How is the Tahiti airport lounge, AirTahitiNui Papeete Faa lounge?

The Papeete airport in Tahiti only has one lounge available, as it has very few airlines flying there.

Papeete Tahiti airport lounge review

The Papeete airport in Tahiti only has one lounge available, as it has very few airlines flying there.

The AIR TAHITI NUI business lounge is however accessible to all passengers with lounge access flying with one of the airline in Tahiti: AirFrance, AirNewZealand, UNITED, Aircalin, Qantas, and AIRTahitiNUI.

See below our full review of the Papeete Tahiti airport lounge, a big surprise in such a small airport.

Airport Tahiti Airport Manager: Tahiti Faa'a, Bora Bora, Raiatea, Rangiroa.
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Seating area in AIR TAHITI NUI lounge PPT

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The seating area is definitely large enough to handle at the same time passengers from several planes departing at similar times, even if that will only rarely happen due to the airport size.

Entering the lounge, the first seats we can see are high seats which are all along the lounge, all with access to some European power plugs.

On one end of the lounge, some comfortable sofas are disposed in a more quiet area, as it is away from the rest of the lounge and especially from the food and beverages area.

Information screens are easily accessible and readable in the middle of the lounge.

On the other end of the lounge, another quiet area with large sofas is available.

And, in the main room of the lounge, plenty of comfortable seats are available, all of them near tables on which it is possible to put down consumptions from the lounge buffer, which is pretty amazing for such a small lounge.

Review: Air Tahiti Nui Lounge Papeete Airport | One Mile at a Time
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Food and beverages in the Papeete airport lounge

The food and beverages buffer area of the Papeete airport lounge could ashame much bigger lounges at far busier airports!

First of all, by its size, which is larger than most standard business lounges.

Second of all, from the amazing choice and the quality of options offered there - and not mentionning the amazing service, which generally is a standard on Tahiti island and in French Polonesia in general.

Starting with the food options, our visit at the lounge was slightly after lunch time, and both breakfast and lunch food were available, at the same - this never happens in other lounges.

The breakfast food was large enough, including jam, and everything necessary to prepare sweet or salty toasts.

A fruit stand was also available, including fresh apples, yogurts, freshly cut melon and watermelon, and... a delicious choice of macarons. Living in that lounge would be more comfortable than their hotels with overwater bungalows, as these do not have all inclusive options, but this is exactly what we got at this amazing lounge!

On the side, there was a stand with toasts and other bread products to prepare yourself some nice food. And, on top of that, something I've never seen in any of the hundred lounges I had visited in my life, a selection of cup noodles ready to prepare. A very good surprise - despite being a cheap product, it is indeed a very convenient one, especially in case of very short visit in lounge.

A stand was offering freshly prepared sandwiches of different kind, including vegetarians options, and also some cuts of cheese and ham to prepare your own sandwiches and toasts.

Then, on the beverages side, they had a water dispenser, perfect to fill up an empty bottle of water before taking off, and the classic tea and coffee selection.

Going to the adult alcoholic section, the choice was simply amazing, including real French champagne! A very good choice of wines was also available, with white, rosé and sparkling, plus different stronger liquors, such as Martini, Gin, Whiskey, and more.

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Is it worth going to the Tahiti airport lounge

The Tahiti airport lounge in Papeete Faaa airport is probably one of the best lounge in the world, considering the great WiFi Internet offering - far better than any other standard public connection on the island, the amazing food choice, the great service, and the very comfortable area with everything you need.

The lounge is clearly worth paying a fee to enter it, in case you do not have access with the airline and ticket you're flying with.

If you have several hours to spend at the airport especially, it is definitely worth spending some time there.

In our case, after visiting the lounge, in was time to go to our 7th destination of this 2019 world tour, flight from Papeete, French Polynesia, to Oceania, in Auckland, New Zealand.

Papeete Faaa International - Priority Pass

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