How To Get Star Alliance Gold Status Faster?

Being a frequent traveler with a frequent flyer blog, and Miles & More frequent traveller status for longer than 5 years, I never got to the Gold card - even though this year, I flew 122 flight segments with them.

How to get Star Alliance Gold

Being a frequent traveler with a frequent flyer blog, and Miles & More frequent traveller status for longer than 5 years, I never got to the Gold card - even though this year, I flew 122 flight segments with them.

In short, to get faster to Gold FTL within Staralliance, use Miles+Bonus, which is the best airline miles program (Aegean / Air Olympic). You will need about 18 economy flights to become a silver FTL, and another 36 economy flights to become a Gold FTL. You'll get twice as much miles for the same flights booking by using a Miles+Bonus card than with a Miles&More card (Lufthansa / SWISS airlines / Austrian airlines / LOT Polish airlines), and, with the later, you'll need 30 economy flights to get to silver FTL, and about 180 flights to get to gold FTL.

With Miles and More, you get to Star Alliance Silver status with 35 000 miles earned in a year (or with 30 flight segments).

How to get Star Alliance Gold from Silver

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With Miles+Bonus, you get to Silver FTL status with 12 000 miles earned in a year (if it includes 2 Aegean flights, otherwise 24 000 miles).

With Miles&More, you upgrade from Silver to Gold FTL status with 100 000 miles earned in a year.

With Miles+Bonus, you upgrade from Silver to Aegean Gold status with 24 000 miles earned in a year (if it includes 4 Aegean flights, otherwise 48 000 miles).

Lufthansa online booking

In the earlier times, it was possible to get Gold FTL with Miles and More with 120 flight segments a year - this is not possible anymore, as I discovered in 2016 in my frequent traveler blog.

To get to Silver FTL with Miles+Bonus, all what was needed was to collected 12 000 miles (including some Aegean flights), which I did through only 18 flights segments - where Miles&More would have required 30 flights and 35 000 miles for the same result.

Aegean booking

To get Aegean Star Alliance Gold status with Miles+Bonus, I still need about twice what I did to get silver FTL, which means about 36 flights for 24 000 miles... whereas with Miles&More, even 122 flights for 67 000 miles weren't enough to grab the Gold FTL card!

Not only Miles+Bonus requires less mileage to reach Silver FTL or Gold FTL, it also offers more mileage for the same flights - about twice as more as per below calculation of my frequent flyer website.

Frequent flyer miles comparison

Chart below shows mileage received from Miles&More (total of 8500 Miles&More miles for these 16 flights), and how much mileage it would have earned if used with a Miles+Bonus frequent flyer card (total of 15529 Miles+Bonus miles for these 16 flights), as per the Aegean Miles Calculator :

Activity / Partner code / Flight no. / Booking classFlightClassMiles & MoreMiles+Bonus
Geneva GVA - Athens ATHA3821Economy Class, Q7501077
Athens ATH - Larnaca LCAA3910Economy Class, Q750800
Athens ATH - Geneva GVALX1823Economy Class, U750808
Paris Charles de Gaulle CDG - Athens ATHA3613Economy Class, K1251306
Athens ATH - Frankfurt am Main FRALH1283Business Class, P750847
Frankfurt am Main FRA - Athens ATHLH1284Economy Class, L1251129
Athens ATH - London Heathrow LHRA3600Economy Class, S1251495
Rhodes RHO - Athens ATHA3201Economy Class, S125500
Athens ATH - Rhodes RHOA3218Economy Class, T125200
Milano Malpensa MXP - Athens ATHA3665Economy Class, T125692
Athens ATH - Frankfurt am Main FRALH1283Economy Class, Q7501129
Frankfurt am Main FRA - Athens ATHLH1284Economy Class, V7501129
Athens ATH - Zürich ZRHLX1839Economy Class, S5001019
Munich MUC - Athens ATHA3803Economy Class, L750944
Athens ATH - Munich MUCA3802Economy Class, B12501180
Zürich ZRH - Athens ATHLX1842Economy Class, H7501274

Aegan airline is the best of the  Star Alliance members   for its Aegean Miles+Bonus frequent flyer miles program. It also offers credit cards with airline miles, unfortunately only for Greek and Cypriot residents.

