Drimsim prepaid international SIM card

The Drimsim international prepaid SIM card is easy to order, and offers great rates in 197 countries, starting at 0.01€ per megabyte and 0.03€ per minute.

Drimsim prepaid international SIM card

The Drimsim international prepaid SIM card is easy to order, and offers great rates in 197 countries, starting at 0.01€ per megabyte and 0.03€ per minute.

It is very easy to order online, and can be delivered worldwide within 2 weeks, which seem to be a pretty good deal, to use either as a prepaid SIM card USA, a Europe SIM card, or a pay as you go SIM nearly anywhere in the world.

Prepaid SIM card USA for tourists

The prepaid SIM card Drimsim is ideal as a prepaid SIM card in USA for tourists, with a cost of 0.02€ per 1 megabyte, or 20.48€ for 1 gigabyte.

The minute of phone call to a mobile phone in Western Europe countries like France goes for 0.16€, and half of this price to call landlines, per minute.

A phone call to Russia costs 0.26€, and an SMS to France costs 0.04€ per SMS.

These prices are pretty good compared to some other operators, but for USA communications only, they might be more expensive than getting a local SIM card.

International SIM card Europe

Probably one of the best SIM card for Europe with data, Drimsim offers great prices from European countries.

For example, the megabyte of data goes for 0.01€, and only 10.24€ for 1 gigabyte of mobile Internet. As a comparison, with a local French SIM card, I pay 5€ per month for 50Mo... and for 10€, I only get 100m megabytes, which makes Drimsim one of the best SIM card for Europe with data.

Regarding the phone call prices, they are also awesome. For example, a minute of communication from France to United States costs 0.07€ per minute to a US mobile, and the same to a landline phone.

The SMS is sent for 0.04€, which is also pretty good.

As a comparison, a minute of phone call to Russia with this SIM card will cost 0.24€.

International SIM card Australia

The prices to Australia are also great, with the megabyte of data for 0.01€, and a gigabyte of Internet mobile data for 10.24€.

One minute of call to the United States costs 0.1€, which is not bad, both to mobile and landline phones.

An SMS from Australia to United States costs 0.07€, which is also not bad, and a minute of communication from Australia to US costs 0.28€.

Order a SIM card for international travel

Ordering a Drimsim SIM card for international travel is pretty easy.

On their website, start by clicking on the order now button.

Start by entering your basic information, such as your full name, current phone number, and email.

Then, select the number of SIM card to be delivered. One SIM card costs 10€, delivery included, without any credit.

The minimum credit top-up to put on the SIM card later on will be 25€.

The delivery address will be used to send by post mail the SIM card right to your door.

Before paying, validate the delivery detail information, and double check that the address and contact numbers are correct.

Then, provide your credit card number, and proceed with payment. Depending on the bank security systems, it might be that the next step is to validate and authorize the payment on the bank side.

And that's it! Now simply wait for the SIM card to be delivere, and don't hesitate meanwhile to download the mobile application that will be used to manage the SIM card later on.

How do prepaid phones work

The prepaid phones have a SIM card on which communications are paid in advance. The credit is then used during communications: phone calls, SMS, mobile Internet, and, when it reaches 0, no more communications are possible, but it might be allowed to get free incoming calls or text messages.

A prepaid phone cannot spend more money than what has been credited to the related account.

How do SIM cards work

What is a SIM card? A SIM card is a piece of plastic with a chip that contains information about a mobile phone number account with a specific phone carrier. Without a SIM card, a mobile phone cannot place any phone call, receive or send text messages, or connect to mobile Internet.

How to get SIM card out of iPhone

To get a SIM card out of iPhone, you need to use a paper clip, and put a branch in the iPhone small hole on the side of the iPhone. There is inside the hole a hidden button, triggering it will make the SIM card pop out of the phone.

How much does a SIM card cost

A SIM card typically costs between 5€ and 10€. It might or may not include credit. When the SIM card is attached to a phone plan with engagement, it is usually included for free.

Choosing a prepaid SIM card or with a rolling contract can be a daunting task. Therefore the best is to use an international SIM card as explained above for your travels generally, and whenever you arrive in a country, check if they have something cheaper to offer, it can usually be done right at the airport.

Best prepaid international SIM card

The best prepaid international SIM card, and the easiest one to use, is DRIMSIM prepaid international SIM card.

Easy to use with a simple application to follow your expenses, simply open the app and it will tell you directly how much credit you have left, and how much it represents in terms of minutes of communication and mobile internet to use in your current location.

If you go to another menu, you can plan your travel or your expenses by checking how much it will cost with the DRIMSIM prepaid international SIM card to call, send a SMS or use data in any country in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a Drimsim Prepaid International SIM Card for travelers, and how does it compare to other international communication options?
Benefits include cost-effective rates, wide global coverage, and the convenience of staying connected without local SIM swaps. It compares favorably to other options by offering flexibility and transparent pricing without binding contracts.

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