Business Class Tricks: How Can I Fly More For Less?

Currently, the average cost of business class air tickets has increased by 20 percent, according to one of the specialized portals. What are the ways to get comfort and premium service at a discount?

Travel service experts have identified the most affordable as well as the most popular foreign destinations in the business class segment of air travel. To do this, they analyzed the average prices on international flights (one passenger, round trip) and compared them with the previous year.

It turned out that the lists of the most popular countries in the economic and business segments are very different. The most popular destinations for business class flights are Israel, Montenegro, Germany, Cyprus and Spain.

Economy class passengers most often flew to Moldova, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Germany and Armenia. The presence of Germany in the top 5 of both ratings is explained by the fact that Germany is an equally attractive destination for both businessmen and tourists.

The most budget-friendly business class destinations don't match up with the most popular. This is because low ticket prices are not a key factor for people choosing routes to travel. Demand, developed infrastructure of the country for tourism and business outweigh the factor cheaper to get.

What happens to prices and demand

The average cost of a business class flight to Europe increased by 21 percent, to countries on other continents - by 20 percent, while tickets to neighboring countries, on the contrary, fell by 5 percent.

The biggest increase in price was observed for air tickets to Montenegro, Greece, Italy and Spain, on average by 21-27%. At the same time, the most noticeable cost reduction was recorded for tickets to Azerbaijan (minus 15%) and Uzbekistan (minus 20%). This can be explained in such a way that airlines are driving demand on the respective routes. In these directions, effective demand is falling, and companies are trying to keep more passengers in the business segment.

How to save on flights

If you don't want to travel in economy class, and business class seats seem too expensive, there are several ways to purchase them at a discount. First, and this is the most obvious recommendation that will help you save money on your business class flight, buy your tickets in advance. Especially on long-distance routes and during peak season.

It costs at least half a year to plan a trip to Australia, South Africa, and you can start looking for air tickets in Europe three months before the trip.

Second, it's worth checking adjacent dates as well. If the trip is not tied to specific days, then when choosing a flight, it is worth considering the dates plus or minus three days from the pre-selected one. The benefit can be as high as 20 percent. Sometimes it’s cheaper to spend one extra night in a hotel than to buy tickets for certain days.

Third, it makes sense to keep an eye on sales. Some airlines very often do promotions such as two tickets in business class for the price of one.

Fourthly, you can join the frequent flyer program, that is, get a bonus card and indicate its number when buying tickets and checking in for a flight. In this case, if you purchase an economy class ticket, you have the opportunity to “upgrade” it to business class for the airline miles.

Fifth, you can earn bonus points using the loyalty programs of various banks. Almost every bank has such offers for its clients, and if you are a client of not one bank, but several, then you can safely choose the most advantageous offer.

One Travel

One Travel is a fairly popular ticket booking service that allows its users to significantly save on ticket purchases.

The company offers its clients a range of discounts and savings opportunities. When a user starts searching for air tickets and makes applications for discounts, the search is based on several factors, including the system will search for those airlines that have the lowest fare for the scheduled flight.

Also, discounts may be available for both seniors and young people. The system will also look for special offers from certain companies that set such discounts.

In addition, this service has some advantages for the military, the mourning and the visually impaired - this is the provision of a discount on a special service fee. This condition is spelled out in the company's policy

In addition, claims of savings of an average of $ 126 per passenger, or 28% savings over published fares, are based on an analysis of booked private unpublished fares versus available published fares. The last comparison date is November 15, 2021.

Unless otherwise noted, claims for discounts and savings are based on a comparison of average fares for the same month, or adjacent months last year, or other time frames shown with fares currently offered by airlines for the same routes.

Savings based on average fares found on One Travel last month. Round trip fares include all fuel surcharges, taxes and charges, and company service charges. Tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable or assignable. Name changes are not permitted. Rates displayed are based on historical data, are subject to change and cannot be guaranteed at time of booking.

Seats at this rate are more likely to be available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and may require an overnight stay at destination on Saturday. Lowest rates may require 21 days advance purchase. Certain blackout dates may apply. Additional charges may apply for travel on holidays and weekends. Other restrictions may also apply.

Users can save time and money by comparing airlines on this site, while choosing the lowest fare and significantly saving their money.

The company has an interesting principle. If the passenger sees a lower price (including taxes and fees) for the same flight itinerary offered and available for bookings on the website of a major competitor within twenty-four hours after booking, the company will match that lower price by refunding the price difference, or if the passenger prefers it is possible to cancel the reservation with a full refund.

The same itinerary means that each element of each offer matches: airline (s), number (s), route, date (s), number of customers and type of seat.


This offer applies to bookings for up to two people. The special offer can be booked until December 31, 2021. It is necessary to enter the wet at check-out.

The advertised promotional code provides discounts compared to the amounts specified in the service fee for the declared routes. You can save up to $ 50 per person using this special promo code. To redeem the full price, you need 2 passengers. Promotional codes and instant savings offers can be combined up to a charge for service amount specified by the company. Excessive savings are not applied. A specific promotional code expires strictly on the specified date, and it can be revoked at any time without prior notice.

The company's standard service charges are $ 35 per person one way / round trip for Economy Class tickets.

One Travel Credit Card

The motto of this credit card is: Swipe your finger across the screen and earn money every time you travel! It sounds very tempting, but what exactly is this credit card? Let's take a closer look.

For what points are awarded.

Points can be earned by doing the following:

  • Points will be credited for every dollar spent on One Travel. The number of points awarded is 6 per dollar;
  • 2 points will be awarded for every dollar spent on purchases;
  • 4 points will be awarded for every dollar spent on lunch.

What can you do with these points? If the user of such a credit card has accumulated enough of them, One Travel offers to spend them on flights, hotels or cars.

Benefits of using this credit card.

In fact, it is very profitable to own a credit card from One Travel, now let's see why.

The user has the ability to urgently replace the card if something happened to it, or if it is lost. There is also the possibility of an emergency cash payment, as well as roadside shipment.

Visa Sig Credit Card

This is another version of the credit card issued by One Travel, and compared to the previously described card, there are much more positive points for its owner. What are the advantages of this card?

Also, as in the first case, in an emergency, the card can be restored very quickly.

If suddenly the baggage of the owner of such a card was lost, then he receives compensatory compensation. A rather positive advantage.

Roadside dispatch and emergency cash exchange are available to the owner. In addition, the trip can be interrupted or canceled.

The most important thing that is offered to the holder of such a card is travel accident insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to fly business class for less?
Of course, this is possible if you use practical tips from this article. Always plan your trip in advance and choose good services for buying tickets.
What strategies can travelers use to fly business class more often while minimizing costs?
Strategies include using frequent flyer programs to earn upgrades, taking advantage of airline sales and promotions, using credit card points or miles, booking business class flights on lesser-known airlines, and looking for last-minute upgrade deals.

Business Class Tricks: How Can I Fly More For Less?

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