World Map Where You Can Highlight Countries: Visited Countries Map Generator

Interactive visited countries map

On travel website, ‌  you can generate a map of countries visited, simply by selected the list of countries, and copying the given link to an image automatically generated.

This is how you can obtain a map of the countries visited on FaceBook by selecting the countries which you have already visited, and by sharing the world map generated on your Facebook page or your story Instagram according to your choice to indicate the countries visited so far.

After having selected the list of all the countries that I have visited and chosen the display colors of the unvisited countries, the countries visited and the oceans and seas, the number of countries visited as well as the proportion in relation to the total number of countries will also be displayed and can also be shared on Facebook with my world map of the countries visited, with ease and simplicity after a few clicks on the countries in question.

The world map of the countries visited can also be printed by saving the generated image on his computer and sending it to the printer. Another way to display the map of the countries I have visited is to buy a scratch map of the world and to scratch the places I have traveled with a coin, but the physical map cannot be shared on Facebook!

visited countries map generator: generate world map with countries highlighted where you have been

Where can I find a scratch map of the world?

A large scratch-off world map or a small scratch-off world map can be ordered online, and there are many different cards available, some with country limitations, others with different colors per country, some with highlighted points of interest such as monuments, and many others!

This type of map can be ordered over the internet or bought in travel or toy stores, and does not require printing since it is already ready to be updated with the places you have visited.

The only downside to this type of map is that you can't share them on Facebook or other social networks - unless of course you take photos of the map with your phone and share those photos!

Large scratch-off world map
Small scratch-off world map

Map of visited countries

Want to see how much of the world you have seen, and to share it with your friends on social medias ?

The Visited States Map Generator on travel website just does that !

Generate map of countries visited

Using the quick links, jump to the continents you have visited, and select one by one the countries or states you have been to.

The countries are grouped by continent, and ordered by country name, making it easy to find them.

Image will automatically update itself right away - it is also possible to personalize the map, for example by selecting another color for the visited countries, a different color for the seas, and a different one for the states that haven't been visited yet.

Keep selecting the visited places until you have found all of them, and scroll up to share on most social medias (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Xing, LinkedIn), or scroll to the bottom of the page to download the image, and / or get a code to copy and paste on your website, or to post on online forums for example.

The picture can also be saved locally, simply by right clicking on it, and saving it as a specific file on local computer, from where it can further be edited, or shared by email for example.

Where Can I FLY? Visited countries map generator

Generate world map with countries highlighted

The map can of course be used for any purpose, simply by choosing the colors of seas, highlighted countries, and countries not highlighted.

It can then be saved and shared, and represent any highlight of countries necessary, for example to complete a professional PowerPoint presentation with the visualization of company offices, or to include in a school project.

World map highlight countries

To generate a shareable world map in which countries are highlighted, the visited countries map generator from  WhereCanIFLY ‌  is a great way to make such a map.

The picture generated can be freely shared, and all countries can be selected.

It is even possible to select different colors for the seas, the countries selected, and the countries not selected, by using the given options below the map to highlight countries on a map.

Once all options are selected, you can generate a world map with countries highlighted, download it, or share a link by email.

World map countries visited

During our  World Tour ‌  2019, we have time to update our own World map of countries visited, now reaching 51 countries – and some more are yet to come!

World tour 2019 articles
World map countries visited during a world tour, 51 countries already visited

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