Most picturesque destination for January

One of the coolest places to visit this January is a hotel made completely out of ice! Hotel de Glace is located 30 minutes from Quebec City and is worth having on your bucket list. This family friendly hotel is constructed every winter on the Hotel Valcartier property. Take the time to explore each hand crafted room, showcasing a new theme each year. Each night, the hotel offers activities to its guests which include anything from ice skating to ice carving. Make sure to grab a drink by the ice bar and take a ride down the hand carved slide.
Most picturesque destination for January

Hotel de Glace near Quebec City

One of the coolest places to visit this January is a hotel made completely out of ice! Hotel de Glace is located 30 minutes from Quebec City and is worth having on your bucket list. This family friendly hotel is constructed every winter on the Hotel Valcartier property. Take the time to explore each hand crafted room, showcasing a new theme each year. Each night, the hotel offers activities to its guests which include anything from ice skating to ice carving. Make sure to grab a drink by the ice bar and take a ride down the hand carved slide.

If sleeping in the cold isn't your thing, each room has access to a second, much warmer hotel room in Hotel Valcartier.

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Costa Rica or Lake Tahoe

The answer to this depends on your interests. If you want to fully engage with winter, the answer will be different than if you're looking for a reprieve from the bitter cold.

One of my favorite spots during this time is Costa Rica, for example. It's not the rainy season in January and the temperatures are mild. There's so much beauty to see there and there are absolutely gorgeous beaches to enjoy as well.

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If a true (but not freezing) winter is more your speed, Lake Tahoe is great in January. The temperatures are cold, usually in the 40s and maybe 50s during the day. If you go a bit further north you'll find some great ski destinations without having to endure the harshest of winters.

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Tulum, Mexico or Fort Lauderdale

Tulum is open for vacationers and tourists and offers beautiful spots and even though it cools down for the winter months, it's usually still beautiful out and warm enough to enjoy all that the beautiful beach city has to offer at affordable prices. The area is home to beautiful and ancient Mayan ruins as well as clear Caribbean waters. Travelers arne't necessarily spoiled for choice in terms of travel this holiday season, but Tulum is a good place to get away and relax and it's not too much of a mission to get there.

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If you're looking to escape the cold weather while enjoying one of the most interesting art scenes right now, look no further than Fort Lauderdale in Florida which hosts an eclectic art scene with great food and a warm tropical vibe. There are a lot of exciting festivals and pop-up events that happen here in January like beer brewing and art fests which you don't want to miss if you find yourself in this warm spot during the holidays.

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Sobe Beach in Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea

Looking for an extraordinary place to visit in January? I would clearly recommend Sobe Beach in Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea.

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January is exactly the best time to observe the spawn of the magnificent leatherback sea turtle. In the middle of the dry season, you can easily enjoy the 2h trekking on the beach to Sobe beach and once the night falls, get out of your tent and observe the +500kg turtles.

So, If you are a travel and animal adventure looking for unspoiled places, this is definitely one of the best options during the month of January.

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Visit Antarctica in January!

*Antarctica is a must visit* for travel enthusiasts! The journey along the Drake Passage may not be the most comfortable but the destination is breathtaking!

Words may not be enough to describe my amazing experience. Antarctica is beautiful and is rich in wildlife. Gentoo penguin colonies, humpback whales, weddell seals, and leopard seals are just a few of the wildlife that you will encounter. The glaciers make an extraordinary backdrop for the amazing photographs that will be able to take.

Must do activities in Antarctica are kayaking, paddling, and don't forget to do the *polar plunge*! It's an experience of a lifetime for me.

Kleinwalsertal Austria

For me, a top destination to visit in January (and winter in general) is Kleinwalsertal in Austria. This Alpine area consists of multiple valleys on the border of Austria and Germany, making it a perfect spot for all kinds of winter sports! You can best picture Kleinwalsertal as metres of snow, long hiking trails, cozy mountain chalets and relaxing wellness facilities.

