Aspire Lounge in Zurich airport

The Aspire lounge in Zürich airport, is actually (until May 2019) opened to travelers of StarAlliance in Schengen Zone with Gold Status, during the renovation of the main lounges between gates A and B.

Access Zurich airport lounges
Access Zurich airport lounges 

It is normally opened to all business class / first class transiting from international flights in the Schengen space, like for example Cathay Pacific, or against a payment of 37€ on

Executive lounges access

The lounge is rather small, and have limited power connectors, only available near a few of the seats.

Zurich: Find local activities Zurich: Find local activities  

The breakfast choice is also quite limited : bread, vegetables, soft drinks, and some jam

WiFi works fine, as it is using the Zürich airport network, and guests get a 24H access upon lounge check-in.

The bar is quite furnished, which is very surprising for a lounge of this size.

Also, the view on the runway is amazing, with most tables giving a direct view on it.

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