Mini Travel Guide: A Day of Adventure in Coron, Palawan

Mini Travel Guide: A Day of Adventure in Coron, Palawan

Join us on an unforgettable journey to Coron, Palawan, where crystal-clear waters, hidden lagoons, and vibrant marine life await. This mini travel guide will walk you through our day-long island-hopping adventure, filled with snorkeling, exploration, and culinary delights. Whether you're watching our YouTube video or reading our blog post, you're in for a treat. Let's dive into the highlights of our memorable experience!

The Coron Super Ultimate tour

The day before, we booked a full day tour called the Coron Super Ultimate Tour at a local travel agency while wandering in town - they don't seem to have a working website, however their Facebook page Nice in Paradise is online, showing some of their tours.

In any case, most tours sold are pretty similar, and you can book Coron island hopping day tours online including hotel pickup, as prices are just the same everywhere, and there are just two main variations: having lunch on Banul beach, or on CYC beach. We got the first one, including these other stops, that might change depending on current weather conditions as it was our case - we coulnd't go to Barracuda lake:

The full day tour included hotel pickup from our amazing Coron Weston Resort hotel which is actually located a little outside of Coron City, but that wasn't an issue to get the transfer included in the tour.

However, as you can see in videos, I did hurt my fingers while swimming in the hotel's pool on my first day there, by unexpectedly scratching fingers against an abrasive wall in the pool, as I was swimming too close to it. Long story short, I had two fingers bleeding, and the hotel's staff quickly improvised a plaster for me.

While it wasn't so serious in the end, in could have been - in which case, glad I got a comprehensive Nomad Insurance that would cover necessary treatment if it got worse.

Right as we headed into town to book our island hopping tour, I found a local pharmacy and bought what was needed to take care of my fingers until they stop bleeding and the new skin could hold, but right when it happened, I was scared it would be more serious and necessitate more than just a simple first aid kit. Anyway, we could continue our adventures with some change of plasters!

After our tricyle transfer from hotel to the port, we arrived at the pier on which we were told that no equipment was included. You have to either bring / buy / rent your own snorkeling gear, and they told use we need also to rent a glass-bottomed kayak for the twin lagoon tour at PHP1000 / day. After a quick talk with other tourists around, we understood it isn't really necessary, and passed on the kayak opportunity.

The girls bought their own snorkeling gear for around PHP500, and I rented some for myself, at PHP160 (around $3), while they were initially asking for PHP200, but as we were visiting during low season it wasn't an issue to negotiate the price down. Once that done, we were ready to embank on our ship and start our adventurous island hopping day tour !

1. Kayangan Lake: The Enchantment Begins

Our adventure starts with a visit to the breathtaking Kayangan Lake, famed for its clear waters and stunning limestone formations. Dive into the lake's serene beauty, swim through its underwater cave, and capture the moment against the backdrop of towering cliffs.

2. Banul Beach: Culinary Delight by the Sea

Next, we head to Banul Beach, a pristine stretch of white sand where we enjoy a lunch of fresh crabs and seafood. The beach's turquoise waters and the taste of local delicacies make for a perfect midday break.

The amazing fresh meal consisted of various fishes, some vegetables / fruit dishes, and one dish with pork. All of them were to be shared, freshly prepared by our boat's crew, and were amazing! While I can't name the fishes, there was some kind of trout, crabs, and some kind of mussles.

All of them were amazing, and thankfully we had some locals traveling with us that taught us how to eat the crabs, as it was our first crab ever!

After a delightful lunch on the sun-kissed sands of Banul Beach, our escapade took an unexpected turn towards the luxurious. In the spirit of joie de vivre, I, clad in business attire complete with a red tie, decided to add a splash of opulence to our tropical outing. With the stunning backdrop of the crystalline sea and the traditional Filipino boats swaying gently in the background, we popped open a bottle of exquisite French champagne.

The cork flew, and a shower of golden bubbles erupted, raining down on us and the powdery white sands. Laughter filled the air as my two Polish friends, dressed in their chic bikinis, danced under the champagne rain. Even a fellow Filipino tourist couldn't help but join in,for his sip of champagne ever, raising his glass to the merriment. It was a celebration of the senses, a toast to our shared moments, and a memory etched into the canvas of Coron's beauty.

yte-NG_ezvUX0Kk Join us as we bring a touch of French sophistication to the shores of Coron, Palawan. Watch as a dapper French man in business attire disrupts the usual beach tranquility with a pop and fizz, showering his friends with the finest champagne. Laughter and cheers can be heard as glasses are filled, and the bubbly is enjoyed by all, including a jovial Filipino guest. This unexpected twist on a beach day encapsulates the joy of living and the essence of a luxurious escape. Click play to witness the unforgettable fusion of celebration and serenity, all wrapped up in the tropical embrace of the Philippines.

3. Snorkeling at Skeleton Wreck and Coral Gardens

Our quest for underwater wonders takes us to the Skeleton Wreck and nearby coral gardens. Here, we snorkel among schools of tropical fish and explore the remnants of a sunken fishing boat, all while surrounded by the ocean's vibrant coral life.

4. Twin Lagoon: A Hidden Paradise

Our journey culminates at the Twin Lagoon, where we swim through a natural tunnel to discover a secluded lagoon. The changing water temperatures and the serene beauty of the surrounding cliffs offer a unique and tranquil experience.

As the effervescence of our champagne celebration settled, a local vendor, with a kayak laden with fresh coconuts, paddled towards our little congregation. With a skilled hand, he cleaved open the tops, presenting us with nature's own beverage. We waded into the gentle waves, coconuts in hand, sipping the sweet water that brought a refreshing contrast to the salty sea air. The coconut's coolness was a delightful palate cleanser, preparing us for the journey ahead. As we floated, basking in the afternoon sun, we shared stories and laughter, the coconuts adding a simple yet profound pleasure to our luxurious escapade. Soon, it was time to gather our belongings and head back to our boat, the taste of tropical freshness lingering on our lips, a perfect prelude to the next chapter of our adventure.

Conclusion: A Day to Remember

Our day in Coron was filled with moments of adventure, relaxation, and natural beauty. From the enchanting Kayangan Lake to the hidden depths of the Twin Lagoon, each experience brought us closer to the heart of Palawan's majestic landscapes.

Whether you're planning your next adventure or just dreaming of tropical paradises, we hope this mini guide inspires you to explore the wonders of Coron, Palawan. Don't forget to check out our YouTube video for a closer look at our journey, and visit our blog for more travel tips and stories. Safe travels!

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