Worldventures Dreamtrips: Review & Prices Check!

Are the prices of the DreamTrips products good ? Short answer, they are not. It is nearly always possible to find cheaper flights, hotels, car rentals, or equivalent vacation packages by yourself, for example using comparison websites such as WhereCanIFLY? Cheap flights and hotels.

WorldVentures Dreamtrips review prices

Are the prices of the DreamTrips products good ? Short answer, they are not. It is nearly always possible to find cheaper flights, hotels, car rentals, or equivalent vacation packages by yourself, for example using  comparison websites   such as WhereCanIFLY?  cheap flights   and hotels.

If you are a DreamTrips member, this is actually how to find cheaper prices that the ones on DreamTrips and earn money with their Price Pledge promise!

Is Worldventures still in business? WorldVentures filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on December 22nd, 2020
WorldVentures’ revenue “decimated”, CEO resigns

Simply check flights and hotels on comparison website where you will find cheaper prices in 95% of the cases.

DreamTrips: Travel club experiences
Travel membership club - WorldVentures DreamTrips membership

If you want to recommend your friends good travel deals, and earn cashback on your booking, instead of DreamTrips points that you pay for and never use, the best is to become yourself an affiliate of the booking platforms, and earn the commission on your own bookings in direct cash!

Not only you will compare packages from the best and cheapest offers available, earn cashback commission on your own bookings between 0.5 to 5% of the final price, but by telling your friends and family to do the same, they will get the same benefits and you will earn 5% of the commissions they are earning themselves.

And, unlike DreamTrips which is trying to tie you up to a monthly abonment you’ll never use, this is free, without any kind of commitment, and you have no obligation to use it or not – but if you do, you’ll get cashback and the friends that you refer to save money on their travels will do the same, and you will earn an additional commission on top of their own cashback.

Dreamtrips pyramid scheme: You earn a commission on the abonment of your referrals, regardless of their interest for the product

What makes DreamTrips a pyramid scheme? As you have to pay an abonment to join the program, the commissions given are based on your abonment, and not on your spendings.

In a regular digital marketing affiliate program, there is no cost to join, and no obligation to buy or use the products at all. But if you do, you get back a commission on your own purchases, which makes it a cashback. And, if you do refer anyone for free, you’ll earn a commission on what they actually buy: you will not earn anything if they do not use the products.

But the DreamTrips membership is tailored in a way that you have to pay to enter the club, you have to pay above market price to use their products on top of your abonment, and you cannot use it whenever you want, but only as long as you are paying the monthly fee.

Therefore, as per my personal World Ventures reviews it is not worth joining it: big travelers like me are not traveling more as their products are below market, the monthly commission is generally lost for most members that find no interest in the available packages, that are anyway more expensive than market price, the DreamTrips membership is too expensive for no reason, and you pay even if you do not use it at all!

Before joining the program, if you really consider doing it, make sure that you will have an actual real use of the program. If you only plan on getting other DreamTrips memberships from your direct referrals to pay for your own membership fee without possibly even using the product, you are then in the DreamTrips pyramid scheme in which money is mostly being lost in the program instead of being spent in travels.

But enough talk: let’s see some real examples of DreamTrips prices for several packages, and cheaper prices available online on which you could even get cashback by becoming a real affiliate at no cost and with no obligation whatsoever.

Rovia DreamTrips reviews prices

Our prices review shows the following, checked for random and different products available on the DreamsTrip website:

DreamTrips prices

On average, booking DreamTrips products is not a good deal compared to competition, and prices advertised are not the ones that will really be paid at the end, as they include points that have been bought, and do not represent the cheapest price, which is the stay for one person without using any point, and not half the price of a two persons stay using points that have already been paid for.

While a few people might make money from the program, most of us are just pouring money with abonments and events registration for no money earned.

In my case, I am what most people would call a big traveler: 6 years digital nomad, 650+ flights, 55 countries visited, one year long solo world tour. I know how to get the best prices, and I’m already partner with big travel brands (at no cost!) to resell their hotels, flights, and other travel products with no extra cost for customers – but a commission for me.

However, I joined WorldVentures in September 2017 as a platinum rep for $300 and $99 monthly fee, went on one DreamTrips in Thailand, 4 nights in a hotel with one dinner and one day at the water park that I paid $549 after using 150 DreamTrips point, I joined the Europe momentum event for $370, after what I booked the Bootcamp Europe event (which I did no attend at the end) for $236, and I booked a DreamTrips in Romania for $198 after using 60 DreamTrips point that I couldn’t join at the end, and I closed my account in June 2018.

