StarAlliance Lisbon airport TAP Portugal airline premium lounge

The business lounge for StarAlliance flights, accessible either to business class, first class, or StarAlliance Gold travelers, is situated on the third floor of Lisbon international airport, and is accessed via a private escalator, that only deserves the lounge.

Lisbon airport business lounges access

The business lounge for StarAlliance flights, accessible either to business class, first class, or StarAlliance Gold travelers, is situated on the third floor of Lisbon international airport, and is accessed via a private escalator, that only deserves the lounge.

Read our guide to reach StarAlliance Gold status faster to be able to reach and maintain your free access to the lounge!

Another solution is to get a PriorityPass lounge access for a fee, that will also allow you to access lounges depending on your membership level, with an additional small fee on lowest levels, and included in your membership in the highest one.

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There is another lounge deserving  Priority Pass   card holders, and other airlines business class travelers along with their corresponding frequent traveler card holders.

Lisbon-International - Priority Pass

Lisbon airport StarAlliance business lounge

The entrance of the premium lounge, reserved for StarAlliance travelers and premium membership card holders, is very nice, and brand new, just as the whole lounge is.

The lounge is very large, and will offer enough seating space with power plugin possibilities to the visitors.

On top of that, it of course offers a complimentary WiFi access, which is suitable for any Internet activities, such as watching Youtube videos online, or checking emails.

Seating and working area in the lounge

Several seating spaces are offered in the lounge, for different purposes, and to accommodate different kind of travelers, from the ones having a short connection that only needs to sit for a little bit, to the ones spending more time and in need of a more comfortable place to relax for a while.

An area dedicated for short stay is available with design and probably not that comfortable sofas and chairs, allowing for group discussions.

The main part of the lounge offers large sofas, with tray tables delimiting seats, and power plugs in each and every one of them, making it a great comfortable solution to sit for a longer period of time.

Dining area of the business lounge

However, the main interest of the business lounge in Lisbon international airport will be its very large and generous buffet area.

Starting with an easily accessible child food area, with baby pots, but also fresh fruits for everybody, and some other food that are suitable for children, it will allow child holders to reach quickly to the food for their kid without disturbing much the main food area.

The buffet itself is very generous, with large selection of different bread types, several jam, a few cheese, and cold cut meat.

This allows for a very good and fulfilling breakfast before taking on a flight that isn't too late in the day.

On the other side of the buffet, other warm options will be awaiting, such as scrambled eggs, and several sausages to accompany them.

A salad bar is present as well, not so far from the dessert and sweets selection.

On top of that, many different sauces are available, such as individual packs of ketchup, mayonnaise, or mustard, a great addition which is sometimes missing from other business lounges.

On the other side of the main food buffet table, there are two coffee machines, a wine dispenser machine, and dispensers of cereals and juices, including orange juice.

Once again, the Lisbon airport business lounge takes distance from its competition in other airport lounges by offering a very complete and large selection of drinks along with their amazing buffet table.

The juice stand offers orange juice, apple juice, and fresh water. A great opportunity to fill in an empty bottle of water after having passed the security check with good tasting mineral filtered water.

The wine selection offered in the wine serving also is pretty good, and very large: four types of white wine, and four types of red wine, that is much more than most other lounges would offer.

Bar at the business lounge

On a corner of a business lounge, lies the other great surprise of Lisbon's airport business lounge, a large bar with a great selection of juices, beers, wines, stronger liquors, and which also offers complimentary sparkling wine, a very tasty prosecco.

While staying in that lounge, after a very good continental breakfast consisting of toasts with jam, followed by a more English breakfast with scrambled eggs and bacon, a more than welcome glass of prosecco was a great opportunity to enjoy the time and celebrate the upcoming real start of my year long world tour, while waiting for an intercontinental flight to Newark airport in New Jersey, USA.

Departure from Lisbon airport

From the lounge, it was pretty easy and fast to join the gate of my intercontinental flight to Newark airport in USA.

The Airbus A330 aircraft was very comfortable, and the global entertainment offering from TAP Portugal airline was good enough for an 8 hours flight between Lisbon and New York.

Food serve in TAP intercontinental flight

The food served in a TAP Portugal airline intercontinental flight is pretty good.

I had requested a low sodium meal, and got served first, the meal consisting in a piece of chicken meat with warm vegetables and a rice serving, a small loaf of bread, some margarine, a fresh salad, a chicken salad, and a fruit salad for dessert.

By accompanying it with a glass of sparkling wine, here started my first intercontinental flight in that  World Tour   2019!

TAP premium lounge – best lounge in Lisbon airport

The TAP Portugal Lisbon airport premium lounge is the best lounge in Lisbon airport, for so many reasons!

Recently renovated, with an incredibly large choice of food and beverages, the TAP Portugal Lisbon lounge airport is a great lounge to visit when passing through Lisbon.

Lisbon Star Alliance lounge review

Overall, the Lisbon Star Alliance lounge is a great surprise, and definitely worth visiting!

With an amazing and very large buffet, a huge bar with a great selection, and plenty of comfortable seating space with power and USB plugs, the Lisbon Star Alliance lounge is a great place to spend as many hours as possible between two flights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exclusive amenities does the StarAlliance Lisbon Airport TAP Portugal Premium Lounge provide, and what makes it stand out?
This lounge provides amenities like premium food and drinks, relaxation areas, showers, and business facilities. It stands out for its stylish design, quality of service, and additional perks like spa services or local Portuguese delicacies.

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