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Star Alliance Gold benefits

Star Alliance Gold benefits and also business class flights what do you get, what is Star Alliance Gold :

  • Frequent traveller lounge access, which includes Miles&More lounge, Lufthansa frequent traveller lounge, Miles&More business lounge, Miles&More frequent traveller lounge, lounge Miles&More, all with open bar and complimentary food, drinks, newspaper, wifi, and comfortable seating,
  • Priority boarding before economy class,
  • Extra frequent flyer points or airline points, this is how to get how to get frequent flyer points faster,
  • Priority Aegean airlines check in, not with the Aegean online check in, but with the Aegean air check in at the airport with a specific desk,
  • Using miles for flights with the Star Alliance miles program, by using Star Alliance miles - this is how to fly for free as frequent flyer.
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Best program for faster Star Alliance Gold status

Therefore, consider Aegean airlines miles program Miles+Bonus program to get fast Frequent Flyer Silver status with all Star Alliance airlines. You will then collect miles with all Aegean flights, but also Miles&More Swiss, Lufthansa Miles, LOT Star Alliance, both in economy class flight and Star Alliance business class, and reach faster Silver Frequent Traveller and Star Alliance Gold status, which is when you will get the Star Alliance Gold membership card.

Frequent Traveller Silver status, Star Alliance Gold status and HON status are the status in Star Alliance membership program.

Which airlines belong to Star Alliance

How to get a Star Alliance membership card

This is pretty easy, simply register on one of the Star Alliance partner for a membership card, the choice is yours - but remember, the easiest way to get to Star Alliance Gold is to get the Aegean Airlines Gold status.

Take care though, the Olympic Air flights, an Aegean subsidiary, might not always credit you some Star Alliance miles.

The Lufthansa frequent traveller status, with its Lufthansa Silver card, is also interesting and relatively easy to reach, but takes nearly the same flights as reaching Miles+More Gold status with Aegean.

The Lufthansa Star Alliance Gold is unfortunately nearly impossible to reach without taking intercontinental business class flights.

Miles And More Gold status

To reach the status faster and get the Star Alliance Gold card, if you are not able to fly enough, we recommend you trying to earn miles with some of the partners.

What about trying out some of these ideas, including Star Alliance hotel partners, which will all get you some miles when using the right partner ?

How to access the Lufthansa business class lounge Frankfurt? Once you’ll become a Star Alliance Gold member, you will have access to the Lufthansa business class lounge Frankfurt, and all business class lounges from the Star Alliance network, every time you are flying with a Star Alliance partner airline. It will also include access to the Lufthansa welcome lounge Frankfurt, when landing early in Frankfurt from an intercontinental flight. This is part of the  Lufthansa frequent traveller benefits   at the Gold level status – the silver status will only let you access lounges such as the  Lufthansa business class lounge Frankfurt   or the  Lufthansa welcome lounge Frankfurt   when flying with Lufthansa.

For example, to access the  TAP Portugal Star Alliance   lounge, all you have to do is to become Gold member with one of the Star Alliance partner airlines, and to fly with any of them from an airport in Portugal.

How to calculate miles, is there a Star Alliance miles calculator? There is no Star Alliance miles calculator, as the amount of miles earn per flight depends on the company you are flying with, and also the membership partner airlines you are using to accumulate miles. The best way to calculate miles for a flight is to check the corresponding miles calculator of the frequent traveller program you are using. You can find all links on the  Star Alliance miles calculator   links page.

