Recharge Your Batteries During A Trip To Argentina

Why go to Argentina?

Argentina’s flagship destination, Argentina has a natural beauty that will surprise you. A well organized trip will do you a lot of good, combining this visit for example with a visit to  Machu Picchu ‌  in Peru,  holidays in Bogota ‌  and why not also a  visit to Panama ‌  combined with other South American adventures.

Organize a trip to Argentina in a landscape perfect for relaxation

Far from its past of dictatorship and revolution, the country has taken on a new face in recent years. This is above all the fruit of the efforts made by those responsible for making tourism a very profitable area.

This destination has become over time a highly recommended address for tourists. If you plan to go there for the next vacation, don't hesitate to go to the following locations.

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Organize a guided tour of the main cities of the country during the trip

Argentina: Find local activities

Argentina is not the country it is without the cities that shaped its image and reputation. So, you could start your stay with a tour of the capital Buenos Aires. Lively and colorful, it is considered to be the most European place in South America. This can be seen by the structure of the buildings which remind the streets of Paris and Madrid.

On the other hand, it must be recognized that it is a joyful city, but also a festive one. For night owls, they can spend a few nights in the clubs.

In addition, the town of Tigré offers a green landscape which will guarantee you moments of respite. Besides, the beauty of its nature has earned it the name of Argentine Green Venice.

The boat trips will allow you to freely appreciate what surrounds you like the Paraná Delta.

Argentina is also a place you could admire without moderation

Before you even get to Argentina, you might want to think about where to go for the next few days. For this, a visit to the Terres de Feu National Park in Patagonia is essential.

Some people still know the place by the name of Smokelands. But, the important thing is that you can take advantage of these moments to forget the daily turmoil. You will embark on an eventful and exciting adventure.

The “Perito Moreno” glacier remains an area to discover during trips to Argentina. Located in El Calafate, travel to this site can be done by shuttle.

You will be at the foot of the glacier as quickly as possible despite the crossing to do. You can get close to the ice by following the instructions. Note that you will have the opportunity to end the day in Los Glaciares National Park.

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Recharge your batteries in a spa after an Andean journey

Known as the most important mountain range in the world. The Andes Cordillera represents a major challenge, but achievable for lovers of extreme sport. You will surely be delighted to arrive at the top of Aconcagua, whose fame is to be crossed across the Channel.

A good relaxation is required after these tests. You just have to go to a spa before finishing your trips to Argentina. This will boost you after a day of trekking or long walks.

You can even choose between a thermal pool and a natural cave in Walichu. Know that various saunas offer a wellness cure in the country.

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