of the box. Lastly, there are discrepancies in the dimensions, as some customers received bags with slightly different measurements than what was advertised. These inconsistencies raise concerns about the authenticity and quality control of the product.

Perfect Weekend Companion

One of the standout qualities of the Bric’s 22 Inch Cargo Duffle Bag is its versatility as a weekend bag. Customers have praised its size, finding it perfect for short trips and getaways. The bag’s design has received numerous compliments, with customers appreciating its stylish appearance. Its sturdy construction ensures durability, while the bag’s classy look adds a touch of sophistication. Customers have also noted that the bag holds a lot, allowing them to pack everything they need for a weekend trip. Compared to leather bags of similar size, the Bric’s duffle bag offers a larger capacity and a polished aesthetic. Overall, customers are highly satisfied with this bag as their go-to weekend companion.

Sturdy and Spacious

The Bric’s 22 Inch Cargo Duffle Bag is praised for its overall quality and capacity. Customers have found the bag to be well-made and durable, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of travel. However, some customers have noted that when fully packed, the bag can become quite heavy. This highlights the need for wheels on this size of duffle bag to provide easier mobility. Despite this minor inconvenience, customers appreciate the bag’s ability to hold a significant amount of items. Its spacious interior allows for efficient packing, making it suitable for extended trips or situations where multiple outfits and essentials are required. The bag’s good quality and generous storage capacity make it a reliable choice for travelers in need of ample space.

Customizable Organization

The Bric’s 22 Inch Cargo Duffle Bag offers convenient organization options for travelers. With multiple pockets and compartments, customers can easily separate and access their belongings. The bag features external pockets for quick access to essentials like passports, boarding passes, or snacks. Inside, there are additional compartments to keep items organized and readily available. Customers have found this feature particularly helpful for keeping smaller items, such as toiletries or electronics, secure and easily accessible. The customizable organization of the bag enhances the overall travel experience and ensures that everything is within reach when needed.

Durable Material

The Bric’s 22 Inch Cargo Duffle Bag is crafted with durable materials that contribute to its longevity. Customers have praised the bag’s ability to withstand various travel conditions, including rough handling and inclement weather. The bag’s sturdy construction, coupled with its high-quality materials, provides peace of mind to travelers, knowing that their belongings are well-protected. The durable material used in the bag’s design adds to its overall value, ensuring it will last for many trips to come.

Stylish Design

The Bric’s 22 Inch Cargo Duffle Bag stands out for its stylish design. Customers appreciate the bag’s sleek and sophisticated appearance, which adds a touch of elegance to their travel ensemble. The tan color of the bag, combined with the contrasting handles and trim, creates a visually appealing aesthetic. The attention to detail in the design, such as the high-quality stitching and craftsmanship, further enhances its overall appeal. Whether traveling for business or leisure, customers find the bag’s stylish design to be a statement of their personal style.


  • The Bric’s 22 Inch Cargo Duffle Bag is stylish and classy, receiving compliments and making you look great while traveling.
  • This bag is the perfect size for a weekend trip, allowing you to pack everything you need without being too bulky.
  • The Bric’s duffle bag is made of good quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity.


  • There may be concerns about the authenticity of the product, as some customers have questioned if they received the same quality as advertised.
  • The bag may not meet the exact description in terms of color, lining, and included security lock, causing disappointment for some customers.
  • The lack of wheels on this size of the bag can make it difficult to maneuver when fully packed and heavy.

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In conclusion, the Bric’s 22 Inch Cargo Duffle Bag from the MyLIFE Collection is a reliable and stylish travel companion. Despite a few discrepancies in the product description, such as the absence of a lined interior and security lock, the bag’s overall quality and performance outweighed these minor shortcomings.

If you’re in search of a spacious and durable travel bag that combines practicality with a touch of elegance, I highly recommend considering the Bric’s 22 Inch Cargo Duffle Bag. It proved to be a reliable and fashionable choice for my weekend getaway, and I’m confident it will meet your travel needs as well.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Is the Bric’s 22 Inch Cargo Duffle Bag authentic?

Answer: Some customers have raised concerns about the authenticity of the product they received. It is recommended to reach out to the seller or customer service to address this issue.

Question: Is the Bric’s duffle bag exactly as described in terms of color, lining, and included security lock?

Answer: Some customers have reported that the bag they received did not match the description in terms of color, lining, and included security lock. It is advisable to contact the seller or customer service for clarification or possible replacement.

Question: Does the Bric’s 22 Inch Cargo Duffle Bag have wheels?

Answer: This particular size of the bag does not come with wheels, which may make it challenging to maneuver when fully packed and heavy.

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