Importance of travel video marketing for the tourism industry post COVID19

Importance of travel video marketing for the tourism industry post COVID19

The recent pandemic holding the entire world in its grasp has brought about many changes in the lives of people. COVID has struck the industries hard with a major blow to the travel and tourism industry.

Travel, which was considered a necessary indulgence in the pre-Covid world, is no longer a requirement for people. People find it risky to step out of their homes, let alone to travel to far-flung locations.

Now, it's time for the travel industry and organizations to adopt the best promotional practices to keep the interests of the people alive and bring tourism right on track once again. One such option that can help travel operators entice audiences all over again is travel video marketing.

Let's get straight to the point and understand how travel video marketing is helping the tourism industry post the pandemic:

Relevant Messaging

A large number of travel and tourism companies are now conveying relevant messages that go by the time. They are using slogans like we are in this together and this too shall pass, and by doing so, they are helping the top tourist destinations remain in the viewers' minds.

They are also distributing video messages that include glimpses of how the local communities and businesses are coping up in these difficult times. Conversely, the viewers are empathizing with the local communities and businesses. This, in turn, is improving the chances of their content getting shared on the internet.

Virtual Reality: It's an Evolution

Present-day advanced technology is helping travel enthusiasts verge on virtual journeys to exotic locations using virtual-reality-based tools and devices. This is a kind of video marketing subset where the audiences can have a highly immersive experience of being present in the original location even if they are not there in person.

These are experiences that add to the travelers' interests and curiosities. Using this kind of technology is not just helping companies enhance the interest of the audiences towards specific tourist destinations and sites but even helping the travelers get an idea of different locations.

360-Degree Videos Are In

As has already been discussed, more and more travel and tourism companies are incorporating the latest video technology to attract the attention of prospective customers. These companies do not leave a single stone unturned in making the best use of 360-degree videos. They are using these videos on a wide scale to give audiences an all-inclusive look at exotic tourist destinations. All for the sake of generating interest.

360-degree videos offer shots and even include facts and the history of certain tourist sites and locations. This further gives these videos an added punch in getting the desired message across.

Participating in Different Online Communities

Earlier, the tour operators hardly participated in the online communities. But now things have changed, and travel companies and operators now understand the significance of online communities.

They are fast becoming members of these communities and showing active participation at the same time. Such gestures help companies in finding relevant audiences online quickly. Video messages, when they disseminate among such audiences, get more traction than those posted on social media platforms.

Targeting audiences in the online communities using videos substantially improves a travel company's chances of getting hold of relevant customers.

Ever-Increasing Use of Different Types of Videos

Undoubtedly, videos have taken over all the other varieties of content in recent times. Even travel companies are now using video marketing strategies to grab the audiences' attention to their products and services.

In these present times, video content draws the attention of the viewers and even converts them into major sales. The enhanced use of video marketing allows travel companies to connect with their audiences effectively. Therefore, it becomes even more challenging for you to create something extraordinary and unique to attract more viewers.

This further paves the way towards visually-driven decision-making by the customers impressed by the video format storytelling of the companies. Indeed, many video-making and editing tools can help you achieve what you want.There is this increased use of online video maker for creating different varieties of visuals that catch the attention of the audience.

More Traffic on Travel Site

Travel companies are now incorporating videos into their site to attract more traffic. Good quality visual content on a site has the power of attracting and retaining audiences for a longer time span. This is called dwell time.

An increase in dwell time means Google will rank your site higher on its search result pages. This will bring in consistent traffic to your site. Improved ranking further leads to better visibility of your site online.

All in all, it's a win-win situation for the travel companies if they start using videos on their sites.

Potential of Selling Emotional Experience

Video marketing helps travel companies in engaging audiences through sound and visuals. The viewing experience is engaging for the audience, and it even elicits an emotional response from the audience at times.

These reactions are good for travel businesses when it comes to the possibilities of transforming audiences into loyal customers likely to tour places that they watch in the videos.

In these present times, when traveling is completely restricted, videos serve as a medium playing a significant role in increasing people's awareness about exotic locales and top tourist destinations.

Impact of Videos On the Whole

Conclusively, videos inform the audiences about brands and their associated advantages in a very concise and crisp way. Studies show that 1-minute videos are equal to 1.8 million words, either spoken or written. So, this must give you a fair idea of how strong an impact is created with videos.

To put things in perspective, use a word counter to check the number of words you have in your document, and calculate how many minutes of videos you would need to get the same result.

This is something not available with the other forms of content. Considering the strong impact that visuals have on the minds and hearts of people, it is quite natural that more and more travel companies will be adopting video marketing in a very big way.

Furthermore, Covid has done nothing but accentuated the significance of videos in the world of digital marketing.

Final Thoughts

The present is an unprecedented world where things keep changing in seconds. Slowly but steadily, businesses, including travel companies, have adapted to the situation and developed resilience.

Of course, there's a considerable drop in traveling, but things are still alive in the travel business, all thanks to videos. Video marketing is something travel companies should completely depend on for the time being. As for the future, there will certainly be a solution in place to fight against Covid, and tourism will once again thrive and even prosper.

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Is it important to create travel video marketing?
Video marketing can today draw attention to tourism and travel. This is the tool that will make travel information accessible and easy to understand for the target audience, i.e. for tourists.

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