Blacklisted and safest airlines

Blacklisted and safest airlines

Several airlines blacklists exists, from the International Air Transport Association IATA blacklisted airlines, to the European Aviation and Space Agency EASA EU airline blacklist, and some blacklists in Asia.

Traveling with these airlines most likely don't mean that the risk of accident is higher, but also that the quality of service is far lower than what is to be expected from an airline.

IATA blacklisted airlines

There is no IATA blacklist, but the international air transport association does publish some interesting facts and figures from its member airlines.

In 2017, there has been only one important aircraft accident for every 8.7 million flights.

Also, there has been 19 accident fatalities in 41.8 million flights.

Therefore, when flying, make sure that the airline is an IATA registered member, which can be checked directly on their website, and it will be nearly guaranteed that you are flying with a good airline.

IATA Current Airline Members
IATA Releases 2017 Airline Safety Performance

EASA EU airline blacklist

The European Airspace and Space Agency EASA publishes the EU airline blacklist, which is a complete and accurate list of airlines banned from some, if not all operations, on the European airspace.

As of the latest update in November 2018, a list of 115 airlines are banned from flying over the European Union skies.

The full list is available in an online PDF, and can be accessed on their website.

As their airlines cannot land at all on European airports, there is no risk to fly with them when taking off in Europe.

However, when flying in one of the countries of these airlines, make sure that you are not using one of them:

  • all airlines from Afghanistan are banned,
  • all airlines from Angola except TAAG Angola Airlines are banned,
  • all airlines from the Republic of the Congo are banned,
  • all airlines from Democratic Republic of the Congo are banned,
  • all airlines from Djibouti are banned,
  • all airlines from Equatorial Guinea are banned,
  • all airlines from Eritrea are banned,
  • all airlines from Gabon except Afrijet and Nouvelle Air Affaires Gabon are banned,
  • Iraqi Airways from Irak is banned,
  • Iran Aseman Airlines from Iran is banned,
  • all airlines from Kazakhstan except Air Astana are banned,
  • all airlines from the Kyrgyz Republic are banned,
  • all airlines from Liberia are banned,
  • all airlines from Libya are banned,
  • all airlines from Mozambique are banned,
  • all airlines from Nepal are banned,
  • Med-View Airline from Nigeria is banned,
  • all airlines from São Tomé and Príncipe are banned,
  • all airlines from Sierra Leone are banned,
  • Mustique Airways from St. Vincent & Grenadines is banned,
  • all airlines from Sudan are banned,
  • all airlines from Suriname are banned,
  • all airlines from URGA from Ukraine is banned,
  • all airlines from Zambia are banned,
  • all airlines from Zimbabwe are banned.
Aviation: Commission updates the EU Air Safety List to ensure highest level of protection for passengers
List of air carriers which are banned from operating within the union
Airlines Banned in the European Union

Blacklisted airlines Asia

At the moment, all airlines from Kyrgyz Republic are banned, all airlines from the Republic of Nepal are banned, and Air Koryo from North Korea is banned.

However, this list only includes airlines that have been allowed to land on European soil, and that could have been inspected.

If an airline does not have any flight to Europe, and it is only a local airline, then the doubt is there, and, in case of doubt, better to avoid them, as there haven't been any good independent review from an agency.

Safest airlines in the world

The world's safest airlines for 2019 have been elected by, and here are the 20 safest airlines for this year:

World's safest airlines 2019 revealed

Banned items in hand luggage

There is a whole list of forbidden items in hand luggage. In general, flammables, firearms, sharp objects, potential weapons and liquids over 100ml or 3.4oz are not allowed.

In detail, it depends on the exact airline and country, but it can always be checked online.

Except the standard items, remember that the table Samsung S7 Edge is banned in flight from both checked and hand luggage.

Can we carry glass items in hand luggage? Yes, if it does not contain more than 100ml of liquid.

Is toothpaste considered a liquid? Yes, it is.

Can I have a phone charger in my hand luggage? Yes, but not in your checked luggage.

Can I bring deodorant in a plane? Yes, if not more than 3.4oz / 100ml.

Can I bring snacks on a plane? Yes, provided that they are allowed at your destination and on your potential layover places.

Do face wipes count as liquid on a plane? No, they do not.

Is deodorant considered a liquid? Yes, it is, and has to be maximum 3.4 oz / 100ml to be allowed in hand luggage.

Do pills need to be in prescription bottles when flying? No, they do not.

What Can I Bring? Transportation Security Administration
Banned on board: 17 surprising items not allowed in your hand baggage

Prohibited items in checked baggage

The list of restricted items in checked  baggage ‌  is a little shorter than for hand luggage, and also differs per country, therefore it must be checked per destination.

Also, make sure that no item can possibly make an alarm in your checked luggage.

The following common items are prohibited in checked baggage: Batteries and Personal Electronic Devices, Battery-powered vehicles and devices, Camping Equipment, Curling Irons and Lighters, Dry Ice, Brine or Gel / Ice Packs, Liquids and Gels (including aerosols, toiletries and alcoholic beverages), MREs (Meals, Ready-to-eat), Oxygen for Medical Purposes, Powder (including baby powder, dry shampoo and powder detergent).

The following special prohibited items in checked  baggage ‌  must also be taken in consideration: Air Purifiers and Ionizers, Avalanche Rescue Backpacks, Compressed Gas / Cylinders, Corrosive and Oxidizing Materials, Defence / Incapacitating Sprays, Explosives / Flammable Liquids and Solids, Firearms and Ammunition, Fuel-powered Equipment, Paint, Poisons/Toxins, Radioactive Materials, Smart Bags.

Is food allowed in checked baggage? Yes it is, provided that it complies with destination country food restrictions.

How do I pack wine in my suitcase? Can you pack wine bottles in your luggage? Yes you can. The best way to pack wine in suitcase is to make sure that it cannot move inside the baggage, and wrap it inside a piece of cloth such as a sweater, and put all around it your underwear or jeans for example.

Can aerosol cans be in checked luggage? Yes, that is fine.

Restricted and Prohibited Items
Prohibited and restricted baggage items

List of the safest airlines

  • Qantas,
  • Air New Zealand,
  • Alaska Airlines,
  • All Nippon Airways,
  • American Airlines,
  • Austrian Airlines,
  • British Airways,
  • Cathay Pacific Airways,
  • Emirates,
  • EVA Air,
  • Finnair,
  • Hawaiian Airlines,
  • KLM,
  • Lufthansa,
  • Qatar,
  • Scandinavian Airline System,
  • Singapore Airlines,
  • Swiss,
  • United Airlines,
  • Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia.

All these airlines are part of the list of safest airlines in the world, as defined by international travel organizations such as Skytrax.

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