Travel advice to Kyiv for the UEFA Champions League 2019 final Liverpool FC - Real Madrid

As the final of the UEFA Champions League 2019, opposing Liverpool FC to Real Madrid, will take place in Kyiv (or Kiev in the Russian form) on Saturday 26th of May, many football fans planning to see the match find it difficult to either travel to Kiev, find accommodation, or how to prepare for the Ukrainian capital.

Passports and visa

Citizens of Europe, North America, and most of South America, do not need visa to enter the territory. It is required to carry your passport at all times with you, as police might perform random checks. Also, make sure you are contracting a travel insurance, as your local insurance or European will not be valid in Ukraine.

Travel arrangements

Kiev has two airports, a small one in the heart of the city, Zhulyany airport, and another one about 30 kilometers away from the city center, Borispol airport. The recommended way to travel is to take official taxis from the airports, and, when in the city, to use either Uber or the local taxis application Uklon. The trip from Borispol airport with an official airport taxi will cost around 500UAH / 16€ / 20$. The expected price of the price will the shown to you before ordering, and will most likely remain similar, however it might go a bit up depending on traffic conditions.

Kiev: Find local activities

There are many hotels and Airbnb offers in the city, and also around. It is pretty easy to get around in Kiev, either using private transports, or one of the three metro lines, which costs 5UAH per trip, around 0.16€ or 0.20$.

Local recommendations

The local currency is UAH Hryvnia, which is the only currency that can be used in the country. However, do not hesitate to come with some of your local currencies, as it is extremely simple to change them in one of the many exchange office. Simply walk around your accommodation place for half an hour, and compare the prices. Most of them take a really small commission. It is also easy to take cash at one cash dispenser machine, in which case, never accept to have the conversion done locally, but ask to be charged in the local currency, you will surely have a better exchange rate that way.

Just as anywhere, do not leave your wallets or other valuables unattended or too visible, to avoid possible pickpockets.

Always watch your drinks, and never leave them unattended, even in bars or clubs, as some of them might distract you for a short instant to drug and rob you. Also, do not get involved in any drug activity there, as the penalties are very severe.

Only drink bottled water, and, if using tap water, boil it for 60 seconds before using it for cooking.

In short

Enjoy the final ! Kiev is generally a safe city, and you should have a great experience there. There are many things to see inside and outside the city - see our article about Pripyat visit of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe - and wish you a great game and a lot of fun !

Frequently Asked Questions

What essential travel tips should fans consider when visiting Kyiv for a major football event like the UEFA Champions League Final?
Fans should consider booking accommodations early, understanding local transportation options, learning a few basic phrases in the local language, and being aware of stadium policies. Additionally, exploring local attractions and respecting cultural norms will enhance the experience.

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