The Best Florida Bucket List For A First Timer

The Best Florida Bucket List For A First Timer

Florida is a world of wonder filled with magical tourist locations across the state. So whether your traveling desire is to cruise up along the coast as you try different local meals or a visit to the most scenic theme parks and art museums in the state, there is always an adventure that awaits.

Arcade games, old-school Nintendo, or pinball machines? Florida has numerous but popular video game bars and hotels, locations that are perfect for spending the night away with friends as you indulge in some childhood nostalgia, innovative cocktails, and craft beer. A Roman Legion Hotel is there, too, if you want something more grown-up and fun.

When it comes to Florida attractions, the choices are endless. So we made it our problem, narrowing down the list of diverse places you should visit when in Florida for the first time. Let's dive in.

1. Orlando City

Your dreams will come true in the city of Orlando. This is the perfect location for a one-stop trip to Florida because you will get anything you want. Name it, a Florida nightlife, the best art galleries and museums, outstanding resorts and restaurants, or even theme parks for the family. Whatever you want, you'll find it in Orlando.

2. Discovery Cove

This is the perfect place to be on a sunny Florida day, especially if you feel adventurous. As the name suggests, there is a lot to discover here, like dolphins' natural behavior, snorkeling, and float riding on a river. If you want to, you can swim with the dolphins and then grab some food and drinks when you're done.

3. Ginnie Springs

Ginnie springs are perfect for hot summer days in Florida. The clear and cold water also houses caverns adorned with limestone bottoms and sand that are exciting to explore as you float on a kayak or a board in the spring.

4. Miami City

Like Orlando, Miami is a perfect tourist destination because of the ideal weather, diversity in culture, and great food. This is the place that will make you forget all your troubles.

5. Bayou Bill's Crab House

Seafood lovers should make a point to visit Bayou Bill's Crab House. You'll find a variety of your favorite seafood like snow crabs and oysters.

6. Ringling Museum

Found in Sarasota, the Ringling Museum is filled with a variety of art to explore. There's something for everyone as well since the museum has both modern and antique works. There's even a circus for your kids to explore. And if you get tired, you can visit the Bayfront gardens to smell some fresh air and relax.

7. Tallahassee

Did you know that Tallahassee is the capital city of Florida? This should tell you that there is bound to be something more special about Tallahassee of all the Florida cities. And that is found in the cities terrain. If you love nature, start your trip to Tallahassee before visiting other cities.

8. Jungle Queen Riverboat

This ship comes with many amenities to make your ride over the Florida waters as unique as possible. While on board, you will enjoy sightseeing, lunch, and diner cruises.

9. Florida Keys

In the Keys, you will find paradise. The place is imbued with islands that stretch for 120 miles off the coast, giving you a tropical space with numerous outdoor activities like fishing, scuba diving, and boating to enjoy yourself.

10. Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater

Sit in a classic car and watch white sci-fi or old black movies as you dine on some of the best foods in Florida.

11. Kennedy Space Center

You can take a trip down memory lane in Kennedy Space Center as you take a tour of the machines that traveled to outer space.

12. Devils Den

The place has an underground spring that is 120 feet in diameter, 54 feet in-depth, and it has a temperature of 72 degrees on average each year. This is an excellent space to scuba dive or snorkel.

13. Magic Kingdom park

You cannot leave Florida unless you've visited Magic Kingdom Park. The variety of Disney theme parks will bring your inner child out to play.

14. Bok Towers

Found in Lake Wales, Florida, this place is primarily a contemplative garden with a bird sanctuary. The site is full of breathtaking flowers, plants, trees, art, and a Pine Ridge Trail you can hike.

15. Bush Gardens Tampa Bay

With places like Bush Gardens Tampa Bay, Florida at Christmas is magical. The theme park is designed to fit the Christmas mood, a beauty you'll enjoy as you ride different roller coasters.

16. Caladesi Island State Park

Florida beaches are a sight to behold, so why not head to Caladesi Island State Part to enjoy small crowds, warm blue water, and white sand. Here, other activities to enjoy include kayaking, sunbathing, wildlife watching, hiking, swimming, and fishing.

17. Florida Disney

We've mentioned the Florida Magic Kingdom Park already, but this is not the only park at Disney world in the state. The other three include Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom. Take a complete tour through these parks as you meet and greet people, enjoy fantastic food, and take some rides around the surrounding area of Disney. One day is not enough for the activities you can do here.

18. Fun Spot America

This is another Florida theme park that is built for the adrenaline junky. Fun Spot America is the only place that has a wooden roller coaster in Florida. The SkyCoaster here is also the second tallest worldwide.

19. Clearwater Beach

There's a reason why we've isolated this beach among the many in Florida. The beachfront is lined with Florida restaurants, Pier 60, and many cafes for you to explore. At night, you will have entertainment from raft vendors and street performers at Pier 60. But before exploring the many pallets here, you can jet ski, paddleboard, or parasail on this beach.

20. Seacrest Wolf Preserve

You've seen birds, crocodiles, monkeys, and even lions at the Zoo. But how often do you get to spend time watching real-life wolves? Take a trip to Seacrest Wolf Preserve during the Florida holidays and learn more about wolf packs.


Unlike the rest of the world, the Florida lockdown must not have been boring because of the fantastic variety of beautiful places to explore in the state. From the fantastic Florida hotels, weather, wildlife varieties, and fun theme parks, one can tell why Florida is a bucket list tourist destination for many people.

So, if this is your first time in the state, these are some of the most popular destinations you should consider visiting. But don't let this list limit you. There is much more to see and enjoy in Florida. So, let us know in the comments the place that you look forward to visiting the most.

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What to choose first from the Florida bucket list?
Study the above list and feel what resonates in your heart. And what is the most vivid picture in your head. The list is very wide and varied and everyone will definitely find what he likes.
What are the must-visit places and experiences that should be on a first-timer’s bucket list for Florida?
A Florida bucket list includes visiting Walt Disney World, exploring the Everglades, relaxing on Miami Beach, experiencing the nightlife in Key West, snorkeling in the Florida Keys, and seeing a rocket launch at Kennedy Space Center.

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