How is the United club lounge in Orlando?

United Club lounge Orlando review

Before my flight from Orlando to Las Vegas via Houston with United airlines, I had the opportunity to visit the United club lounge in Orlando international airport.

The lounge was very quiet and had plenty of free seating available, despite an actually extremely busy airport, with more than 20 minutes security waiting time despite having access to priority check.

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United Club lounge access Orlando

The United Club lounge is accessible all StarAlliance Gold members, and of course to the United club members.

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The lounge was pretty easy to find, and offers an amazing view on the boarding area around and the runways on both side of the building.

United Club lounge food and bar

The bar is pretty good, with a complimentary choice of beers, wine and prosecco.

The food offering is consistent with the United Club lounges, featuring mostly some salad bar, hummus and pita bread as main course.

There are also some freshly cut vegetables, and cheese to add on the plate.

Very limited for a StarAlliance partner, it is however good enough for a short connection or waiting time before boarding.

There is also some sriracha and tabasco sauce ready to use... but given the low food offering, there is nothing to eat them with, so it seems pretty useless.

There most interesting part is actually the fruits offering, with good bananas, and apples, which are unfortunately for the environment individually packed in plastic - the caterers might not have noticed that apples are naturally coming with a protective layer called the peel.

Coffee machines are ready for use, and fresh water along with hot water and tea bags are available.

United Club Orlando seating area

The seating area is very comfortable, with individual sofas, each of them equiped with both US plugs, and USB plugs.

There is also a working area with high seats, and some tables with chairs.

United Club Orlando airport lounge review

With a below average food and beverages offering, the United Club Orlando airport lounge is not one of the best United Club lounge in the United States.

The United Club Orlando airport lounge is only worth visiting in case you have a very long and painful waiting time in the airport, or if you get the lounge access for free.

However, it is not worth paying an access to the United Club Orlando airport lounge if you don’t get it with your flight.

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