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The brand new Copa Club lounge in Bogota El Dorado airport is accessible to Star Alliance Gold members, ConnectMiles Gold members, Priority Pass card holders, and of course business class passengers.

Bogota airport lounge StarAlliance

The brand new Copa Club lounge in Bogota El Dorado airport is accessible to Star Alliance Gold members, ConnectMiles Gold members,  Priority Pass   card holders, and of course business class passengers.

It is accessible to passengers traveling to Panama from Colombia, from where then can connect to more than 80 destinations in more than 32 countries deserved by Copa Airlines.

Copa Airlines opens a modern, innovative new Copa Club at El Dorado International Airport in Bogota

Copa Club Bogota information

The lounge is opened from 3:30am to 8:00pm everyday, and is located on T1 terminal near the gate 45.

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It is necessary to take an escalator to go under the boarding floor in order to access it.

The lounge welcomes us with a beautiful green wall, and a very smiling receptionist. Having been there on a Tuesday early morning, between 9 and 11am, the lounge was very calm, and we were at most 4 guests.

The lounge is able to host 107 guests on its comfortable seating area.

Copa Club ElDorado lounge review

The food selection is very small, for breakfast only with bagels, bread, cereals, some spreads for the toasts, and fruits.

The coffee machine works fine, and offers great coffee which must be of course from Central or South America, if not from Panama itself.

A great advantage of that lounge, is the large bar, with dedicated bartender. It has an acceptable choice of soft drinks and alcohols, including beers, rum and other strong alcohols, and wine, with great Cava sparkling wine, which I had a glass of and enjoy it.

The bar also has several TV screens, each showing an other show, and has several high seats to stay near the bar.

The service is efficient and classy, and it is a pleasure to have a drink in that lounge.

Main seating area, between the bar and the food booth, offers tables and chairs, sofas with power and USB plugs between them, and social friendly larger sofas, also offering power plugs.

The only issue is that the power plugs are only setup for Panama plugs, which are the same as US and Canada – not very convenient for international travelers.

A quiet working area close to the bar is available, with several working booths separated by a wooden separation, all equipped with rolling chairs and power plugs.

The specificity of the lounge is to have a very comfortable home cinema and library, with cozier sofas than in the main area. A selection of books is accessible, as well as two large TV screens, which must be great to relax during a long connection.

In summary

A great lounge, in which it is very enjoyable to spend a few hours. However, the small food selection doesn't make it a great choice compared to other Star Alliance Gold lounge in the same airport.

Frequently Asked Questions

What amenities and services does the Copa Club Lounge in Bogota's El Dorado Airport offer, and how does it enhance the travel experience for guests?
The Copa Club Lounge in El Dorado offers amenities like comfortable seating, food and beverages, Wi-Fi, and business facilities. It enhances the travel experience by providing a relaxing and convenient space for guests to unwind or work before their flights.

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