Change sales country to get cheaper flights tickets in 3 easy steps

Change sales country to get cheaper flights tickets

Changing sales country might get you cheaper flights, without using VPN to get cheaper flights.

How is that possible ? This is because each agency has different prices negotiated with the airlines, for different seats. It might just be the case that one online travel agency in a specific country hasn't yet sold all seats, and still have an open seat to sell at a price that is not available anymore for agencies in other countries.

It is however not an exact science, and depends on many factors, but it is always worthwhile to have a quick look at countries with booking agencies (United Kingdom, Australia, Greece), departure and arrival countries, and eventual connecting countries when they are known.

This can lead to some amazing surprises, with very large discounts compare to booking in your home country.

In case you do not understand the language of another country, simply use a translation service that will help you getting to the last step of having your ticket delivered to you.

Cheapest country to book flights from VPN

The cheapest countries to  book flights   are usually the following to check, which might be different for every flight depending on the departure and arrival airports.

Cheapest country to buy airline tickets:

  • Countries with big booking centers, such as Australia, Greece, or United Kingdom,
  • Departure and arrival countries, depending on the flight details,
  • Countries in which the flight segments have connections.

In order to get these special prices, it is not necessary to  change IP location   to a different country, but simply use the built in functions on  comparison websites   like  WhereCanIFLY   to see the prices in other countries.

How to make flights cheaper

See below an example of a flight from Geneva, Switzerland to Warsaw, Poland, bought on a Friday at lunch time for a departure at 3pm, a last minute ticket.

The flight segments were nearly full 3 hours before the flight, and prices went up on the French websites to 694€.

But, simply by using the built-in functions to change the sales country from France to Germany, the exact same ticket went down to 247€, or a 65% discount!

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VPN for cheaper flights

Not even necessary to use a VPN, see below a comparison on the different booking countries for a  flight booking   from  Warsaw, Poland   to Kiev, Ukraine, two days before departure:

  • 88$ on German sales websites,
  • 104$ on United Kingdom sales websites,
  • 104$ on United States sales websites,
  • 104$ on Greek sales websites,
  • 184$ on Russian travel agencies,
  • 187$ on French travel agencies,
  • 187$ on Spanish travel agencies,
  • 187$ on Polish travel agencies.
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When do flights get cheaper

There is no rule on when do flights get cheaper, but as a rule of thumb, this generally happens between 6 and 2 weeks before departure, or very last minute.

Booking flights months in advance will rarely get you the best deals, and have a higher chance of actually making you lose money, as your plans might change meanwhile.

Are flights cheaper on Tuesdays

Yes, flights are generally cheaper on Tuesdays as it is usually the lowest day for online sales, as it is the busiest working day.

Why are flights cheaper on Kayak

Flights are not cheaper on Kayak, check our website to compare prices before booking a ticket and see for yourself!

Cheaper flights than SkyScanner

It is possible to get cheaper flights than  Skyscanner   by using our comparison engine, try it and see how it works on your next flight booking.

Round trip airline tickets cheaper than one way

Yes, that is generally the case, round trip airline tickets are usually cheaper than getting two one way tickets of the same route.

There is actually no workaround that fact, and this depends on airlines.

Some of them are more used to people traveling for holiday, and get their flights full by ensuring that way that the passenger will come back, while some other airlines are simply selling flight segments and are more interested in getting individual flights full.

This strategy is different per airline, and it is not possible to go around it.

How to get cheap flights with VPN?

If you want to use  a VPN   for cheaper flights, such as RusVPN, the most cheap VPN existing, then it is simple.

Use  a VPN   for cheaper flights by connecting to another country where the flights are cheaper, for example a country with a  flight booking   center, such as United Kingdom, Greece, or Australia.

While using  a VPN   to book flights, the companies will not show higher price due to previous searches, and you will be able to find cheaper flights using VPN.

What are the best VPN locations for cheap flights? The best VPN locations for  cheap flights   are United Kingdom, Greece, and Australia, because these countries have big flights reservation center and less intermediaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best VPN location for flights ?
The best VPN locations for cheap flights are the UK, Greece and Australia because these countries have a large airfare booking center and fewer middlemen.
How can changing the sales country on a booking site potentially lead to cheaper flight tickets, and what are the steps to do this?
Changing the sales country can exploit regional pricing differences. Steps include using a VPN to change your IP address, browsing in incognito mode, and comparing prices on the airline's website for different countries.

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