Should You Go For An ATV Tour Cusco Quading In 1 Day? Yes!

Another fun outdoor activity to do in Cusco as a day tour is quading in the sacred valley, a great experience !I've booked it for my 5th day in Cusco, a half day your on quadrimotos around Cuzco and its nearby sacred valley.

Quad bike ATV tour Cusco

Another fun outdoor activity to do in Cusco as a day tour is quading in the sacred valley, a great experience !I've booked it for my 5th day in Cusco, a half day your on quadrimotos around Cuzco and its nearby sacred valley.

I took the afternoon tour, as I didn't want to have to wake up early the day right after  Machu Picchu   visit, which ended up at 11pm.

ATV Cusco adventures on wheels

The hotel pickup at 1.30pm was on time as planned, and I was the last one to enter the minibus. We would be 8 participants, 3 couples, another guy, and myself.

Cusco: Find local activities

After a one hour trip to the location in Urubamba, the weather was getting cold. I was glad to have taken my sweater.

We started by signing legal discharge, in case of accident, and got some instructions before starting.

We were given about 15 minutes to practice on the nearby field, driving around a small plot of land, and getting used to the machines and switching gears.

Quad biking Cusco

Suddenly, it was time to go!

We lined up next to the base camp, and once everybody was ready, we went on the road.

Starting pretty slow on the dirt roads, we quickly went up to second, then third, then fourth gear, and started to feel the speed – and the wind, having to lower the helmet bezel, as the wind was bringing lost of dust in the helmet.

After a solid half hour ride, we stopped in the middle of the road, got off our quadrimotos, and admired the view. Amazing. The whole Andes Cordillera seemed to be right in front of us, with its snowy peaks and cloudy summits.

Quad bike Moray

The short break over, we went back on our quad bike, for another half hour or fun and adventurous ride off the beaten path, on side dirt roads, until we reached quad biking Moray, the first visit of the day, part of the sacred valley of the Incas, some Incan terraces.

It was necessary to pay S/70 (21$ / 18€) to enter the site, for a two days entrance including other sacred Inca ruins, which I would visit the day after during another day tour.

Some members of the group decided not to join the visit, and waited for us at the entrance.

Going there, a guide gave us some explanation on these terraces, which could create a depression up to 15°C at its bottom for the largest one of them, each stage being able to reduce the temperature by 1°C – they were probably used to store food, like a natural fridge, but nobody knows for sure.

The only sure thing, is that these constructions are pretty impressive, regardless of their usage, alleged or confirmed.

That was it for the ATV sacred valley part.

Moray Inca ruins

ATV tours Cusco Peru

Time to get back to our ATV quad bike adventure, and this time going a little faster!

We reached the fifth gear quading, and had even more sensations, with road going a bit more up and down, passing through a village, taking over cars, and stopping in the middle of herds passing on the road.

A very nice time that we all enjoyed very much, the weather being actually quite good despite the relative strong wind.

We managed at some points to take the quad bikes up the more than 40kmh, which was pretty impressive for a first timer like me.

In general, we paid attention to wait for each other and not lose anybody.

That hour of quad driving was amazing, at some point even driving on small ponds, getting splashed around a bit.

Never making any competition, nobody took over anybody else, simply enjoying the fun ride with beautiful scenery around.

After a turn, the group stops, and the guide tells us that the next part is by car.

Maras salt mines quading

We quickly understood why we did not go with the quadrimotos, as the narrow path going up and down the mountain was already pretty dangerous in the minibus.

The guide explained us the origin of these salt mines, already used by the Incas, and capable of producing tons of salt, all coming from a very narrow mountain source.

The salt mines are owned and shared by a few families in Maras, and no worker is allowed if not born and raised in that village.

They do expand a bit regularly, and thousands of salt ponds are used to produced salt by simple water evaporation from the salty water.

We were given 15 minutes to wander around, take pictures, after what we had a short salty chocolate tasting, chocolate salted with local salt of course, and could buy souvenirs if we wanted to.

After this break, we went back to the minibus, which took us back to the quad bikes, for the last part of our quad bike riding trip.

Maras salt mines

Quad biking sacred valley trip

The night was falling on us, and we started by rushing back to the base camp, until it was really getting dark and we could barely see anything more than other quad bike lights.

At that point, we went a little slower, in order to reach safely our final destination, where our ride back home was waiting for us.

ATV Cuzco quad bike price

Booked with Bloody Bueno Peru travel agency, the one that I heard about on the  walking tour   Cusco, and that actually has better prices than other travel agencies in the city, the half day trip price with hotel pickup was S/100 (30$ / 26€).

It did not include entrance to Moray Inca terraces, which cost S/70 (21$ / 18€), valid for two days and usable with the Sacred Valley day tour, or S/130 (39$ / 34€) for 10 days.

Departures are possible at 8am or at 1pm.

Bloody Bueno Peru website
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The ATV Cusco adventures on wheels is a great way to both learn more about the Inca history, visit around, have some extreme sensations, and enjoy nature and nice weather.

All of that with an exceptional price, as the ATV Cusco adventures on wheels only costs 30$US per person, which is pretty cheap for a half day activity including tours of some local places.

ATV Cusco adventures on wheels

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes an ATV tour in Cusco an appealing choice for visitors, and what kind of terrain and sights can be expected?
An ATV tour in Cusco appeals for its combination of adventure and scenic exploration. Participants can expect to navigate diverse terrains, from rural paths to mountainous landscapes, offering unique views of the Cusco region and a fun, exhilarating way to explore.

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