How to become a Star Alliance member? To become a Star Alliance member, register to any of the  Star Alliance members   frequent traveller program, and use your registration number to accumulate miles any time you are flying with any Star Alliance partner airline. See the list of  Star Alliance members   above, and register to the one most convenient for you.

How do you get Star Alliance Gold?
You get there by accumulating enough miles through flights with network's partner airlines within a given year, spending money using their credit cards, or buying products and services from their partners.
What is the fastest way to get Star Alliance Gold?
The fastest way to get StarAlliance Gold is to use an airline that requires less miles to get there, such as Aegean airlines
Is KrisFlyer Gold same as Star Alliance Gold?
Yes, KrisFlyer Gold is one of the Star Alliance Gold airlines partners.
What is the best airline mileage program?
The best airline mileage program is Lufthansa Miles&More for free flights with points, and Aegean to get Star Alliance Gold
What are the benefits of Star Alliance Gold?
Star Alliance Gold members get priority check-in, priority security check, lounge access, priority boarding - basically the same benefits as business class flights.
Can Star Alliance Gold bring guest to lounge?
Yes, Star Alliance Gold members can bring guest to lounge if the guest is also flying on a Star Alliance partner flight.
Can economy class use the lounge?
Economy class passengers can only use the lounge if they have the Star Alliance Gold status and fly on a partner airline, or get a  Priority Pass   subscription
Who can use SilverKris Lounge?
SilverKris lounge can be accessed by Star Alliance Gold members flying on partner flights, and business class passengers.
What is Star Alliance Gold status?
Star Alliance Gold status is a client fidelity recognition status, that brings the same benefits as flying business on any flight within the network.
Can United Gold members use Lounge?
Yes, United Gold members can use lounges from Star Alliance network when flying with partner airlines.
Can you pay to enter Singapore Airlines lounge?
Yes, you can enter the Singapore Airlines lounge with  Priority Pass   subscription for 28€ or for free with the standard and prestige packages
Who can access United Lounge?
United lounges can be accessed by business class passengers, Star Alliance Gold members, and  Priority Pass   subscribers, all when flying on a partner airline
What does United Gold status get you?
United Gold status gets you the same benefit as business class passengers: priority check-in, security check, boarding, and business lounge access
Can I buy 1k status on United?
Yes, you can buy 1k status by purchasing miles, but it will be more expensive than getting these miles through business class flights
How much is United 1k worth?
United 1k is worth around $10,000.
Which airline is easiest to get status?
Aegean airlines is one of the easiest airlines to get Gold status, with less miles required to get it.
Is United Gold the same as Star Alliance Gold?
Yes, United Gold is one of the StarAlliance Gold partner status and has the same benefits.
Does United Gold get lounge access?
Yes, United Gold members get lounge access when flying on partner flights.
Which Star Alliance membership is best?
The best StarAlliance membership is with Aegean airlines' Miles+Bonus program.
Which airline loyalty program is best?
The Lufthansa Miles&More loyalty program is the best as is allows to get the most interesting free flights.
How many miles do you need to get a free flight?
Depending on the airline membership program, you can need as little as 8000 miles to get a free flight with Miles+Bonus or 15000 miles with Miles&More.
Which airline miles are most valuable?
Lufthansa Miles&More miles are the most valuable to get free flights.
How much is 50000 miles worth?
50000 StarAlliance miles are worth about $800
How much is 40000 miles worth?
40000 StarAlliance miles are worth about $640

Frequently Asked Questions

How to become Gold Star Alliance member?
In order to upgrade from Silver to Aegean Gold, you need to earn 24,000 miles per year (if it includes 4 Aegean flights, otherwise 48,000 miles).
What strategies can travelers employ to accelerate earning Star Alliance Gold status, and what are the key benefits of this status?
Strategies include flying more frequently with Star Alliance airlines, choosing higher fare classes, and taking advantage of bonus point promotions. Benefits of Gold status include lounge access, extra baggage allowance, priority boarding, and enhanced customer service.

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