How to get access to United lounge LAS, and how is it?

In the United airlines lounge LAS, you will most likely find busy seating area, as the lounge isn't so large compared to the amount of travelers in the Las Vegas.

How is the United airlines lounge LAS

In the United airlines lounge LAS, you will most likely find busy seating area, as the lounge isn't so large compared to the amount of travelers in the Las Vegas.

However, the seats are very comfortable, and offer power plugs between each of them, allowing to recharge your devices while traveling.

But, if you are not from the US, prepare a power adapter, as the only power plugs available are American ones, and there is no USB connectors to charge your mobile devices.

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The food choice is acceptable, but not exceptional. For breakfast, a selection of fresh fruits, cereals, juices, and sweets was available. Generally of good quality, and sufficient for a short waiting time, it might however quickly seem dull for a frequent traveler via the LAS airport.

Further in the lounge, there is a selection of more breakfast food, such as what is necessary to prepare a small bagel, bagels and toaster, and a selection of jam to use on the toasts.

If you are not a fan of bagel... prepare to be disappointed, but, however, it is good enough for a regular appetite, especially in the morning.

There is of course a coffee machine which offers all kind of standard coffee, such as long black, cappuccino, cafe latte, and hot water to prepare a tea.

The good thing there, is the presence of take away carton cups, very useful in case of short layover, to take a coffee with you to wait in line to board your next flight.

The main advantage of the lounge, is the large bar, with a very good selection of drinks.

The complimentary drinks include wine: white wine, red wine, sparkling prosecco, beer, and soft drinks.

For a few bucks, you can get some nice cocktails.

The bar area offer the most available seats, and also the least comfortable ones, but it is anyway useful as the sofa are generally taken.

The complimentary prosecco included in the lounge access is definitely one of the nicest surprises of this United Club Las Vegas airport lounge, as the open bar with sparkling wine offers actually a good selection of wine, and that prosecco is definitely a good one, they are not being cheap here, and will contempt even champagne enthousiasts like me, originally coming from Champagne region in France, which is now called Grand-Est.

Next to the bar, there are some high seating areas, which offer a few power plugs, but again, these plugs are only American ones, and necessitate for foreign visitors to use an adapter.

How to get access to United Lounge

To get access the United Lounges, you must be either a member of their own membership, the United Club, and have reached the frequent traveler status, and fly with a StarAlliance airline, departing from an airport which has a United Lounge.

It is possible to pay for the United Club membership, but the easier way to get access to the lounges for the less money, is most likely by following our guide on  how to get Star Alliance gold   - and it is not by using United Club membership.

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United Club and lounge access

You can also access the lounge if you are a StarAlliance Gold member, flying with a StarAlliance partner airline from an airport with a United Club lounge - see our detailed guide on how to get Star Alliance gold.

It is also possible to buy a one time United lounge access pass for $59, see details on United website. It can be bought online or on the United lounge app.

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Las Vegas MCCarran airport

The Las Vegas MCCarran airport must be the only airport in the world to have... slot machines, right in the middle of the airport, between the flight gates. Simply seat at one of them, get your dollars off your pocket, and... start playing!

After having played on slots machines right in the heart of the airport, and having visited United Club Lounge in LAS airport, it was time for me to take off for new adventures, the next stop on this trip being... San Francisco, where I would go visit the infamous AlCatraz prison!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for accessing the United Lounge at LAS, and what amenities and services does it offer to travelers?
Access is typically granted to United Club members, first or business class passengers, or those with certain loyalty status. The lounge offers amenities like comfortable seating, refreshments, Wi-Fi, and workspaces

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