The Small Guide to Traveling to Europe this Summer

The Small Guide to Traveling to Europe this Summer

Many people might choose the beach or the mountains for a summer vacation, far away or closer, depending on the budget. But a lot of people choose to travel to Europe.

The so-called old continent is rich in cultures, landscapes, and foods. Also, it's not a bad destination if you want to enjoy your vacation without spending every buck you have.

Depending on how much you like to spend, you can pick a popular destination like Paris, Rome, or London. These great capitals offer amazing museums, landmarks, nightlife, and food, but they might be a little more expensive.

On the other hand, if you don't like to spend a fortune, you can pick countries like Hungary, Greece, or Croatia, where you can enjoy unique landscapes and foods for a generally lower price.

No matter where you choose, it's essential to be prepared as Europe has a few particular traits to keep in mind. So, here is a small guide for traveling to Europe this summer.

Organize everything with precision

If anything, the pandemic has made Europe one of the top destinations for tourists worldwide. So, everyone is booking hotels, restaurants, museums, and guided tours early.

Don't wait to show up there and get in different places because they might be crowded or booked. So, if you don't book things, they might not be able to squeeze you in even after you waited a long time.

Create a set itinerary and plan everything carefully. Also, set the time and date and ensure transportation is punctual.

One of our friends, Julie, learned this lesson the hard way. She's a freelancer working for the best essay review service for students who need academic help. Since Julie didn't have a set vacation, she decided to leave for Rome as soon as she finished a set block of work.

When she got there, Julie couldn't visit the Villa Borghese and the Pantheon because she didn't book early. The staff at Villa Borghese told her they couldn't squeeze her in while the Pantheon had a line stretched across the whole square.

From airplane tickets to restaurants, make sure you call before and book your place.

Consider booking when there are fewer people

Weekends are the worst for any travel or museum. That's because people have free time during the weekend and want to have fun. So, that's when places become crowded and busy.

Consider booking museums or attractions during the work week. The same goes for flights and other trips.

Have a back-up plan

What did Julie do when she couldn't visit the Pantheon or Villa Borghese? For the first one, she wandered off to the right and reached Piazza Navona, where she had lunch and visited the Museum of Rome. For Villa Borghese, she strayed into the huge park near it, where she found Terrazza del Pincio above Piazza del Popolo.

So, it's fundamental to have a back-up plan in case the main one doesn't work. Julie was lucky because Rome is full of tourist attractions and it's impossible to get bored. But what happens when you miss a flight or your bus gets canceled?

Make sure you always have alternative solutions, so you don't waste your time and money.

Show up early

After all the planning, you don't want to miss any appointment with art or food. So, get up early and show up early, always.

This means that you arrive at the airport at least an hour before departure, but we advise you to be there two hours before because you never know what might come up. Also, if you can, try to check in online the day before.

If you have a bus to catch or a museum, show up 15 minutes before, without counting the time for commuting.

Be prepared for anything

Make sure you know the laws of the country you're visiting. Maybe you can't bring your swiss knife with you, or you need a vaccination certificate even in places where the health emergency isn't on anymore.

Also, when booking your hotel, pick one with wifi, parking spots (if needed), and good placement. If you work as a business consultant, a writer at Proessaywriting, or an accountant, some emergencies might occur, and your help may be needed. Therefore, you need a stable wifi connection, a strong phone signal, and possibly a quiet room for conferences.

Bring sunscreen with you even if you're not going to the beach because even when you're walking in the city, the sun might cause sunburns. Stay hydrated, wear caps, and look for shade. Eat well and make sure your insurance is valid in the country you're visiting.

Also, if you're going to crowded places, secure your bags with smart locks to keep pickpockets at bay. Try to keep your phone, keys, card, and money in a safe place where you're the only one who can reach them.

Lastly, make sure you have mosquito spray, cream for jellyfish burns, or an epi pen for allergies and stings.


Europe is a wonderful destination for your summer vacation. However, you might want to book everything early and have options in case plan A doesn't work. Show up early and pick the work weekdays as they're less busy.

Don't forget your essentials, and keep your bags safe at all times.

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What is the best day of the week to book flights and trips?
It is best to book on weekdays - from Mon to Fri. Since the weekend is always a big influx of people. People most often plan their leisure time after the working week in the sky.

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