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Aegean business lounge Athens airport

The Aegean lounge in Athens airport, in the non-Schengen area, which is the terminal A of the Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos, is accessible to all Star Alliance Gold members, plus the Miles+Bonus Gold members.

It is located at the end of the terminal A, near the latest departure gates of the terminal.

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Aegean lounge seating area

The seating area actually is split into two areas, one of them with one-seater sofas, each of them with European power plugs and USB power plugs to recharge devices and laptops.

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The all have accessible trays to put food and drinks. There is also a more collaborative areas, with low tables and chairs around, to encourage discussions.

Behind an Aegean themes glass partition, the food and drinks area is present.

Aegean lounge food selection

Food selection in the non-Schengen lounge is as large as the Schegen one, again a very high standard in the Aegean airlines and Miles+Bonus fidelity program lounges.

Starting with the cold starts, a selection of prepared bowls of pastas is available, including some gluten free and vegan options.

Behind them, a selection of salads is on display, some of them being vegetarian choices.

Additionally, freshly cut vegetable sticks are on a tray, with different dip sauces next to them.

Then, fruits are free to take, and make it a great option to have some take-away meal for the flight.

The wine selection is offered in the food area, and is larger than the Schengen one, with two different white wines and two different red wines.

Next to this area, a large selection of cold food is offered, with prepared sandwiches, delicatessen, cheese, Greek specialties, and desserts.

It makes it more than enough for a snack, but might seem a bit light for somebody in need of a real consistent meal, and does not include any warm option.

Behind them, several fridges are holding a large selection of fresh drinks, from water bottles, great to take away, to beers, juices and sodas.

The coffee machines on the side are exceptional for a business lounge, with different coffee machines: eco filter coffee (my favorite by far), an espresso / special coffee machine, great for cappuccino, and a Nespresso machine.

A selection of teas is also on display, and the dessert area offers great biscuits to go with a hot drink.

Aegean lounge drinks

The harder drinks are presented on a tray, next to the food seating area, which consists of tables and chairs.

The drink selection starts from gin and goes all the way to whiskeys, including vodkas, martini, gin, and other kinds of strong alcohols.

Both ice cubes and peanuts are offered to accompany the drinks.

Summary of the Aegean non-Schengen lounge review

A great lounge for a short layover, which won't seem enough to accommodate a big appetite or a tired traveler.

However, it offers amazing options that are rarely seen in other lounges: take-away fruits, plastic water bottles to take with you, and amazing eco filtered coffee.

Aegean airlines Athens lounge access

The lounge is accessible to Star Alliance members traveling through Athens with one of these airlines:

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