Guide on using VPN to get cheaper flights online for free

Find the cheapest flights online using VPN

Have you heard about the urban legend saying that the cheapest flights online can be found using VPN? Well, it is actually mostly true.

The different  comparison websites ‌  such as Skyscanner, Kayak, or Kiwi are less likely to change their prices to help you find the cheapest airline tickets available, as they are actually getting them from providers, which won't know from where you are accessing their data.

But the providers themselves, such as the airlines, hotel websites, or local travel agencies, are able to change prices based on your  IP address ‌  country location.

In that case, try to  change IP location ‌  to  compare prices ‌  by using VPN to get  cheaper flights ‌  as described below.

Change IP location using vpn to get cheaper flights for free: use the free RUSVPN Chrome extension
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Download and install a free IP address changer

Start by an easy step, install a  free VPN solution ‌  such as the free RUSVPN Chrome extension, which will offer you the choice between several VPN locations: Canada, Czech Republic, France, Netherlands, and United Kingdom.

By upgrading your membership, you can access even more locations in other countries all around the world.

Otherwise, the free available locations should be sufficent to start using  a VPN ‌  to get  cheaper flights ‌  online by simply performing a  change IP location ‌  operation.

Best country to set my VPN to, to get the cheapest flying tickets

Change IP location using VPN to get cheaper flights

Once the free private VPN has been activated and you have selected a country to change IP location, all you have to do to find the  cheapest airline tickets available ‌  online is to  compare prices ‌  between different IP location using VPN to get cheaper flights.

For example, open your favourite booking website, or your local travel agency website, and start any search, like a weekend getaway with a round trip flight and a hotel booking.

Keep these search results at hand, and open a new web private browsing window. In the new private browsing window, change the  IP address ‌  by switching VPN location to another country.

Then, start the same search again, and  compare prices ‌  in the new private browsing window with the previous one.

Do you see any difference? If you do not see any, no worries - it might be the case that there will be actually no change.

If you see a price difference, well done, you have spotted a provider that changes his prices depending on your  IP address ‌  location.

Now, startt again the same procedure with another country. Open a new private browsing window, change IP location, search again for the exact same thing.

Repeat the operation as many times as possible, until you have found the cheapest price, or until you have made sure that one of your browser tabs open actually offers the cheapest flights prices.

Takeaway from changing IP location

By performing a  change IP location ‌  using VPN to get  cheaper flights ‌  you are now able to go around some online agencies tricks, that are proposing different prices or even content to their online visitors.

Usually, the best prices are offered in countries where there is either a high demand like United Kingdom or Australia, or local salary is lower such as Greece or Czech Republic, therefore having a harder competition and offering lower prices.

After a few tries, you should be able to find for yourself the best countries using VPN to get cheaper prices and use them every time you need to  book flights ‌  or hotels online.

Other benefits from using VPN to get cheaper flights

Not only being able to find the cheapest flights with a VPN, you will also be able to access local discounts and exclusive offers.

Some airlines or other agencies are actually making offers that are only displayed to locals, based on their  IP address ‌  and country location.

Therefore, by changing your IP location to the one of the local country of the company you are checking, or the place where you are going, you might be able to get  cheaper flights ‌  or other offers prices, and save on your travel budget!

Have you tried using  a VPN ‌  to  compare prices ‌  online, did you find any difference?

Let us know in comments your experience!

How to get Cheaper Flights with a VPN - Travelers Wifi

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