Graufthal troglodyte cave homes

The Graufthal troglodyte cave homes are houses carved in the rock. Also called maisons des rochers, literally meaning houses in the rocks, they were built in the 17th century, and have been inhabited until 1947.

Graufthal troglodyte cave homes

The Graufthal troglodyte cave homes are houses carved in the rock. Also called maisons des rochers, literally meaning houses in the rocks, they were built in the 17th century, and have been inhabited until 1947.

It is now a museum, open from March to October, for 2€ entrance fee. Some guided visits are organized at fixed dates, schedule available on the official website - for 2019, they will happen at 3pm on 12th of April, 10th of May, 14th of June, 17th of July, 14th of August, and 11th of October.

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Map to Graufthal troglodyte house France

To get to Graufthal and visit its Troglodyte homes in France, you will need a car, and drive from the nearest airport, Strasbourg SXB 67km away, or from the nearest train station Saverne 17km away.

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Graufthal troglodyt cave houses address: 22 Rue Principale Graufthal, 67320 Graufthal.

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Cave houses Graufthal history

Some of the most interesting maison troglodyte in France, the troglodytic houses of Graufthal France have first been warehouses or attics during middle age.

Around the 17th century, some of these constructions have been re-purposed as temporary housing, and during the 18th century as stone houses.

They all have a similar house plan, with a kitchen, a master bedroom and a barn on the ground floor, and an upper floor with a dormitory for children, a hayloft and a granary.

Starting in the 20th century, this anachronistic troglodyt habitation is attracting many tourists.

A first house is deserted early in the 20th century. The first floor of another house collapses in 1931, and its owner, shocked by the news, deceased soon after. Her sisters keep living in the house, the later one, and last troglodytic inhabitant of these troglodyte caves in France, will end up living alone there for 11 years until she deceased.

She is remembered as an extremely generous woman, which enjoyed welcoming guests in her unusual troglodyte cave house.

She told them that up to 18 people were living in these houses at the same time.

Cave houses Graufthal history
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Graufthal cave homes virtual visit

The master bedroom of Catherine Ottermann, the last person to live in these troglodytes troglodytes cave houses is very basic. One bed, a stove, a dresser, and a chamber pot, is all that we can find in this room.

It has a small window, allowing the sunlight to brighten the room.

In the House of the Graufthal Rocks (Bas-Rhin, France), Catherine Ottermann's bedroom

Another master bedroom that can be visited has a loom from the old times, as the inhabitants were weaving their own clothes. A baby stroller from the beginning of the 20th century is also on display, in great condition.

That other room also has a nice troglodytic window.

In the House of the Graufthal Rocks (Bas-Rhin, France), bedroom

Another memorable room to visit is the living room, which also served as a bedroom. A large wooden wardrobe is there, along with a bed, and the dining table, which could seat 4 persons comfortably, right in front of the window opening.

In the Maison des Rochers de Graufthal (Bas-Rhin, France), Stub (living room) of the Weber family

Finally, exiting the large dining room and bedroom, and turning back, we can have a glimpse at the upper floor, which was used as a kid's dormitory and a granary.

The ladder is very small and steep, and the upper floor, with its many windows, seems very bright, but unfortunately cannot be visited.

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Maison des Rochers de Graufthal

What does troglodyte mean

Troglodyte meaning is entering a cavern in ancient Greek. Its adjective, troglodytic, refer to cave house carved in rock and cavern, or cave people leaving in an troglodytic house.

What is a troglodyte

The troglodyte definition is a person living in a troglodytic house, also called cave house or cave home. To define troglodyte, it simply referred to troglodyt people living in houses carved in rock.

If the houses are built deep in the cavern, it might mean that the people living inside are missing seeing the sun, and have evolved without much sun exposition.

Troglodyte definition and meaning
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Cave houses in France

There are several cave houses in France, the troglodytes houses of Graufthal only being one of them:

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  • Amboise troglodyte cave home,
  • troglodyte caves of Villecroze,
  • cave of Goupillières,
  • les caves de la Genevraie,
  • Rochemenier troglodyte village,
  • abri de la Madeleine,
  • cave dwelling of Belvès.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What historical and architectural significance do the Graufthal Troglodyte Cave Homes hold, and what can visitors learn from them?
The Graufthal Troglodyte Cave Homes in France are significant for their unique architecture and historical value. Visitors can learn about the lifestyle of people who lived in these cave homes centuries ago and explore the blend of natural and man-made structures.

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