Where To Go On Holiday This Year ?

With summer approaching, it is now time to think about the upcoming holidays, and choose a destinations.

Best holiday destination for 2024

With summer approaching, it is now time to think about the upcoming holidays, and choose a destinations.

Here is our choice month by month for this year, based on previous experience :

  • July, holiday in Bali, Indonesia,
  • August, holiday in Kiev and Odessa, Ukraine,
  • September, holiday in Rhodes, Greece,
  • October, holiday in Dubai, UAE,
  • November, holiday in Phuket, Thailand,
  • December, holiday in Cartagena, Colombia.

July in Bali, Indonesia

With weather close to 30°C, mostly sunny, with a little bit of refreshing light rain, July is a great period to spend holidays in Bali. With great food, amazing beaches, lot of activities, the crowd might make it a bit complicated to get a good and cheap hotel. However, with a large choice, it shouldn't be a problem.

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August in Kiev and Odessa, Ukraine

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With mostly sunny days, and plenty of beach clubs in both cities - Kiev, the capital, and Odessa, the beach destination at the border of the black sea, and plenty of entertainment, with some of the cheapest prices in Europe, Ukraine is now a more than acceptable holiday destination. After having proven they can host international events, like Eurovision 2017 and Champions League Final 2024, it is high time to enjoy what the country can offer.

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September in Rhodes, Greece

Difficult to choose a favorite destination in Greece, as its many island all have their own reasons to be visited. However, Rhodes is a great choice. September still offers a perfect summer weather, and the tourists crowds are away. Party people can still find amazing events, and beaches actually have free spots to relax. Of course, the food is always one of the main reasons to visit Greece, Tzatziki and Moussaka alone being reasons to get there.

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October in Dubai, UAE

Weather is becoming acceptable, after crazy high temperatures in high summer, and all activities can be enjoyed : theme parks, water parks, beach clubs, beaches, some of the most amazing hotels in the world, and parties in most of them. When going for a longer period of time to Dubai, try to plan some time to visit nearby city of Abu Dhabi, which also offers plenty of summertime activities.

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November in Phuket, Thailand

Just like Greece, it is nearly impossible to choose a destination in Thailand, all of them being amazing. However, especially for a first time, Phuket, the party holiday is the best destination, because most transports to the islands departs from there. Do try to go to as many other places as possible from there, and plan in each of them at least a few days, even on smaller islands - you'll be surprised how entertaining they are.

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December in Cartagena, Colombia

The most northern country of South America, Colombia is a perfect holiday destination, especially at its main leisure town, Cartagena, on the Caribbean coast. Weather is perfect in December, and it is not yet crowded, as school holidays in Colombia are mainly in December and January, but December is mostly kept for Christmas preparation. Food is also awesome there, with tasty fruits not even exported to Eastern countries.

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Let us know in comment what do you think about our selection. Would you choose differently ?

Where to go on holiday

We hope this guide will have helped you finding your next holiday destination.

Would it be a holiday experience in phuket, an odessa vacation, a vacation in Bali, a trip to Rhodes, enjoying sunny beach night life in United Arab Emirates, we are happy to give you tips to find the best deals possible !

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can individuals decide on the best holiday destination for them this year, considering the current global travel environment?
Individuals should consider factors like travel restrictions, health and safety measures, personal interests, and budget. Researching destinations that offer the desired experiences while adhering to safety protocols is crucial.

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