How does Uber share my trip status works

How to share Uber ride location

In  Uber ‌  app > settings > share my trip > select contacts,  Uber ‌  share my trip allows to send your accurate current location to another person, for example the person you are actually going to meet, so they can see in real time where you are exactly on the map with a location tracker.

It is actually the exact same interface as the  Uber ‌  driver tracker when ordering an Uber, except that it can be shared with friends by SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, or any other phone messaging app, by sending a unique URL link that can be used to open a trip tracker on a mobile phone web browser.

See below how does  Uber ‌  share my trip work and to proceed in detail!

Uber share trip

After having confirmed a trip, and at any time until the arrival, it is possible to share an  Uber ‌  trip with your friends, to let them track your exact location and have a better idea of your exact arrival time, updated in real time with traffic issue and other problems that might arise during the ride.

On the trip details in the  Uber ‌  app, once the trip has been ordered, tap on Share trip status, and the send trip status on  Uber ‌  will be the way to share your location with other people.

The select contact window will open, and it might not show any contact at all, which is actually fine, and doesn't mean that  Uber ‌  share trip is not working!

Simply tap on the top right icon, which is the standard sharing icon on mobile phone.

This will now open the trip sharing options, even though no contact did show up earlier.

From here, you can select the service on which you would like to share your  Uber ‌  trip status with someone, such as SMS, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, or any other application on which you would like to send a link leading to your current trip status to a friend.

Uber share trip status WhatsApp

For example, if you select WhatsApp, the WhatsApp contact list will open, ordered by recent contacts.

From there, scroll until you find the contact to which you would like to send your trip status, and tap on the contact to highlight it and select it.

After having selected all contacts to whom you would like to send your trip status, as it can be more than one single contact, tap the confirmation icon in the bottom right corner of the WhatsApp application to share your  Uber ‌  trip status.

The conversation with the trip status recipient will open, and a standard text message containing a link to see your  Uber ‌  trip will be already filled in.

You can either edit the standard text I'm on my way! Follow my  Uber ‌  ride, to any text you like. The important is not to modify the Internet link, also called URL, as your contact will have to tap on this unique link to follow your  Uber ‌  trip online.

Send the message to your contact when you are ready.

Uber share trip status SMS

If you choose to send your  Uber ‌  trip status tracker by SMS or text message, then a unique link will be sent to your contact, also containing a standard text that can be personalized to your needs.

Just like for sharing the trip status via WhatsApp, Viber, or any other mean of communication, feel free to change the message as you like, but do not change the last part of the message, the unique Internet link, as your contact will have to click on it to follow your  Uber ‌  ride status.

Location tracker Uber ride

Once your contact has tapped on the trip tracker link that you have shared with him, his web browser will open, and it will show the trip information, including a map with current car location and the estimated arrival time.

This location tracker will be updated in real time, as per the driver's shared location on the  Uber ‌  app, and therefore is pretty accurate.

Uber share my trip not working

In case you are not able to share your trip status, and it seems like  Uber ‌  trip tracker is not working, make sure that your mobile Internet connection is active, as sharing the  Uber ‌  status during the trip will most likely mean that you will be away from known WiFi networks.

Then, after tapping the Share trip status button, even if no contact appears on screen, tap the top-right icon, which will open the phone sharing options, along with the list of messaging apps on which you can share your  Uber ‌  tracker status.

If these options are not working, then make sure that your app is up to date by going to the app store and installing the latest updates for the  Uber ‌  app.

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What is share my trip on Uber application

You may ask yourself what is share my trip on  Uber ‌  application, and the answer is pretty simple.

The share my trip on  Uber ‌  is the possibility to share a link to one of your contacts, for example on WhatsApp, that will allow your contact to follow your  Uber ‌  trip status on a map and in real time.

You contact doesn’t need to have the  Uber ‌  application installed to be abled to follow your trip shared with the  Uber ‌  share my trip functionality – all he needs is a mobile phone and an Internet connection.

What is share my trip on Uber application for drivers

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