World's busiest international flight route is from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

A report released by OAG, an air travel intelligence company, show's the world's 20 busiest flight routes in the world.

Unsurprisingly, 14 of them are in Asia, 2 are in North America, 1 in Middle East, 2 in Europe, and one between Europe and North America.

The busiest one of all, Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, offers an average of 83 flights a day, both ways.

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Far above the first North American route, New York LaGuardia to Toronto, which only offers 46 flights a day, the first Middle Eastern route, Dubai to Kuwait with 42 flights a day, and the first European route, Dublin to London Heathrow with 39 flights a day.

The most punctual airline of these top routes is also in Asia. Hong Kong Airlines reached 96.7% punctuality on the Hong Kong to Seoul route, seventh of the list with 17075 flights a year.

The least punctual airline route is definitely Orient Thai Airlines on the Bangkok to Hong Kong route, with a staggering 0% punctuality, which must explain why the airline does not offer this route anymore.

The second least punctual airline route, probably more realistic, is Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur on Indonesia Airasia X with a very low 29.3% punctuality.

The second European route in this top, Amsterdam to London Heathrow, is the one with the highest passenger load factor at 90%, meaning it is pretty unlikely to hope for a comfortable seat free next to you on this route.

With a seat growth of 33% in 2017, the 6th busiest route, Seoul Incheon to Osaka, is likely to gain rank in the coming year.

On the contrary, Osaka Taipei, with -11% seat growth, is likely to go down the podium in the next year.

The second route, Hong Kong Taipei, carried more than 6.5 million passengers with an offer of more than 8 million seats on a total of 28 000 flights, while the first route with 30 000 flights only transported 4 million passengers with an offer of 5 million seats. This is mostly due to the second route nearly half deserved by Airbus A330, while the first route uses 51% of Airbus A318/319/320/321, which are smaller aircraft, and the flight time is also shorter by 45min, at 1h04min for Kuala Lumpur Singapore, compared to 1h47min for Hong Kong Taipei.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What factors contribute to the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore route being the world's busiest, and how does this impact travelers?
Factors include the close proximity of the cities, strong business and tourism links, and frequent daily flights by multiple airlines. For travelers, this results in a wide choice of flight times and potentially competitive ticket prices.

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