How is Newark airport business club lounge?

The Newark airport StarAlliance business lounge in the US flights terminal is called United Club lounge, as it is managed by the airline United, a StarAlliance member.

Newark StarAlliance business lounge

The Newark airport StarAlliance business lounge in the US flights terminal is called United Club lounge, as it is managed by the airline United, a StarAlliance member.

The entry is a bit complicated to find, as it is hidden in a corner.

The queue is processed quickly, as they have several receptionist able to process the check-in.

Newark Liberty International Airport - Star Alliance

Around the lounge in Newark airport

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The lounge is in donut shape, going all around a central pillar which is external to the lounge, and with many windows giving a nice view on the airport's below floor.

There is a large choice of magazines available for pick up near the entrance, and the lounge also has a selection of newspapers.

There are of course departure flights screens easily accessible, with up to date flights information, and very large seating areas. The seats away from the food and bar area were mostly empty during that visit, while the seats near the food area were very busy.

A business area offers a little bit of privacy with some kind of cubicles desk, with power plugs and personal light.

Busiest area: dining area and bar

The dining and bar area of course is the busiest, especially during lunch or dinner time.

Starting with a small table near the central windows, offering flavored fresh water and some candies, this area was the perfect place to fill in an empty bottle of water to take with yourself during travel.

Then, the bar area probably is the most interesting one. The bar has a few seats right next to it, and there is a good selection of complimentary drinks, from classic soft drinks, to beer, white and red wine, and sparkling wine, prosecco in that case.

The food offering is pretty low, but consistent with the United Club lounges across the country: different soups, coffee and tea, a possibility to make some basic salad with green salad, cucumbers, and other toppings, and what would be the main meal, which is hummus and pita bread.

Pretty light compared to other StarAlliance lounges around the globe, but good enough for a short waiting time of a few hours, it won't however replace a real meal.

The dessert area has some small cupcakes of different flavors, which was probably with hummus the most appreciated part of that buffet.

They also had some apples, all individually packed in plastic... a waste of resources.

Does premium economy get lounge access

Premium economy fliers do not get lounge access. However, they can access the lounges by paying an additional entrance fee.

The business lounges are accessible complimentary of a flight ticket for business class or first class ticket holders.

Passengers in economy or in premium economy do not get access to the business lounge, unless they have a membership card with the corresponding airline, used the card to collect miles for that flight, and have the required status level to be invited to the lounge.

Newark airport StarAlliance lounge review

In general, the Newark airport StarAlliance lounge is a good place to spend a few hours. It is comfortable enough to accommodate a frequent traveller, but might not please a first class traveller.

The Newark airport StarAlliance lounge has a good enough bar, and they offer great complimentary drinks, such as Prosecco, beers, and more.

It is worth visiting the Newark airport StarAlliance lounge when in Newark international airport, and flying with a StarAlliance partner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What facilities and services does the Newark Airport Business Club Lounge offer, and how does it cater to the needs of business travelers?
The lounge typically offers facilities like comfortable seating, Wi-Fi, food and beverages, and working spaces. It caters to business travelers with amenities conducive to working and relaxing, like charging stations, quiet areas, and possibly meeting rooms.

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