How To Use A VPN To Book Cheap Flights | 2020 Update

Travelling is now a measure of happiness and it cannot be any simpler with a sea of booking websites. However, the flight price is still a big obstacle.

Using vpn to get cheaper flights

Travelling is now a measure of happiness and it cannot be any simpler with a sea of booking websites. However, the flight price is still a big obstacle.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) was born to create a domestic network for companies’ staff around the world. Thanks to its safety, easy-to-use, sharing capability; VPN has become popular for internet users.

Each country has several locked sites for different reasons and VPN is a key for this. In simple words, by changing the IP address, VPN gives your device a new identity and that is how It can access lock websites.

Get insanely cheap flights using VPN

However, VPN can do much more than that. Have you ever wondered why the flight tickets keep changing from place to place? Because the websites can track your location before giving you the corresponding price. But how they know the location? Here are some hints:

  • Cookies: Many websites ask the client to share the cookies for a better experience. Cookies stores the browsing history, the website uses cookies to “understand” the client, know the client’s need and also the location.
  • IP address: As aforementioned, this one is like your house address.
  • GPS: Searching for routes, sharing interesting venues, using location to get suggestions for nearby services.
  • Wifi: Accessing a public network also gives up your location.

With that information, booking websites can further investigate your paying currency, give relating suggestions and propose a price that they consider suits you. All these steps take place constantly without your notification.

What is the best VPN location for cheap flights?

An effective way to deal with it is using a VPN. It can change your IP address, giving you a completely new identity to fool the tracking system.

  • Browsing from a third-world country: Purchasing ticket from a low-income country would cost you less. The difference for a single ticket may not be too big but it can save you a considerable amount when buying for a family vacation.
  • Browsing from the airline’s country: The price for local residents is often cheaper than that for the foreigners. Thus, changing your IP to the airline country’s one can be a good idea to get more reasonable prices.

Best VPN to buy airline tickets

RusVPN is proud to provide an outstanding VPN service to help you get rid of expensive flights. With 338+ servers spreading over 30+ countries, you can get your  IP address   from every corner of 5 continents.

RusVPN also develops different VPN version compatible with any operating system, whether Windows, Linux or MacOS; whether Android or IOS. There are also free extensions for browsers like Chrome or Firefox.

How to use VPN to book cheap flights?

To choose your ticket for the cheapest price, just follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Purchase a subscription offered by RusVPN
  • Step 2: Download and install the compatible VPN version
  • Step 3: Start the application and connect to the server you want (should be a third-world country)
  • Step 4: Open incognito in a new browser window
  • Step 5: Searching for your flights and compare the prices
  • Step 6: Redo step 3 until you get the best price

The cheapest monthly VPN

VPN is not just a tool to pass the websites’ barriers but also an effective way to take you everywhere from the cheapest price. Starting from just $2.99 per month, RusVPN is one of the best VPN providers that you need.

With this method, your vpn airline tickets will become very pleasantly priced. As you can read above, with a little effort, you can win a lot. This is a way to save your money, which you will find much better use in the future.

Study RusVPN carefully and use it as it is a great VPN provider that you need. On the provider's website, in the reviews, many users confirm their positive experience of use and excellent savings on their money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which VPN will help me buy an insanely cheap flight?
RusVPN is an outstanding VPN service that helps you find the cheapest flights. With over 338 servers in over 30 countries, you can get IP addresses from all corners of 5 continents.
What are the updated methods for using a VPN to find cheaper flight options, and what are the best practices to effectively utilize this strategy?
Methods include connecting to VPN servers in different countries to compare flight prices. Best practices include checking prices in countries with lower living costs, clearing browser cookies, and being flexible with travel dates and destinations.

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 2020-08-23 -  阿公
I usually have the habit of using VPN. But for the first time I knew that it could be used to buy cheap air tickets. Gain knowledge
 2020-08-23 -  admin
@阿公, Using a VPN to book cheaper flights by changing countries is one of the most useful ways to use a VPN for travelers!

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