Priority Pass Lounge Access: What You Should Know?

Priority Pass Lounge Access: What you should know?

We carry a lot of misconceptions over the period of time, one of them can be that the lounge access is limited to rich and famous people; however, the truth is that it is for everyone who wishes for a better travel experience.

It can be quite surprising for you to understand that today, every credit cardholder may have this facility, as a reward credit system; which may offer access to Priority Pass‌ airport lounge access, and even you may have one in your pocket.

If you are still unsure as to what facility you can avail and what you cannot; then you can always refer to this article for better understanding.

Priority Pass Lounge Access: What You Should Know? : Food buffet in Lisbon airport Priority Lounge
Food buffet in Lisbon airport Priority Lounge  

What is the priority pass basics

With the help of priority pass, you get access to a network of services including airport lounge, restaurants available at the airport and even mini-suits. The statistical analysis has suggested that under this facility around 1300 locations from 600 airports in 148 countries are currently operational.

Priority pass airport lounge access
Priority pass airport lounge access 

The company offering one of the largest airport lounge network has been established in the year 1992, with the largest appreciation for the convenience.

Priority Pass Lounge Access: What You Should Know? : Chinese food in Beijing airport Priority Pass lounge
Chinese food in Beijing airport Priority Pass lounge  

What do all the priority pass lounges offer?

The quality, as well as the services offered by the priority pass, is greatly variable, depending upon locations and the membership; however, in general, you can expect at least free food and beverage, along with which, you may find espresso machine, free wi-fi facility, ample charging points, comfortable chairs, desks, newspapers, and magazines.

In case of premium lounges, you can also have spa and/or shower; for instant refreshment. As a general rule of thumb, international lounges are more premium as compared to domestic ones; all you need to have is a Priority Pass‌ along with the boarding pass.

However, if the lounge is full, you may face some kind of restrictions; but that is in extreme cases.

Priority Pass Lounge Access: What You Should Know? : Shower in Frankfurt airport business lounge
Shower in Frankfurt airport business lounge  

On what basis, restaurant credit works are being selected?

Apart from airport lounge comfort, Priority Pass‌ membership holders can also experience highly exotic restaurant services at the airport that are mostly available in the form of credit points.

The credit facility can either be limited to one restaurant or may also be availed for golf green or a nap room. Well, at this very moment it may sound too good to be true; however, trust me it is not that simple. On the basis of personal experience, you may have to shell out a larger amount than discounted in the form of a tip.

Priority pass airport lounge access
Priority pass airport lounge access 

Further to which, it should be noted that whatever type of card you may have, your Priority Pass‌ membership is not automatic; but needs to be activated through the online login. Depending upon the card, membership programs are being structured.

For a more exclusive membership program; you can select a platinum card as one of the best available choices. This will open up access for a large variety of lounges including but not limited to delta, airspace and even century lounge.

Priority Pass Lounge Access: What You Should Know? : Priority Pass airport lounge price
Priority Pass airport lounge price  

How these benefits can be availed?

You cannot just present your priority membership pass at the lounge; in order to receive direct access. However, you need to activate this facility first by enrolling under this program, which you can do with the help of a link that is provided along with the credit card.

With your login details, you will be able to get a better idea as to what benefits can be availed.

Priority pass airport lounge access
Priority pass airport lounge access 

Priority Pass airport lounge access price

The price of a Priority Pass‌ airport lounge access starts at $99 for a whole year, for which you will have to pay an additional fee of $32 per visit, regardless of the lounge.

A better package at $299 per year will include 10 lounge visits for free, or more likely included in the price, and every additional lounge visit will cost $32.

The prestige Priority Pass‌ package costs $429 for a whole year, and includes unilimited lounge visits in all the 1300+ lounges accessible in that airport lounge network.

Regardless of the package, a guest visit will cost $32 with Priority Pass, which is much lower than the fee charged without any business lounge access.

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