Saint Patrick's day parade New York City 2019

The best part of my trip to New York, was that I would be there for the Saint Patrick's day parade, one of the most important event of the city of the year. A great way to spend a weekend in New York City as well!

St Patrick's day parade NYC

The best part of my trip to New York, was that I would be there for the Saint Patrick's day parade, one of the most important event of the city of the year. A great way to spend a weekend in  New York City   as well!

I found a group on Couchsurfing that would meet up for the event, and it was the perfect way to look at the parade in a group.

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On the way to St Patrick's day parade

Starting early in the morning, leaving my hostel near Penn Station, right in the center of Manhattan around 10 am, I was inquiring about what time is the St Patrick's day parade. It actually starts at 11 am in New York City, and usually is on Saint Patrick's day.

New York City: Find local activities

However, when the day falls on a Sunday, like it has been the case in 2019, the parade is moved to the Saturday before, just like that day. I would learn that later and understand that it was actually a blessing for us to have a great view at the parade.

The Parade – The NYC St. Patricks Day Parade

The meeting point was next to St Patrick's cathedral New York, on 5th Avenue, the avenue on which the parade would take place.

I passed behind the Rockfeller center, which is right next to the 5th avenue, and tried to look for a way to cross the avenue, which was already closed for the parade.

Rockefeller Center | NYC Landmark and Observation Deck

Arriving just in front of the cathedral, it was a bit difficult to understand how it all works. THe police did actually setup some corridors to cross the avenue, I just had to find the closer one.

After I've found the group, we had some chit chat until the parade actually started. When I arrived, it was only Ankush, an Indian native living in New York, and a German tourist, plus myself, that were there.

St Patty's day parade

The parade started slow, with actually only private citizen going on the avenue. With the other people in the group, we were wondering what was happening.

Why did normal people in their cars were defiling on the main avenue of New York City, on Saint Patrick's Day?

Then, some advertisement started, with some people going along the crowd and giving away free gifts like sunglasses or Irish flags.

However, after a while, the parade really started, and we could see processions after processions of policemen from all around the country, marching bands, and colleges showcasing their parade skills.

There was a lot of bands the whole day, all going one after the other. It looked like it would never stop!

Plus, we had an awesome spot right next to the St Patrick's cathedral New York on 5th avenue, by the fence, and had a great point of view on the parade.

Talking about other people later on, we would learn that this was pretty unique, and mostly due to the fact that this year the parade was moved to a Saturday, to avoid being on a Sunday, which doesn't happen often, and confused people, therefore not having as many viewers as usual.

St Patricks day parade New York

At some point, being tired of standing for hours in the cold watching the parade, and after becoming a group of more than 10 people, we decided to send some of our attendees to the nearby shop, where they would get some beers and coffee cups.

Why coffee cups? Because it officially is forbidden to drink alcohol in the open in USA - although by hiding it, it is not an issue.

We then kept drinking beers and watching the parade, in total standing more than 5 hours in the cold by a temperature around 0 degrees Celsius, watching the amazing and entertaining parade.

The group was definitely fun, and we had great conversations and an amazing time.

Around 3pm, before the end of the parade at 5pm, we decided to stop watching it, as Ankush, the guy living in New York, would invite us all to his flat for a drink in a warmer place.

Drinks over Manhattan

Before getting to his place, we stopped in a shop, in which we bought some snacks, such as chips and donuts, and also many beers.

His flat had an awesome view on Manhattan and the Hudson river, on which we all had a peak and took some pictures, especially as most of us were tourists in the city.

After a few drinks, we decided to go out for some drinks in South Manhattan.

Metro in New York

To get there, we had to take the metro, which costs 3$US for one trip.

The process of buying a card and using the metro was pretty easy, and we took it in direction of Brooklyn.

New York subway info

Once there, we entered a bar / club, in which a party was already going on.

We grabbed a table, had some drinks for the happy hour, and fired up the dancefloor on some great music!

The Folly - Gastro-lounge with nautical touches, offering a seafood-focused menu and craft cocktails.

Unfortunately, the day after I would have to take my plane to Orlando early.

Therefore, around 2am, I went home, following some other people that were tired after a long day.

Being back in my hostel near Penn station, it would however be a short night before the trip...

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the historical and cultural significances of the Saint Patrick's Day Parade in NYC, and what can attendees expect?
The parade is significant as a celebration of Irish culture and heritage in NYC. Attendees can expect vibrant processions, traditional Irish music and dance, and a festive atmosphere that brings the community together.

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