Overall, in only 9 months with WorldVentures, I gave them more than $2500 of various fees, events registration, and trips booking, for an average 4 nights stay at a Hard Rock Hotel in Thailand (it was nice, but I could have done better myself), and 2 days event in Athens (the DreamTrips event was basically a big advertisement of a few success stories that many people paid for with their fees, for which I paid myself and didn’t get anything back). Definitely not worth the $2400 I gave them (I could have been on an amazing one month full vacation for this price), the time I lost with them (I could have earned more than what I spent in WV working on a real business with no fee), and not even counting the transportation price to join these events – I also joined a local one event in my membership country, also a big loss of time and money. But it was worth a good lesson: if you have to pay a fee, it’s not worth the trouble! However, it did introduce me to affiliate marketing, and I then found better travel products. That is the only good point in my experience, but an expensive one!

DreamBreak package price check

Starting with a holiday package, such as a DreamBreak Hong Kong, which only included 2 hotels nights at the Harbour Grand Kowloon hotel.

The package is advertised at 206$US on the DreamTrips website. But when selecting it, it is actually 259$, as the 206$ price is only when using points.

As the points are actually paid by your membership, it is not cheaper by using points, as you bought these points for 1 points = 1 dollar.

Going further, the cheapest room is actually not available, and we therefore have to select the harbour view room at 259$.

And then, the real DreamTrips scam shows up : the price initially advertised was only for 1 person, based on a 2 persons room occupation.

Meaning the price for the room is not 206$ as initially advertised, and not even 259$ when counting the points, but is at 518$ for 2 persons, and 479$ for one person.

This is far away from the advertised DreamsTrip price of 206$!

Going forward, the exact same room can be found on  comparison websites   for 427$, regardless of the number of persons staying in the room.

DreamTrips package price check

Doing the same check for a DreamsTrip adventures in Dubai, the city of gold, 5 nights and 5 days at the Atlantis The Palm Dubai, advertised at 971$, but in reality costing 2109$ for one person, or 2378$ for two persons... while a room can be found at the same hotel for the same dates starting at 1261$ with free cancellation.

The price difference will surely easily pay for the extra expenses, such as the activities that are included in the DreamsTrip.

DreamTrips flight price check

Taking a random flight, from Paris airport to Lisbon, the cheapest prices offered on the DreamsTrip website are starting at 350$ per person.

The same flights are sold for 315$ on WhereCanIFLY?, therefore making their website comparison engine much worst than the competition.

DreamTrips hotel price check

The same statement can be made for the hotels. With a 3 nights stay in Lisbon for example, the DreamsTrip website price is at 450$, while the exact same offer can be found for 426$ on WhereCanIFLY?

DreamsTrip car rental price check

Going deeper on a car rental check, for a stay in Lisbon, Portugal for example, the lowest price of 184$ for 4 days is easily beaten by any external car rental company, with prices as low as 82$, more than half the price!

World Ventures Dream Trips review

The packages offered by DreamsTrip are well organized, and are easy to book and join.

However, the World Ventures scam is that it promises great prices, while they are actually far higher than competition, and higher than what you could organize yourself.

The price pledge promise is that you can get 150% of the price difference back. But, for having being a member and trying to use, it is pretty impossible to actually really get it. The form is a pain to fill in, and it asks for details such as  flight booking   class that can hardly be found online. On top of that, it is anyway impossible to claim the money for a difference lower than 5%, which is in many cases the price difference for the DreamsTrip product.

The DreamTrips scam is not in the organization, nor in the trips, but in the prices, which are not that good.

Rovia DreamTrips reviews on the prices show that it is easy to find better prices on the Internet, by using  comparison websites   such as WhereCanIFLY.

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Be Aware: Promise Of Rovia, DreamTrips, WorldVentures A False Dream Or A Reality?

Are Dream Trips really cheaper

As per our check, Dream Trips are not cheaper than booking yourself the flight and hotel, using comparison engine like

However, they might include some activities, and eventually some discount vouchers, which you wouldn’t get by booking the trip alone.

But anyway, these vouchers are most likely not gonna be used, and not all the activities are always of interest, and they are to be done in a big group with little to no possibility for any personal choice.

Are Monster Mega DreamTrips really cheaper

Let’s check an example of the next Mega Monster Dream Trips in Croatia, and see if it is really cheaper.

The hotel that is included, is the Andrija hotel, for 316€ per person, which makes 632€ for 2 persons, and they say that the hotel is privatized for the Monster Mega Dream Trip only.

