How to Catch the 2021 Olympics Live At the Comfort of Your Home

How to Catch the 2021 Olympics Live At the Comfort of Your Home

One of the reasons why 2020 was disappointing was the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics. However, organizers rescheduled it to begin on 24th July 2021. With everyone in the world edgily waiting for the start, the event ranks as the most anticipated this year.

Despite all these changes, the organizing committee assures that the Games will be safe and secure.

Top athletes from across the globe will gather in Tokyo to compete for the gold medal. The Olympics will bring entertainment to viewers as athletes compete for the top position. In this article, we look at some of these arrangements and other aspects of the event and inform you how you can catch it live at the comfort of your home.

The Olympic Games are the largest international complex sports competitions that are held every 4 years under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The medal won at the Olympic Games is considered one of the highest achievements in sports.

Here you can learn rock climbing olympics 2021 live and other disciplines.

Sport climbing for the 2020 Summer Olympics made its debut at the Tokyo games. The medal draw took place in two disciplines - men's and women's all-around. Athletes completed three climbing disciplines: difficulty climbing, speed climbing and bouldering. The winner was determined by the formula for multiplying the occupied places in each event: the one with the smallest final product of places became higher.

The Latest Arrangements

Due to the magnitude of such an event, thorough preparation and scheduled arrangements continue to take place behind the scenes. In recent months, the committee in charge has sought official and unofficial support from other countries. Here are the most recent arrangements.

Opening Ceremony

The event will begin with the  opening ceremony   , which the Olympic committee has already planned out. The ceremony will start on 24th July 2021, at around 8 pm in Tokyo, Japan.

Other specific details for the ceremony are yet to surface. However, the committee has released an official statement saying that it will reflect Japanese style and traditions to present a truly memorable experience.

Attending of Foreign Spectators

The latest arrangements have confirmed that the Olympic committee has banned  foreign spectators   from attending the event. Although reasonable, this announcement has been one of the most shocking and sudden statements. It is a major setback for many people who would have loved to travel and catch the event live.

The committee has argued that the event is mainly for the athletes. However, in place of live spectating, you can catch the event live at the comfort of your house using various media technologies.

Olympic Activism

In the past,  activism at the Olympics   has been illegal due to various reasons. However, the committee of 2021 has decided to allow freedom of expression within the confines of some rules. The activists are only allowed to wear clothing with the colors of the Olympics. They also can't write anything on their hands, legs, or clothing.

Although legal, athletes can only protest before and after events. To exercise their freedom, the women's British soccer team has vowed to take a knee in their game with Chile. It is the first time that activists have been allowed at the Olympics, and we hope to see it used thoughtfully.

5 New Sports Introduced in 2021 Olympics

In the spirit of inclusiveness, the committee has added various  new sports   to the Olympics.

These sports will level the playing field and provide an opportunity to athletes from all over the world. Here are the top five new sports in the Olympics.

1. SoftBall

Softball has previously been a part of the Olympics only as a demonstration event. It has since passed the voting stage and will be at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. As one of the most popular sports, we expect it to bring much competition among athletes and more entertainment to viewers.

2. Karate

Karate as an Olympic sport has been hotly debated for some time now. The martial art will join the Olympics in 2021 after winning a vote against Lawn Tennis. Karate will take place in the form of a team event and individual event. To bring more excitement and competition, both men and women will have four separate weight categories.

3. Surfing

This sport will be making a debut at the Olympics and is an exciting addition to viewers.

However, it won’t occur as a stand-alone event but rather take place as a demonstration event. It will gain popularity with many viewers as it brings a unique element to the Olympics.

4. Skateboarding

While skateboarding may not be as popular, they included it because of the popular votes on social media. It will also take place in the form of a demonstration event.

5. Sport Climbing

Sport climbing is a form of rock climbing that will also be making its debut at the Tokyo Olympics. It will take place in the form of individual events. We all expect the competition to be very tough as the events have only a few spots available for each country or region.


The Tokyo 2021 Olympics will have a wide variety of 42 venues, more so than any previous Olympics. Many of the events will occur in the renovated stadiums. The committee also expects to bring other events outside to provide a new experience for athletes and viewers.


A total of 15,000 athletes will be competing in 421 different events across 28 sports. The event will take place over 18 days between 24th July and 9th August. In the spirit of inclusiveness, a total of 22 new events will feature in the 2021 Olympics.

How can Fans Stream the Event Online?

Since international fans will not be able to attend the Olympics, You will need other ways to watch the games. That is where media technology such as online streaming comes in. With the advancements in technology and the internet, you can stream the Olympics live from the comfort of your home.

All you need is an internet connection, a smartphone or laptop, and some of the best online streaming sites. There are numerous sites where you can watch the Olympic games live. Once you have subscribed for streaming services, you will also need a VPN.

Also known as Virtual Private Networks, VPNs provide security as you access streaming content.  Using a VPN   ensures that you stay protected from any online cyber-attack. It also masks your IP address, which helps you bypass any geo-restrictions and enjoy the games live from any country.

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics will bring a lot of excitement to both fans and participants.

Although you, being an international fan, cannot travel to Tokyo, you can still share in the excitement by streaming the event online. The added advantage of streaming is that you can either watch it live or watch it back at your own time, in case you are busy.

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