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The most popular activities in January are skiing, cross country skiing and hiking in the snow. I've been there two times already for skiing as well as hiking, but of course, you don't just come for the sports, equally important are the wellness facilities! This is a top destination for someone who would like to combine sports and wellness at the same time!

I would definitely go again for all the reasons mentioned above! Between my first and second visit, I could see a huge difference in infrastructure as they are investing more and more in the ski area, so I'm sure Kleinwalsertal will only get better as a winter destination!

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Some of the best locations and picturesque locations in the country for January are listed below

The first destination would obviously be New York and even though the temperature is very chill with 4 degrees, it is very beautiful. The scenic view in Central Park is a must for everyone. The Wollman Rink, in fact, opens around this time and nobody wants to miss it.

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The second choice would be Austin, Texas. The average temperature is around 5-16 degrees and you can explore it as much as you want. The place is known for its wonderful BBQs and what can be better than having them in cold weather on a picturesque farm.

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Lastly, Los Angeles, Nevada would be another wonderful option. The temperature is slightly colder than Austin but here you can enjoy poolside and poker tables instead. This City of Sins is perfect for vacationing in colder months.

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Banff National Park Canada is an amazing destination to visit in January

A beautiful winter wonderland, Banff welcomes skiers and non-skiers to soak in snow capped mountain views, winter sports and romantic staycations.

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January is a great time for winter activities from cross country skiing, snowshoeing, winter hikes and more. Ice skating in a natural rink in Lake Louise is a delight during this season. If you are lucky you can also explore the Ice Sculpture festival held in late January/early February. For non-skiers, indulge in romantic spa packages or comfort meals at one of the heritage Fairmont hotels. With so many seasonal events like Christmas On Mountain Top (Banff Gondola), horse sleighing, wildlife tours, you can’t go wrong in visiting Banff in January. Each year, our experience at Banff has only become better - with more activities and festivities to check out.

Banff in the winter is very picturesque and looks completely different in the summer/warmer months.

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Yellowstone National Park

I have been there in January and I plan to return every year.

Most of Yellowstone National Park closes to vehicle traffic after the snow falls. Without the hordes of visitors the park experiences through the summer, Yellowstone becomes a wintery land of solitude. You can gain access to the park several ways. You can take a guided snowmobile tour, trek on your own on cross country skis or snowshoes, or ride the snow coach.

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The Old Faithful area is one of the most popular winter destinations in the park. There are many hot springs and geysers in the area and visitors can cross country ski around the area. The colorful hot springs seem even more vibrant in the winter because of how stunningly they contrast with the world of white snow. Yellowstone is the perfect place to embrace winter.

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Lincoln, New Hampshire

Lincoln, New Hampshire is an idyllic winter destination for those looking for a snowy getaway. Just a short 2-hour drive from Boston, Lincoln offers visitors a quick weekend escape from the city and a great place to enjoy the outdoors in winter. The town itself is charming and picturesque. It has a dreamy, small town feel but the main reason Lincoln, New Hampshire is one of the most picturesque destinations in January lies just outside the town's borders. Ice Castles is a breathtaking attraction that you can only see in January and February. As one of the only Ice Castles in the United States this acre-sized winter wonderland is hand-built and made entirely from ice.

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Walk through narrow slot canyons, get lost in a maze of ice, and gaze up at massive icicles dangling overhead. But Ice Castles isn't just a place to take impressive pictures. With slides, caves, tunnels, crawl spaces and fountains all carved from ice, the Instagrammable experience is one of the more unique and fun winter attractions in the world. At night, the attraction is illuminated with color-changing LED lights, which create a beautiful contrasting glow against the night sky.

Each year, the experience and design of the castle changes, much to the doing of Mother Nature. But organizers continue to add new experiences to make Ice Castles an even more immersive experience. In recent years, sleigh rides and a light walk through the forest have been added, and sledding hills and snow caves are planned for the upcoming winter.

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