Going from New York City to Orlando, the world's Theme Parks capital

After 5 days in New York, including tours of Manhattan, some business meetings, and a party, it was time to leave for Orlando.

Morning walk in New York City

After 5 days in New York, including tours of Manhattan, some business meetings, and a party, it was time to leave for Orlando.

The last morning in New York City, after 5 days there, and the feeling that I haven't seen anything yet. This city is so big and have so many interesting things to see, it would take several weeks to do all the interesting stuff: museums, city walks, parties, events, and much more.

However, the train station Penn Station was only a few hundred meters from my hostel Chelsea Cabins, and the walk was pretty short.

Orlando: Find local activities

Arriving in Penn station, I got lost, and it took me more than 15 minutes to find the transit train departures to New Jersey.

Penn Station | Manhattan | Services - NYCgo

Taking the New Jersey Transit train

Once in the train, I had again this impression to be in the same one the movie the Passenger with Liam Neeson, being in the same kind of train.

However, as it was a Sunday morning, the train was mostly used by people going on holiday, carrying luggages, instead of commuters with hand bag.

The train trip back to Newark airport in New Jersey did seem much shorter than on arrival, and I nearly missed my stop, as I was expecting more people to get out of the train and to have time to gather my things.

But no, of the whole train was so full that some people had to stand, only a handful of us left it at the Newark international airport station.

Airport Directions - EWR - Newark International Airport

United flight from Newark to Orlando

There, after getting my boarding passes, and passing the security scan, I directly went to the United Club business lounge, which accepts StarAlliance Gold members.

For my first flight with the American airline United, I was surprised to see how low cost it feels like, with their no free cabin bag policy, and the impossibility to choose the seat, even during web check in, airport check in, or at the gate.

I got a middle seat, which nearly never happens to a frequent traveler like, as I am usually always the first one to check-in online and have free choice of seat.

However, with United... no seat selection, or at least not for free.

The flight from Newark to Orlando did seem very short to me, as I basically slept over the whole flight, until we finally got closer to Orlando.

First surprise when landing there... it wasn't the warm tropical weather that I initially expected, but it was actually close to be raining, and was very cloudy... still, at least 20 degrees warmer than in New York, which was a nice change.

Transfer from Orlando airport to hotel

Once in Orlando airport, they have very basic public transport. My hotel was located in Kissimmee, a town with a funny name if you ask me, very close to the English for kiss me, and that is actually the town in which the Walt Disney World parks are located.

It is a bit out of town, and isn't deserved by any kind of public transport.

I ordered an Uber, using the airport WiFi as my mobile Internet connection wasn't working, and had to wait only about 15 minutes for the  Uber   to arrive, next to the Belt 14 of the terminal, which is actually the pick up point of choice for Uber.

The trip to the airport took about 30 minutes, and we didn't experience any traffic congestion, so it was the shortest possible, as my driver told me.

He was originally from Haiti, and did speak a little bit of French. We exchanged a few sentences in my native language, but his French was a bit too limited to have a real conversation, and quickly switched to English.

Park Inn by Radisson Resort and Conference center Orlando

Arriving at the Park Inn hotel, where I would be staying for a whole week, I quickly went to visit the hotel after having being checked-in.

The outdoor pool did look very nice, and an outdoor jacuzzi was available as well.

However, given the weather, it did not feel like taking a dip in the water.

I continued my hotel tour, which was full of surprises: it has an indoor gaming room, with different games like hickey and flippers, a very nice add in the hotel.

It also has a Mickey themed playing room for children, and of course... a bar!

I went to the bar, and had a great burger, which was more than welcome after a full day traveling.

The barmaid, Matthew, was very friendly, and I quickly starting picking up some conversations with the people around, which made up for a great evening despite the relatively cold weather.

Activities in Orlando

Breakfast in hotel and first day in Florida

For my first morning in Florida, I went to enjoy the breakfast in the hotel, for which I got a 20% discount, as a Radisson Rewards program platinum member.

The breakfast was pretty basic, but good enough to feel full with different food: starting with toasts, jam and peanut butter jelly, to scrambled eggs with sausages and bacon, and finishing with some freshly cut fruits.

The main surprise was that they offer Mickey shaped pancakes! Of course, for a Disney theme parks hotel with free shuttle to Walt Disney World...

They were rather small, but some family at another table ordered a big one.

The first day in Florida would be cold and rainy as the arrival day... and so will be the next 2 days, delaying my plans to relax at the pool, or enjoy the theme parks around...

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What are some travel options for going from NYC to Orlando, and what tips can enhance the experience for visitors headed to the theme park capital?
Travel options include flights, trains, and long-distance buses. Tips for enhancing the experience include booking flights in advance for better deals, considering off-peak travel times to avoid crowds, and planning the theme park itinerary in advance to maximize time in Orlando.

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