How to Find Cheap Flights Using a VPN: The Ultimate Guide

Which ways are you using to get the cheapest airline tickets available? Booking early? Identifying the cheapest day to fly out?

Use VPN to book cheap flights

Which ways are you using to get the cheapest airline tickets available?

  • Booking early?
  • Identifying the cheapest day to fly out?
  • Using the best flight search engines?

They are not all good options to find the cheapest airline tickets available. Let’s celebrate, because today you are going to know an extremely useful method to get insanely cheap flights: using  a VPN ‌  to book plane tickets with a private internet access.

What is a VPN?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a connection method used to add security and privacy to private and public networks...

Way too technical to define a private internet access!

 a VPN ‌  is a service that helps you stay anonymous on the internet. The key to this service is that it will temporarily change your real  IP address ‌  to a different one so you will have a completely different identity in the online environment.

Why can a VPN help you get cheaper flights?

There is a sad fact that you will wish you knew earlier: Travel agencies can easily adjust rates based on a client's IP address. In most cases, they increase prices for regions where there is a high demand for flights, and decrease prices for areas where they have fewer clients with the hope to attract more ones. These companies track your location through your  IP address ‌  and display prices based on your area.

So, if you use  a VPN ‌  to change your area into one where the demand for flights is lower, you may be able to buy tickets at much cheaper prices!

How to get cheaper flights with a VPN?

Of course, you must have  a VPN ‌  first. There are dozens of VPN  private internet access ‌  services on the internet nowadays; However, according to many reviews, RUSVPN is currently the fastest, cheapest and most comprehensive VPN service.

Buying and installing a RUSVPN only takes about 1 minute. Once the green light is on, you can connect to the country you want and  book flights ‌  at a lower rate.

Here are the steps to search for  cheaper flights ‌  through  a VPN ‌  private internet access:

  • 1. Access well-known  flight booking ‌  websites like or  Where Can I FLY? ‌  without using a VPN.
  • 2. Search for the flight you would like to book and note the prices.
  • 3. Run the RUSVPN application and connect to a country where the prices can be lower (normally a third world country).
  • 4. Open an incognito window.
  • 5. Find the flight you did in step #1.
  • 6. Compare prices.
  • 7. Repeat steps #3 to #6 to find the best prices.

RUSVPN provides you with some tips to buy cheaper tickets with  a VPN ‌  as follows:

Change your  IP address ‌  to a low-income country such as Indonesia, Vietnam, or Ukraine - you may get significant discounts.

Change your  IP address ‌  to the one that belongs to the airline's country (e.g. if you want to visit Malaysia, choose this country from the list of RUSVPN servers). The airline's website may see their country address and can offer rates for their fellow citizens or some good discounts.

How to get cheap flights with VPN? Example

Let’s have a look at a real example how to use VPN for cheaper flights, trying to find  cheap flights ‌  on a random connection NYC-SIN.

First of all, to be able to compare, we first have to look for a standard cheap flight, for example a New York – Singapore round trip, using private web browsing on Chrome, and have a look at the prices: the cheapest price found is at 681€ through Istanbul airport using Turkish Airlines and browsing prices with a standard  IP address ‌  on a local connection in Poland.

Now, let’s connect with RUS VPN in France for example, which can be a good country to buy tickets as they have many companies competing against each other.

After connecting with the VPN, and simply reloading the page, still on private browsing, and wait for results.

Can you get cheaper flights with VPN? Yes, by changing the buying country you can find cheaper flights with VPN

Surprise, the final price is 593€ for the same round trip flight with the exact same company.

A whopping 13% discount simply by using the cheapest  Best VPN ‌  to  book flights ‌  and having a look from other countries for the same round trip!

Other advantages of RUSVPN

Not only does a RUSVPN  private internet access ‌  bring you cheap flights, but it can also help you:

  • Get cheaper online orders
  • Protect your data better
  • Watch your favorite movies in blazing-fast HD
  • Unblock censored sites

Too many benefits for $4.99 per month, right?


You have just known another way to get cheaper flights, cheaper vacations, and many more. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase a RUSVPN  private internet access ‌  now – you will never get overcharged for online deals again.

How to Find Cheap Flights Using a V... x
How to Find Cheap Flights Using a VPN: The Ultimate Guide

How To Use VPN To Book Cheap Flights

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