Top 5 Best Honeymoon Ideas: What to Book to Have an Amazing Holiday?

Check out our guide to the best honeymoon getaways! You will have the most unique and pleasant time of your life at these amazing places. From Washington to Greenland — we share the best holiday ideas presented by the New York Times.
Top 5 Best Honeymoon Ideas: What to Book to Have an Amazing Holiday?

The Best Honeymoon Ideas: What to Book According to the NY Times

The honeymoon is always a particularly eagerly awaited moment. After months, if not years, of waiting and planning the big day, it is finally time for the newlyweds to relax, unwind, and enjoy. It doesn’t matter whether you have met on a popular dating site, on the street, or your couple has been together since school. One day you might face the issue of choosing the best holiday destinations for this particular occasion.

Luckily, honeymoon spots abound around the world. You and your beloved should determine your priorities and preferences to choose the best one. According to the New York Times, we have prepared the top five of such places. But, before proceeding, why don’t we explore the story behind this sweet term?

Why Do People Celebrate Honeymoon: Tradition Origins

Here are some ways to understand the origins of this tradition.

The Babylonian Legend

In Babylon, the city of ancient Mesopotamia founded back in 2300 BC, there was a honeymoon tradition. According to it, the bride's father had to provide his son-in-law with as much beer as he wanted in the first month after the union. What an original wedding gift! This beer was made using honey, so people started calling the first 30 days of marriage the honey month or honeymoon.

Consumption of Honey

Newlyweds in many countries to this day consume mead, which is a beverage made from honey, for the first month after their wedding. This honeymoon practice comes from the Germanic population. Hindus and Chinese directly consume honey during the honeymoon period. The pharaohs were also believed to have drunk a beverage. It consisted of honey and propolis and people drunk it during the 28 days of the honeymoon. They believed it is an aphrodisiac that provides the fertility of spouses for a happy life with many children.

John Heywood's Proverb from 1546

Some historians believe that the phrase comes from the English tradition of lovers calling each other honey. This honeymoon interpretation was first described by an English playwright and poet, John Heywoods, in one of his dialogues back in 1546.

It will take another century for the honeymoon expression to incorporate the idea of a trip, indicates the English-language magazine Country Living. In the 19th century, in England, the newlyweds went on a honeymoon journey to meet people who had not attended their wedding.

In the 19th century, according to the “Trésor de la langue française,” the honeymoon in France meant the month following marriage; first times of common life where harmony reigns.

5 Best Honeymoon Ideas by New York Times

If you were to ask our opinion, we think all lovers leave the family hive similarly to bees. Their goal is to collect the nectar and live independently from their parents. So why don’t we discover honeymoon locations now?

While you can be full of wedding entertainment ideas, you may be drying out when it comes to picking an out-of-the-ordinary honeymoon destination. The New York Times annual ranking is a good source of inspiration in this regard!

Washington (United States)

Amazing number one! If we would not have thought a priori of the federal capital of the United States as a travel destination, let's not forget that an American daily established the ranking. Home of the White House, the Supreme Court, and the Capitol, it is, of course, one of the best honeymoon places for political enthusiasts.

2020 also marked the centenary of the 19th amendment to the Constitution ratifying the right to vote for women. On this occasion, commemorative exhibitions were established in various museums in the city. Washington is a cosmopolitan city with constantly renewed cultural and gastronomic options. Recently, Ethiopian and Laotian cuisines are gaining a place in the capital.

Do not miss U Street either, an area nicknamed the Black Broadway. It will bring back fond memories of your wedding entertainment and add new honeymoon ones.

The British Virgin Islands

Located in the Caribbean, this volcanic archipelago is made up of 4 main islands and other islets of striking beauty. Several islands with different atmospheres are the best honeymoon resorts. The dynamic Tortola, where the capital is located, and a constantly active port to Anegada, a coral island with paradisiacal beaches populated by some 300 inhabitants, are waiting for you.

If the NY Times decided to put this destination in the honeymoon spotlight, it is finally recovering from the terrible hurricanes that hit its shores in 2017. As a result, the famous Rosewood Little Dix Bay hotel complex is reopening its doors.

Lovers of rustic decoration and eco-aware newlyweds would be pleased to discover the environmentally responsible honeymoon initiatives of the territory. For instance, The Bitter End Yacht Club marina on Virgin Gorda Island, which uses recycled materials, or the non-polluting electric motor yacht of the Cooper Island Beach Club. These spots are perfect for lovers of beach honeymoons.

Rurrenabaque (Bolivia)

Have you ever heard of Rurrenabaque? Neither do we! It is, however, a great honeymoon starting point for discovering northwestern Bolivia, a region where nature comes to its fullest and where endangered species are protected. Eco-responsible travelers know that Bolivia has been named the best honeymoon green destination by the World Travel Awards.

Use an opportunity to discover the region that has allowed the country to rise to the top. Its eco-tourism circuits, rare animals, and impressive waterfalls will amaze you. Among this honeymoon area's prettiest spots, the NY Times recommends Madidi National Park and the impressive Rhukanrhuka Rainforest, a protected area home to rare species of river monkeys and dolphins. So, if you were searching for unique honeymoon destinations and lasting memories for your first trip as husband and wife — Bolivia is for you.


Let's leave the heat of the Virgin Islands and the tropical humidity for the ice creams of Greenland in fourth place in this honeymoon ranking. It is a part of the Kingdom of Denmark, the country is the second largest island in the world after Australia.

If you prefer secluded honeymoon trips — Greenland is your must-visit. The territory is still little-visited but now more accessible thanks to new expeditions developed on more ecological boats and its electric propulsion.

The American newspaper recommends visiting the Ilulissat fjord and the national park located in the northeast of the country, where you can observe musk oxen on your honeymoon. The ice cap is melting, so two international airports will be inaugurated in 2023. According to the NY Times, it is high time to go to this wedding honeymoon spot still protected from mass tourism.

The Kimberley Region (Australia)

While Australia will appeal to those, who prefer democratic and cute honeymoon places, the Kimberley region is the least visited area in the country. Located in the northwest of the island in Western Australia, it is a stretch of an exotic wildland that will disconnect you from the hustle and bustle of your honeymoon celebration.

Do you enjoy romantic honeymoon getaways? The town of Broome, its 22 km beach, and its superb sunsets will inspire you with the most beautiful texts of love. Then, from the sky or the sea, treat yourself to superb views of the majestic honeymoon landscapes of this part of Australia. The NY Times recommends, in particular, Purnululu National Park and its massive Bungle Bungle, Lake Argyle, the Ord River, El Questro Gorge, and Waterfalls.

The region is developing its tourist activities and offering new honeymoon activities such as the Narlijia Experiences to familiarize yourself with the aboriginal culture. The newspaper highlights Call of the Kimberley and its glamping vibe for accommodation. You can experience a whole new level of honeymoon vacations in Australia — the country is highly popular among newlywed tourists.


Are you planning a honeymoon? Then, we hope that this guide has inspired you to visit new places and try out something new. Of course, it is not about the place. It is about your energy together. We wish you the best time of your life in one of the recommended honeymoon places. Thus, you should choose carefully. If you feel that any of the spots mentioned matches your vibe — don’t wait! Book your honeymoon dream trip and share your experience in the comments below!

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What are five of the best honeymoon ideas, and what unique experiences can each offer to make the holiday memorable?
Ideas include a beach getaway in the Maldives for relaxation, a safari in Africa for adventure, wine tasting in Tuscany for romance, exploring the cultural heritage of Kyoto, Japan, and experiencing the natural beauty of New Zealand. Each offers unique experiences from luxury and relaxation to adventure and cultural immersion.

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