The one most important Travel Hygiene safety tip

Take an hygiene kit for any travel

Are you afraid to travel? Are you afraid your vacation or business trip will cost you your health, or your life? Your fears are not unfounded, especially with the coronavirus recent developments. I understand your fears. I had to confront them too, hence this travel hygiene safety guide.

You can’t keep yourself 100% safe from illness while you travel, but there are things you can do to stack the odds in your favor, including disinfect phone and taking an hygiene kit with you wherever you are traveling to:

Most important Travel hygiene tip: always have sanitizer wipes with you, use them before touching anything

WHO guidelines on hand hygiene in health care

Cruise hygiene precautions

I recently took a cruise (yes during the coronavirus scare). My husband and I discussed canceling, but decided to go, with extra precautions. Normally my routine when walking in to a hotel room or cabin is to unpack and organize everything, instead we first went through and wiped down all surfaces with cleaning sanitizer wipes or alcohol pad.

He started at the door wiping down the doorknob/ handle and I went through to the balcony wiping down the railing and worked my way back toward him.

We cleaned the tables, lamps, chairs, light switches, closet doors and bars, remotes, faucets and anything else we could think of all before unpacking. We both carried a couple of sanitizer wipes in snack size baggies in a pocket.

My husband can walk down the stairs without holding the railing, I had a wipe in my hand every time I held a railing and wiped it as I went. We also wiped down the buttons on the elevator every time we used one.

Nobody gave us strange looks, one woman said it was a good idea when we wiped down the panel on the elevator. The canister of sanitizer wipes in my carry on did prompt a bag check at the airport (the flat packs didn’t). the agent pulled it out and said, “Good idea”, then put it back. We had no problems at the boat.

Cruise hygiene on boat

On the boat there were several motion activated Purell stations with hand sanitizer in the hallways leading to the eating areas and by the elevators, we used them, many others didn’t.

I also had hand sanitizer with facial moisturizer that I took with me. Wash your hands! Wash before and after eating. Wash after using the bathroom. Wash your hands before applying or touching up your makeup. Wash your hands every time you return to your room.

When and How to Wash Your Hands

We also wiped down the door handle, light switches, phones and cards every day. You need to be aware that other people are not doing what you might consider common sense travel hygiene.We have all seen that person at a restaurant or movie theatre that leaves the bathroom without washing their hands. There were signs in every bathroom on the ship advising people to use a paper extra towel or tissue to open the bathroom door, most people didn’t.

How to wash your hands

Bottom line of travel hygiene

I realize that this may seem like a lot of work, but the initial wipe down of the room took less than thirty minutes with two of us. We were on vacation for 12 days and by day three we were in the routine.

We came back healthy, we’ve been back 3 weeks now. We had a wonderful trip and didn’t bring back any nasty illnesses with us, so it was worth the extra care, all thanks to our travel hygiene kit:

Take yours with you!

The one most important Travel Hygiene safety tip : Wash hands
Wash hands

Main picture credit: Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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