Or, when we check the hotel for the same dates, we can have it for 2 persons at the same dates for 305€ per person.

Therefore, the MonsterMegaDreamTrips is not cheaper in Croatia, and it is only worth going there if you are already member of the club and have too much money – otherwise, it is not a good reason to join the club.

Monster Mega Dream Trips cheaper on

Are Anytime Escape Dream Trips really cheaper

Checking another example of newly created Anytime Escape, and checking if they are really cheaper.

Are Dream Trips Anytime Escape really cheaper? A recently created Anytime Escape in Paris costs 327€ for 2 persons for 2 nights.

The exact same booking at the same hotel only costs 266€ at the same dates. Therefore, Anytime Escape Mega Dream Trips are not cheaper.

Anytime Escape Dream Trips cheaper on

World Ventures Dream Trips reviews – are Dream Trips scam?

Is the Rovia price pledge a DreamTrips scam? As you can see above, the Rovia price pledge doesn’t work in all cases, as the difference between the DreamTrips price and the public price must exceed several dollars, and they are usually just one or two dollars above public price. On top of that, the Rovia price pledge is difficult to apply or prove, with many documents necessary. On top of that, for flights and hotels, the Rovia price pledge only applies on the exact same booking category, a small letter code used by airlines and hotels – usually, DreamTrips flights are not based on lowest airfare code, and other prices on internet are using other categories, making the Rovia price pledge useless and not working, despite showing higher prices as what you can find online - they find reasons not to pay the price difference as per Rovia price pledge terms and conditions.

Rovia price pledge on DreamTrips website

Should I join the World adventure Dream Trips, is DreamTrips scam? As explained above, in most cases you shouldn’t join World adventure Dream Trips, as it is only valuable for you if you really travel a lot, meaning already more than 2 month holiday abroad a year, if you have a yearly travel budget above 10000$US, and if you like fully organized packaged travels. Otherwise, the World adventure Dream Trips are not for you, and are more expensive than booking the same tours yourself online using good comparison engines than booking through World Ventures Dream Trips, in which the actual travels are pretty limited.

Are the World Ventures trips prices good? Generally speaking, the World Ventures trips prices are worst than what you can find yourself online on the market, as you have to pay for their organization in the World Ventures trips prices. The Rovia flights prices and the DreamTrips flights are also not as good as market prices on good flight comparison engines.

www world ventures dream trips com website

Are their good DreamTrips reviews online? Most of the DreamTrips reviews are basically saying the same thing, that it is generally not worth joining World Adventure Dream Trips to travel, as the prices are worst than organizing the same trips yourself, and the Rovia price pledge nearly never applies, making it pretty useless even for frequent travellers. The DreamTrips reviews also generaly state that World Ventures Dream Trips will not make you travel more in most cases.

Official World Ventures travel site

How to cancel DreamTrips membership?

Now that you know all this, if you’ve already joined their travel club, the best might be to leave as soon as you can. If you want to cancel your DreamTrips membership, all you have to do is to send an email to below address from your registered mail account, mentionning your DreamTrips ID, your birthdate and your full name.

How to cancel DreamTrips membership? Send an email to [email protected]

Within a business day you should get an answer letting you know that your DreamTrips membership has been cancelled – and that you’ve lost any points accumulated so far, also as any active booking of future travel on their platform.

Dream Trips reviews

Here’s a list of Dream Trips reviews from former members that have managed to get out of the travel scheme in which you have to pay a membership with no certainty to ever earn a commission – an awful way to actually sell travel or  earn cashback on travel   spending as other amazing programs that are free to join already exists, and let you earn real commissions from your own travel spending and your referred friends spending at no cost.

Remember: if you have to pay for a membership, to pay for your own trainings, or to pay to represent a company, then it is definitely not worth doing it!

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Of course, there’s even far more reviews than these ones. As a 6+ years digital nomad, having my own travel websites, and having traveled on 650+ flights to 55+ countries, I can only give you my expert travel opinion: it is not worth paying for any membership to travel.

★☆☆☆☆  Worldventures Dreamtrips: Review & Prices Check! The abonment paid is rarely rewarded as a travel discount, and as much as 80% of members are not benefiting at all, but simply pouring money into the program. Only a very few members are earning some money or benefiting from travels, at the expense of other members.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Worldventures Dreamtrips offer to travelers, and how does it compare in terms of value and experiences to traditional travel options?
Worldventures Dreamtrips offers packaged travel experiences, including accommodations, activities, and some meals. Comparison in value and experiences depends on factors like travel style preferences, cost-effectiveness, and the uniqueness of the offerings.

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