How is the Luxembourg airport business lounge?

How is the Luxembourg airport business lounge?

The Luxembourg airport business is brand new, and is a great place to spend a few hours before a departing flight.

Accessible to the StarAlliance business travelers and Gold card holders, among other valid guests, they for example cover the passengers of the TAP Air Portugal flights, and  Priority Pass   card holders.

LUX-The-Lounge - Priority Pass

Dining area and drinks

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The dining buffet is good enough for a small airport like Luxembourg, with a selection of cold cut meat, already prepared salads, and nice additions to make some toasts, like for example salmon pieces with accompanying lemon.

Another stand holds the desserts, which includes delicious chocolate cake, freshly cut fruit salad, and other options, and the drinks selection is next to it.

With several bottled fruit juices, and many liquors, like a beer selection, gin, campari, vodka, whiskey, but also white wine, red wine, rosé wine, and sparkling wine, the offer is pretty good.

The white, rosé, and sparkling wines are kept in a refreshing bowl with ice, in order to keep them cold and ready for serving.

Seating and relaxing area

Before getting to the seating area, a coffee machine is free for use next to the magazines and newspapers selection.

The seats generally do not have power charging ports next to them, but are however very comfortable sofas, always next to a table where it is possible to put down the food and drinks.

Many seats are available troughout the lounge, and it should not be a problem to find an available one, regardless of the time of the day.

Luxembourg airport business lounge in summary

A great place to spend a few hours before a flight, the lounge isn't large or noisy, and offers a somewhat limited choice of food and drinks, but good enough to get something before a flight.

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Luxembourg airport lounge review

The recently renovated Luxembourg airport lounge in the very recent airport, the only lounge in the airport, is a real pleasure.

The choice of food isn’t huge, given the size of the lounge and the airport, but anyway, the Luxembourg airport lounge is a great place to visit between or before a flight.

At the Luxembourg airport lounge, you will find the calm you need to work before boarding, to relax, or simply to enjoy some of the delicious food and beverages offered at the Luxembourg airport lounge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What level of comfort and facilities can travelers expect at the Luxembourg Airport Business Lounge, and who can access it?
Travelers can expect a comfortable and quiet environment, with facilities including seating areas, snacks and drinks, Wi-Fi, and newspapers. Access is typically granted to business class passengers and certain loyalty program members.

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