A day in Universal Studios Islands of Adventure

Universal studios Florida Islands of Adventure

The Universal Studios in Florida consists of two parks, the newest one being Islands of Adventure, a theme park around Universal films franchises, such as Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, The Hulk, Spiderman, Skull island reign of King Kong, or comics such as Popeye.

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Popeye the sailor

The park has a few high intensity roller coasters, and many rides that are accessible to everybody with 3D shows for example.

I went there for one day, using the free shuttle bus from my hotel, the Park Inn by Radisson Resort & Conference Center- Orlando- Near Disney, and definitely enjoyed my time there.

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A day was enough to ride on all the main attractions, and even start with a short break for an ice cream, as the weather was pretty warm on that day, and it was nice to cool down for a little bit.

After a first ice cream, going on the Jurassic Park calm attraction, and having a full tour of the park, I directly went to The Hulk roller coaster for a thrilling start, and it was awesome.

After that great ride, under a very strong sun, I went to the Popeye rafting adventure, and was happy to exit the ride totally soaked, and feeling much better and refreshed.

I continued by trying all the rides that offered a single riders lane, therefore not having to queue, or nearly not at all, no more than 10 minutes, for all rides that did offer this great opportunity for single people like me to enjoy the ride by filling up the empty seats, without having to queue for hours.

Universal Islands of adventure rides

The rides are pretty good, and are sufficient for a day, not more, as only one real high intensity roller coaster, a must do, The Hulk, is there, and other rides are more calm.

The Popeye rafting ride is a great way to get wet and cool down during a warm day, as you will get soaked for sure - however, it provides dry storage space for your back packs.

The waiting time in most rides is pretty acceptable, one hour at most for the most popular ride, The Hulk, and in general more around 30 minutes.

The great thing with that park, is that it offers single riders lanes, allowing people on most attractions to queue as a single rider and to fill up empty seats, therefore making the whole boarding process so much faster.

The Jurassic Park ride also was a great one, on some small boats on a river, taking you inside the famous Jurassic Park and seeing some of the awesome dinosaurs that have been seen in the movies.

The ride is pretty slow, and accessible to all ages. It will however probably ravish older people that have seen the first movies more than a younger audience.

Despite not being scary, it is a great ride to go on.

The Skull Island reign of King Kong was a fun ride to do, feeling like in the island on King Kong, but was not scary at all, and accessible to any public.

Islands of adventure tickets

The tickets for Islands of Adventure sells for 115$ including tax, and it is the same price for both Universal Studios parks.

They are actually accessible at a walking distance, only being separated by a short walk on the inside, and it is not worthy to buy a double park within a day ticket, unless there is no option to spend a day in each park, which I have done on my visit.

Islands of adventure tickets

Islands of adventure Harry Potter

The Harry Potter ride on the Universal Islands of Adventure park is mostly designed for movies fans and young audience, at is not as thrilling as it looks like from the outside.

I've been pretty disappointed, being expecting a roller coaster, and ending up in a kind of haunted house ride with a Harry Potter theme, and with 3D goggles, taking the riders into a squiditch game among other activities directly coming from the Harry Potter books and films franchise.

However, that ride has the best scenery in the whole park, really taking you into the world of Harry Potter, just by walking in the dedicated area.

The castle built on top of a hill, behind a village with fake snow on top of every house, makes up for a magical walk in that fantastic world.

Islands of adventure hours

The opening hours of the park are from 9am to 9pm, which is more than sufficient to explore the park and enjoy the ride.

I arrived with the complimentary hotel shuttle at 12:30pm, and took the shuttle back at 6:30pm, and these 6 hours in the park were more than enough for a good day at the park.

Islands of adventure hours

Islands of adventure vs Universal studios

After having visited both parks, Universal Studios actually was a little more thrilling and more adult like than the Islands of Adventure.

However, The Hulk ride in Islands of Adventures theme park is really awesome, and justifies by itself a visit at the park, if you like high intensity roller coasters. It is worth doing it more than once in the same day.

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