Safe Travels: A Travel Hygiene Kit List

If you are a regular traveler or even if this is just your first time traveling, you surely have already planned out your whole stay including your itinerary, flight booking, and hotel room.

However, people tend to forget the one critical, important thing to their safe travels. The personal hygiene kit is usually missing on their luggage of essentials, and is particularly important at the moment, while the coronavirus or other kind of diseases are spreading around. So if you are currently reading this and you have a trip coming up, here is the list of things you must include in your travel hygiene kit:

1 Hand Sanitizer or Alcohol

hand sanitizer or Alcohol- during your travel, you will be exposed to different environments, pollution, and dirt. Be sure to have a hand sanitizer or alcohol to carry with you so you can sanitize your hands whenever you touch something unclean.

2 Body Wipes

Body Wipes or sanitizer wipes – unexpected messy incidents may occur in your journey and you’ll never know. It is good to have a pack of sanitizer wipes ready for any situation.

3 Body Soap and Hair Cleansers

body soap and Hair Cleansers – it is advisable to avoid liquids in your trip. When choosing a body soap and hair cleanser to bring, opt for a travel-size bar or if you can’t, be sure to seal your liquids soaps tightly so it won’t spill.

4 Dental Care Supplies

Dental Care Supplies – one of the most important things that a traveler must not forget. Ready your toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, and mouth wash. Yes, hotels may provide these but it is better to be prepared and avoid any hassle in the way.

5 Deodorant and anti perspirant

Deodorant – this is surely a necessity especially if you’re traveling somewhere hot and will make you sweat. You can buy a travel size version of the anti perspirant deo brand of your choice.

6 Towels

Towels – some hotels and stay-ins may provide a towel for their guests, but some do not. Try to bring one extra towel or two so you won’t have to buy any more in case.

7 Q-tips and Cotton Pads

Q-tips and cotton pads – stack a few of your cotton pads and buds at home and seal them in a small container. This will help you clean the small parts of your body like your ears, which are prone to dirt while traveling.

8 Sanitary Napkin or organic Tampons

Sanitary Napkin or Tampons- for the ladies, you’ll never know when it’s coming and you don’t want to be caught unprepared! Think ahead and bring some organic tampons with you on your journey.

9 Comb or Hair Brush

Comb or hair brush – for both men and women, bad hair days are unavoidable even when you’re in travel. Pack a comb or a hair brush so you can easily fix your hair whenever the wind blows hard.

10 Facial Moisturizer and Body Lotion

facial moisturizer and body lotion – the temperature might shift from your place to the one you’re traveling to. Remember to take care of your skin even when you aren’t at home.

Travel hygiene kit

While traveling, we are going to interact with and encounter a lot of people and places. We’ll never know where each one came from and it is better to be cautious and prepared.

Travel hygiene kits are not just for your cleanliness but for your safety and health as well. Especially nowadays, we are experiencing a world health emergency from the coronavirus, the recent COVID-19 virus.

It is better to be vigilant and come prepared, rather than seeking cure after catching health problems from your trip.

Main picture credit: Photo by STIL on Unsplash

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