Ezoic Pubtelligence event in Google headquarters NYC

The online ad mediation agency Ezoic, which is a Google certified partner, organized a conference day at Google headquarters in NYC, and invited their publishers, among other people interested in the online publishing business.

Pubtelligence New York

The online ad mediation agency Ezoic, which is a Google certified partner, organized a conference day at Google headquarters in NYC, and invited their publishers, among other people interested in the online publishing business.

As a premium publisher with that great company, I took up on the invitation, and joined the Pubtelligence event conference, which was a great opportunity to network with other professionals in the same area, learn more about online publishing, and remember some of the best practices.

Pubtelligence New York Hosted at Google by Google Certified Publishing Partner, Ezoic March 14th, 2019

Arriving at Google NYC office

As my hostel address was located on 8th avenue, which is actually the same avenue where the Google NYC office address is, but a bit lower, on 111 8th avenue, which was about a 20 minutes walk from my hostel.

New York, USA: Find local activities

It have been raining before I left at 8am, as evidenced by the wet street, and I wondered if I should get an umbrella, but the walk was short.

Arriving at Google office, I was redirected to a specific line according to my family name's first letter, where I would get my badge to access the Ezoic Pubtelligence event in Google headquarters NYC.

Breakfast buffet at Google New York office

As I was there early, I had plenty of time to enjoy the breakfast buffet which had been setup for the guests, until the conferences would start.

A great opportunity to start meeting other people in the publishing business, and start networking a bit.

I did quickly meet Vincent, another French, that is working in New York for a company called FUTURE and living in New York.

Future Plc - Connectors, Creators, Experience Makers

I decide to leave my laptop bag next to his on the conference room, to have my hands free, and go back to have breakfast in the main room.

After a few interesting meetings, we were asked to go into the conference room, as the starting time was approaching.

Pubtelligence publicher conferences

The morning started with a presentation from Tyler Bishop, an Ezoic marketer and the host of the event, about the global digital ecosystem, and interesting comments on the digital publishing industry from the point of view of online ads management.

Tyler Bishop - Head of Marketing - Ezoic | LinkedIn

We then got a presentation from Matt Ludwig, the lead product marketing manager of Google. He told us some details on AMP and PWA, which are the mobile technologies currently being pushed by Google to accelerate the mobile web.

Matt Ludwig - Lead Product Marketing Manager - Google | LinkedIn

After that, Anita Campbell, the CEO of Small Business Trends, told her how she managed to stay in business, with a growing website, for more than 15 years, and how to deal with the digital evolutions.

Anita Campbell - Small Business Trends

The next event was a set of questions asked to a panel of professionals: Carolyn Shelby, the head of Search Engine Optimization at ESPN, Lariza Quintero, the SEO expert of Complex Media, and Richard Nazarewicz, the SEO manager of the Wall Street Journal.

About Carolyn Shelby | CSHEL Chicago SEO
ESPN: The Worldwide Leader in Sports
Lariza Quintero | LinkedIn
About Complex
Richard Nazarewicz - Technical SEO Manager - The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal & Breaking News, Business, Financial

Lunch buffet in Google office New York

After the morning presentation, the Pubtelligence event offered us a lunch break with a complimentary buffet, still in the Google office New York.

Being on the 11th floor, we also had access to the terrace, which offers a magnificent view of Manhattan. The cold weather however wasn't that comfortable, being too cold not to wear a jacket, but at the same time too warm to wear one.

The lunch buffer of the Google NYC office was again a good opportunity to network.

After that break, we continued with the afternoon sessions.

Putelligence conferences in Google building NYC

The afternoon conferences of the Ezoic Pubtelligence event in Google building NYC started with an interesting presentation of Vic Holtreman, the founder and CEO of Gamerant.com, and founder of Screnrant.com, which I also had the opportunity to approach later that day for some discussions.

Vic Holtreman | ScreenRant

The afternoon continued with a presentation about the Ezoic system, and how it successfully allows websites to earn more money by managing their ads and making different advertisers compete to get the highest paying ads, which I already know in detail as I use them for some time now.

Marieke van de Rakt, from Netherlands, was the first presenter which isn't from USA to make a presentation, and her experience as the CEO of Yoast, one of the most famous plugins for WordPress, was very interesting. She explained the importance of a good site structure, and how to make it relevant to the search engines.

Marieke van de Rakt • CEO • Yoast

We then had another presentation from a Google employee about AMP, the Advanced Mobile Pages, and which is currently very important to Google improvement of Web page speed load.

AMP: Accelerated Mobile Pages Project

The last event before closing the day, was another panel with previous presenters, from Google, Yoast, smallbiztrends.com, and Ezoic, and offered us all more important insights on the world of publishing.

After the event, as a Premium publisher of Ezoic, I got invited to a short interview for a video they would later release.

They asked me questions about what I thought of the event, if I would come again, what did I enjoy the most, what they could improve or should keep.

It was a great opportunity to interact with the organizers of that event, which is very important especially for single publishers like me, as this is one of the only opportunity we have to meet other people in the industry.

Happy hour in Google office NYC

We were then invited to an happy hour at the bar of the New York Google office, on the same 11th floor, and could enjoy finger food along with a large choice of alcohol in good company, with a beautiful view on Manhattan again.

I got there the opportunity to meet many new people, and have lot of interesting discussions with other founders of online publishing businesses.

After about 2 hours of drinks and talks, we were slowly asked to leave the premises, as it was time for them to close the building.

With a few other event guest, we decided to go for a drink in the center closer to Penn station, and some of them I would see again the day after, for a morning of round tables at a nearby hotel.

With one of them, we even decided to go for a few drinks on the day after, for lunch after the round tables, and found a nice bar half way between the hotel event and the train station.

As an Indian native, he would take me to enjoy some great Indian fast food, his favorite in town, before he had to head back to his city, and it was time for me to take some rest on that Friday, the day before Saint Patrick's celebrations.

indikitch | The Indian Kitchen

Frequently Asked Questions

What opportunities does the Ezoic Pubtelligence event at Google Headquarters provide for attendees, and who can benefit most from it?
The event offers opportunities for learning about online publishing and digital strategies from industry experts. It's most beneficial for website owners, digital marketers, and content creators seeking insights into digital trends and networking.

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