How is a stay at Chelsea cabins, cheapest hostel in central NYC?

I've been staying in Chelsea cabins for 5 nights on a business and leisure stay in New York, and the location was perfect, right next to Penn Station, at a very short 5 minutes walking distance, just next street.

Is Chelsea cabins a good place to stay in New York City?

I've been staying in Chelsea cabins for 5 nights on a business and leisure stay in New York, and the location was perfect, right next to Penn Station, at a very short 5 minutes walking distance, just next street.

It has the advantage to be comfortable enough to get good night sleeps, and not comfortable enough to want to relax there, and instead to go out exploring. The only issue is that it might not feel comfortable to leave the luggage at the hostel out of the checked time, and it might be better to use a  luggage storage   solution to keep your stuff safe while waiting for the Chelsea cabins check-in time at 1pm, or after the Chelsea cabins check-out at lunch time.

A 5 nights stay at the chelsea center hostel was sufficent to have a good opinion on that hostel, to use the opportunity to go to attend the  Ezoic Pubtelligence   conference, join a free walking  tour in Central Park   and another free walking  tour in Grand Central   and Manhattan, and to attend the  Saint Patrick Day parade   in New York, all while staying at the chelsea center hostel right in the center of Manhattan.

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See below how our stay in Chelsea cabins was.

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Room in Chelsea cabins

After a very fast and efficient check in procedure, the receptionist escorted us to the room, or the cabin, a floor up from the location.

And the cabin actually looked exactly like on the picture, not better, and for sure not worst.

It was clean enough, had two power plugs with American plugs of course, and a light. On top of the couch, there was a clean towel, and a storage area both above the cabin, and below the bed.

Plus, a small desk next to the bed, a big mirror, and a few hanging spaces.

It was comfortable enough for a few nights sleep, but of course is probably not a good long term place to stay, as it is a hostel and lacks privacy in the common areas.

At night, it is better to use ear plugs for light sleepers. I did not use them these five days, and despite not sleeping perfectly, did sleep enough to go on with my day activities.

Breakfast in Chelsea cabins

The breakfast included in the price definitely is a huge advantage of that place.

It includes fresh fruits, oats, coffee, tea, and toasts, with toppings such as peanut butter, jam, chocolate.

The breakfast was actually very good, even better than some hotels with a few stars, and was definitely worthy. Playing it well, it might help saving some bucks as a lunch might not be necessary after a good breakfast in Chelsea cabins.

Again, the staff is very helpful, and will help everybody getting a good breakfast that will hep them forget about a short night in a noisy sleeping area, and being ready for a full day in the big city.

Bathroom in Chelsea cabins

The bathroom on the floor I stayed on included two different sinks, with soap always provided, and also three toilet with door, and one shower without door but with a curtain, and shower gel.

As I've been reading on-line, there is another better bathroom at another floor - however, this one was enough for a few nights sleep.

I never had problems during my five days stay to find either an available toilet, sink, or shower.

Chelsea cabins location

The location of Chelsea cabins definitely is the biggest advantage of that place, which sells for about 80$ a night - a great bargain for New York City.

Right next to Penn Station, which has a direct connection to New Jersey's Newark international airport, it is also at walking distance to all the main sightseeing points in Manhattan: Central Park, Madison Square Garden, Times Square, Rockfeller Center, Empire State building, and more!

Should you stay in Chelsea cabins?

Chelsea cabins is a safe place to stay for a few days. As you have your own personal space with closing door, surveyed 24 hours by cameras, there is no issue to leave your stuff there while you go out in the city.

The place is relatively cheap for the area, for sure much cheaper than any hotel around, and easier to stay there for business or leisure in Manhattan than going on the other bank of the Hudson river.

Don't be afraid to loose a little bit of privacy for a short stay in the city, the bucks you will be saving by staying there are totally worth it.

And, once again, the staff is awesome, the place is easily reachable, everything is clean, and it is secure.

Chelsea cabins New York review

With our Chelsea cabins New York review, we hope that you got a good idea of what to expect if staying at the Chelsea cabins New York. The review is based on a real trip that was done by ourselves on the month of March 2019, for our first stay in  New York City   center.

It was difficult to find Chelsea cabins New York reviews online except on popular websites where the information might not be accurate.

Our review of the Chelsea cabins New York shows how it is to stay there for a 5 days stay in Manhattan on a budget, and being busy outside visiting the city during the day.

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Chelsea cabins hostel new york review

In general the Chelsea cabins hostel in New York is a good place to stay for a limited amount of nights, provided that you will be the whole day out of the cabin and out in the city.

The breakfast is particularly good, and complimentary – do not miss it, as it probably the best thing in Chelsea cabins new york hostel.

Have you been staying at chelsea center hostel in Manhattan, do you agree with our review? Let us know in comments how went your stay at chelsea center hostel and how was your stay in New York City!

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