How is a day at Universal Studios Orlando?

A day is enough to enjoy the great Universal Studios Orlando, which hosts a few high intensity ride, an amazingly fun Simpsons ride, and some more calm attractions in the Universal theme.

One day at Universal Studios Orlando

A day is enough to enjoy the great Universal Studios Orlando, which hosts a few high intensity ride, an amazingly fun Simpsons ride, and some more calm attractions in the Universal theme.

The rides are covering many franchises, such as Transformers, Shrek, The Simpsons, Men In Black, Fast and Furious, The Mummy, Despicable Me, and more.

I went to the Universal Studios Orlando using the hotel complimentary shuttle, as I was staying at the Park Inn by Radisson Resort & Conference Center- Orlando- Near Universal Studios, arriving there around 12am, and leaving at 6:30pm, which was enough time to enjoy the park.

Orlando: Find local activities

First of all, it is of course mandatory to take a picture in front of the famous Universal logo, a revolving planet earth with the words Universal written on it.

After that the park starts by passing a huge gate, which reminds me of something, but I cannot say what exactly.

Entering the real park, the main entrance avenue is large and have on both sides so many rides from famous kids franchises.

However, I am here for the high intensity rides, and continue walking until I find one of them.

Universal studios Orlando rides

Arriving at the first intersection, I see what I am looking for: the mummy attraction, which is high intensity, and offers a single riders lane, avoiding me much of the waiting time, which was estimated at 45 minutes at that time.

During the wait, I meet another single rider which really is riding alone, a girl from Canada with which we have some some talks while waiting for the ride's boarding. She is not there for the first time, and gives me some tips about the attractions around.

The ride is actually pretty good, but as all good things, seems so short... only like a few minutes, it would have been much more enjoyable with a longer ride!

Getting out of the ride, I can see that the avenue have been cleared out from pedestrians. I stop for a while, and start putting some sun block while waiting for the street show to start...

A parade arrived shortly, with the famous Sponge Bob in person.

They stop in front of me for some dances, which is a good opportunity to take a few pictures, and drink a bit of water, while finding a nice spot under the shades to watch the show.

I continue by going to the Transformers ride, a 3D movie in a moving car, which is actually quite enjoyable, despite being mostly designed for kids.

Leaving the Transformers attraction, it is time to go for the real ride... a roller coaster that starts with a vertical climb, and has several loopings and inversion.

As they offer a single riders lane, the waiting time is cut from 45 minutes to about 15 minutes, and the ride starts.

Amazing! It is designed after some rock stars, and after boarding, while waiting for the first climb, every passenger is invited to select a song on the personal music player in front of him, that will be played during the ride.

However, it is going so fast that I just take the first song that I see, and don't have time to choose more in details, it will a Limp Bizkit song.

The ride itself is awesome, and goes through some of the buildings of the theme park, and in the streets above the pedestrians.

Moving on, I still have a lot to do and continue my tour. An area is themed around Jaws movies, but there are no attractions, only some street decorations.

The next area is the Harry Potter one, and the theme is pretty nice.

I wander a bit in the streets, which are full of people - it is the most popular area of the whole park, and also hosts the train station that links to Harry Potter area in Islands of Adventure theme park.

However, I'm not a bit fan of Harry Potter... and the only real ride in that area does not offer single riders lane at the moment. The only interest int he area is a fire spitting dragon on top of a building, event which happens every 10 minutes.

The following area is the Men In Black one, and I go there.

Like all attractions which are moving a lot in the park, it starts by using the free locker to store the belongings while being on the ride.

The wait is the shortest possible, less than 5 minutes, and I embark on a fun adventure. We are in a training camp in Men in Black, every one has a gun, and during the ride we are invited to shoot at some targets appearing around us, representing friendly or hostile aliens.

Original and fun, it is however not that impressive as the ride does not move a lot.

Time to head to the area that I expected the most... The Simpsons area!

There, it does not matter that there is no single riders lane, I wanna do it, and go in the waiting line. The waiting time of 15 minutes seems very short, as some Simpsons episodes are screened int he waiting area, and it doesn't feel like waiting at all.

The ride is the funniest ever, full of jokes, moving a little bit, and we are laughing out loud in my car.

I finish the day by going to the Fast and Furious ride, which is exactly as I've been warned earlier... boring.

The last attraction will be a Shrek 4D experience, which is pretty fun.

The day is now over... and it is time to head back to the hotel.

Universal studios Orlando hours

The Universal Studios Orlando hours opening time are from 9am to 9pm, including access to all the attractions.

This is enough time to visit all of them, as the park is not designed to be overcrowded, and the waiting time in most attractions rarely goes above an hour, even doing the full standard wait.

Universal studios Orlando hours

Universal studios Orlando tickets

The tickets for Universal studios Orlando starts at 115$ without tax for a one day park visit, which might actually seem pretty high, because it is a high price to pay for a one day theme park visit.

However, by including several days in the same ticket purchase, the price might be reduced a bit. For example, a 2 days ticket for the two parks, one per day, makes the ticket at 115$ tax included per day and per park.

Universal studios Orlando tickets

Resorts near Universal studios Orlando

The best thing to do to go to Universal Orlando is to go to one of the resorts that includes a complimentary hotel shuttle to the park, such as the Park Inn by Radisson Resort & Conference Center- Orlando- Near Universal.

The hotel resort includes everything necessary to spend a good holiday, in and around the theme parks of Orlando.

Water rides at Universal studios Orlando

There aren't any really good water rides at Univeral Studios Orlando - the water rides are actually located in the second park, the Universal Islands of Adventure theme park, which is situated right next to the Universal Studios theme park.

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