Where to celebrate New Years Eve 2020

The New Year's Eve is slowly approaching, and now that summer holidays are over, it is time to start thinking about the end of the year events, Christmas and New Years Eve !

While Christmas is most likely a family holiday, NYE is a party holiday, and a trip somewhere is a great way to celebrate the passage to the next year.

Many people are searching for cheap travel for New Year or might be dreaming of spending New Year in Paris or in other popular destination.

Bali: Find local activities Bali: Find local activities  

See below some travel ideas for the best New Years Eve parties in the world 2020, and let us know about yours :

  • 1 - Cheap NYE getaways,
  • 2 - Disneyland new years eve,
  • 3 - Bali New Year - Bali NYE,
  • 4 - New Year's Eve in the mountains 2020,
  • 5 - New Years Eve events near me.

1 - Cheap NYE getaways

Depending where you are living, cheap things to do on New Years Eve might mean different things, and cheap places to travel for new years might be very different.

However, our proposition per continent is as follow.

Cheap places to go in europe for new years

See about Warsaw, the capital of Poland. The country is generally one of the cheapest in Europe.

And, with plenty of hotels, it is a business destination. Meaning that accomodation prices are cheaper on weekends and holidays than on business days, and therefore cheap for New Years Eve - just like the parties are !

  Radisson Blu Centrum Warsaw
  New years eve party planning in Warsaw

Cheap new year destinations USA

Houston, Texas is on average 74% more affordable than the most expensive North American destination, according to Booking.com.

Hilton Americas Houston

What about enjoying after a huge NYE party the Space Center, or visit the bayou ?

  Houston new year celebration in USA booking

Cheap bali holidays for NYE

See below our review of Bali, which is a great destination to spend NYE if you decide to spend it in Asia.

  Bali hotels and flights

2 - Disneyland new years eve

What about a Disneyland New Years Eve ?

They are known to offer great shows, and being opened in the heart of winter can make up for an exceptionally beautiful scenery, if snow is in the game.

If not, the awesome decorations are still there, and the famous Disney parade is a ravishment for children and young couples on a romantic getaway.

It has great New Years Eve events for families, but also is one of the good New Years Eve ideas for couples.

  Disneyland Paris hotel

Disneyland Paris NYE

The magic breaks eurodisney for New Years Eve !

Is disneyland paris open on christmas day ? Yes, it is open all year round. Disneyland paris opening hours christmas day from 9am until 10pm.

Is disneyland paris open on new year's day ? Yes, it is !

What time does disneyland open on New Years Eve ? Disneyland paris New Years Eve opening times are 9am to 18h30 / 6.30pm.

disneyland paris new year celebrations

Another option is to celebrate New Years 2020 in Paris, by going to the popular Champs Elysees, on which every year New Years in Paris is celebrated with a street party.

However, if you plan to celebrate New Years in Paris 2020, expect to be a little cold, and to have a hard time reaching any public bathrooms, as hundreds of thousands of people are gathering there to celebrate New Years in Paris 2020 on the Champs Elysees avenue.

Fireworks and revelry: Thousands celebrate New Year's Eve in Paris amid tight security
8 Ways to Celebrate New Year's in Paris
New Year’s Eve in Paris
  Cheap flights to Paris and hotels in Paris

3 - Bali New Year - Bali NYE

The most touristic island in Indonesia is also a great destination to enjoy New Years Eve... under the sun, at the beach, and with a cocktail !

With a very large hotel selection for all budgets, the island always has enough rooms for the many tourists coming.

What about starting the party with sunset on Kuta beach, west of Denpasar, partying until dawn, and going to see the sunrise East of the island on Nusa Dua beach ? They are only 30 minutes away by taxi, which can turn to one hour or more with traffic.

  Mercure Kuta beach Bali
Kuta Beach to Nusa Dua – Google Maps

The best location to stay in Bali, at least party wise, is Kuta beach, where most parties happen, and beach is animated even at night.

Beautiful beaches in bali are actually... well pretty much everywhere. Best is to go away from Denpasar to enjoy cleaner beaches, as less tourists are walking there.

  Cheap flights to Bali and hotels in Bali

4 - New Year's Eve in the mountains 2020

Northern hemisphere winter means amazing time skying in the mountains for New Years Eve, after the ski season has opened.

Most ski resorts organize events for the year change, like a torchlight descent by the ski instructors.

It looks like a fire snake coming down the mountain, and it is something every mountain lover must see at least once !

New Years Eve in mountains is also a great way to do more sports than eating and drinking, and enjoying nature at the same time.

  Cheap flights to Geneva and hotels in Alps mountains

5 - New Years Eve events near me

It is not always necessary to go far to enjoy the end of the year party... many events are organized everywhere.

Booking a great hotel nearby, and enjoying the party they organize is also a way to feel in a different place, while not going too far and not spending too much.

Staying near home for the celebration is also a great way to avoid seasons travel peak, and January is actually a great time to travel and enjoy cheap prices.

Summer starts mid-January in India for example =)

  Cheap hotels comparison

Best places to celebrate new years in europe

See also the best party places in europe, all of which organize special events for NYE. Most of the time, it is better to book in advance, as a lot of them are quickly becoming full, and usually include dinner and party.

For a street celebration, see the Champs Elysees in Paris, which is full of people all night long, but might get a bit cold at night.

Best clubs for new years eve

It is not possible to select one best club for New Years Eve, as all of them are very different, and hosts even more different events for the end of the year.

However, you cannot be wrong by going to Warsaw, Poland, where clubs are affordable, often have food and drinks packages, and party until end of the night.

  Cheap flight hotel package booking

Cheap flights for new years eve 2020

It is not easy finding cheap travel for New Year, as most accommodation are getting overpriced, and there are no specific discounts on regular travel packages. The best best for a cheap travel for New Year is not to go too far from your residence place – and, if you are able to, delay your trip to enjoy cheap out of season prices at the beginning of the year, as you will hardly find cheap travel for New Year 2020.

See below our selection of cheap flights‌ for your cheap New Years Eve breaks:

Bali NYE 2020, Bali New Year’s Eve 2020
Warsaw New Year 2020, warsaw new years eve 2020
Euro Disney new years eve, disneyland paris at new year, Paris new years eve 2020
Houston new years eve 2020
Cusco cheap flights, cheap flight to Cusco
  Cheap flights on new years eve, Cheap flights for new years eve 2020

Offer for the New Year 2020

See below a list of amazing offers for the New Year 2020, with links to book directly your perfect stay for the end of the year!

With all these offers for the New Year 2020, you will surely easily find the one that suits you best!

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