Schengen zone Aegean lounge Athens airport review

StarAlliance Aegean lounge Athens review

The Aegean lounge in Athens airport in the Schengen zone is accessible to whole StarAlliance Gold card members, flying on a StarAlliance flight within Schengen space.

It is situated right next to the Lufthansa business lounge of Athens airport, which is actually reserved to the numerous Lufthansa flights between Frankfurt, Munich and Athens.

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Aegean Athens airport lounge Star Alliance

The Aegean airlines lounge Athens international airport, accessible to all members of Star Alliance with Gold status, flying on a Star Alliance flight or Air Olympic flight, can access the Aegean Athens airport lounge.

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The lounge is a very comfortable one, with numerous comfortable seat, a great free WiFi network, even better than the one already offered in the rest of the airport, and an incredible choice of food, any time of the day.

This, not counting that the lounge opens early, at 5am, and closes late, at 11pm, which is pretty great for an European airport.

Athens airport Aegean lounge

The incredible food choice starts by a welcoming selection of fresh fruits juices, from orange to some smoothies mix, which might change depending on the period of the year.

Next to them, some fruits cut into pieces, and Greek yogurt with fruits, are available for pickup, in a very convenient format as they all are prepared separately and can easily be taken with yourself.

Next to them, are the wine selection, usually two different Greek white wines, and one red one. The wines aren't that great, and the choice is pretty limited compared to other lounges, as they usually offer for example rosé wine or sparkling wine like prosecco, but it still is good enough to accomodate a short stay.

Next to the wine, a selection of fresh fruit to eat here or take away are available, usually including oranges, bananas, and apples.

Under it, some fridges are filled with plenty of different drinks, from convenient plastic water bottles that can be taken away for the trip, to bottled beers, all kind of sodas, and more fruit juices in complement of the fresh ones available in individual package.

Food in Aegean business lounge Athens

The food choice is very large, and of course depends on the time of the day and the period of the year, as the menu might change.

However, it includes both a very large selection of warm dishes, and another one of cold dishes.

The cold dishes includes already prepared individual portions of pastas, some of which are gluten free, and other are veggie.

Salads of vegetables and pastas are also on display, on top of vegetable sticks with their accompanying dips, from pesto sauce to creamy Greek sauce.

Alcohol tray in Aegean lounge Athens airport

The alcohol tray available for everybody use is pretty convenient, starting with accessible ice cubes in front of the tray.

In the back, numerous alcohols are ready to be served, from scotch whiskey, to Bacardi rum, Smirnoff vodka, Gordon's gin, Absolut vodka, and even more different ones.

The choice might take some time, as it is pretty large for a lounge of that size.

Seating area lounge review

There are two seatings areas, one with individual sofas, each of them with a tray on the side to put food and drinks, and European power plugs with USB charging plugs in between seats, and view on television from all of them.

The other seating area has no plugs, and is more of a dining area, with each table surrounded by several chairs, and the coffee machines next to them.

Aegean Schengen lounge review in summary

A great lounge, with an amazing service, as usual with the Aegean crews and associates.

It also serves as Turkish airlines lounge, Lufthansa lounge, United lounge, and in general as a Star Alliance lounge, as all below airlines from the Star Alliance network have access to the lounge.

The Athens airport WiFi signal is strong inside the lounge, but as it is necessary to reconnect every hour to keep the connection, it is more convenient to logon to the unlimited lounge WiFi.

A great area to spend a few hours waiting for the flight, however missing entertainment.

It also offers lockers, which can be used even for a longer layover, as personally used during an 8 hour layover from Schengen to non-Schengen, leaving laptop in the Schengen lounge the whole day, and picking it up before a flight in the other terminal without any issue, as ensured by the nice smiling reception staff.

Star Alliance airlines that have access to the Aegean lounge in Athens international airport:

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 2019-10-17 -  Greg Zyn
If you have a long layover at the Athens airport, then make sure that you go and visit this lounge as it is the best out of them all. I have been there numerous times, and it is so good.

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