How to properly share boarding pass on social media

Why you should not share boarding pass pictures

The barcode, passenger name with booking code or ticket number can be used to cancel your flight, check you out of the flight, request a ticket refund, which will trigger the ticket cancellation, and change your booking in general.

Any combination of the following information, displayed online, can be used by anybody that sees it on social media to cancel your whole itinerary:

  • boarding pass barcode,
  • name and booking code,
  • name and ticket number.
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Sharing the booking confirmation

The worst thing to do, sharing your booking confirmation, directly gives anybody all the information needed to access the flight information, and cancel it for example.

With passenger name, booking code, and whole flight details, they are directly able to know when you will be flying, when you will be in airport, and how to cause the most troubles, by checking you out right before boarding for example.

Never share a booking confirmation on social medias, or, if you really have to do it, remove all these informations:

  • passenger name,
  • booking code,
  • booking reference,
  • electronic ticket number, eticket number,
  • airline booking reference,
  • frequent flyer number.
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Sharing the boarding pass information

On the boarding pass, several information are sufficient to offbard you, right before your flight, the passenger’s name and the electronic ticket number.

Do you know these pictures you like very much to take in the airport and put on your Instagram story, with your boarding pass and your passport, right before boarding at the airport?

Well, bad news, if you do not take a few precautions, anybody can use that picture to cancel your booking.

When sharing it, make sure to cover these information for example with stickers, or simply by drawing or writing on top of it:

  • passenger name,
  • electronic ticket number, eticket number,
  • booking code,
  • boarding pass barcode,
  • frequent flyer number.
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Boarding pass barcode reader

Whenever sharing your boarding pass online, make sure that the barcode is not visible, or at least not in full.

It is very easy to scan it, and extract all kind of information, simply from the boarding pass picture.

A boarding pass barcode contains all these information:

  • passenger name,
  • booking code,
  • flight segment airports, operating airling, flight number,
  • booking class, sequence number, seat selection,
  • electronic ticket number,
  • frequent flyer number and frequent flyer status.

With all these information in his possession, anybody can cancel your whole flight, simply by accessing the picture of your boarding pass on your story.

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Barcode scanner online boarding pass

Is it illegal to cancel someone’s flight

It is probably not legal, but where the concern is, is that there is no way to find who cancelled your flight on your behalf, simply because you shared a picture of your boarding pass on social medias.

Therefore, stay safe, and make sure that the important areas of your boarding pass are hidden on your posts and stories.

Why you should never post pictures of your boarding pass online

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