Where Can I Fly For Valentine's Day?

Where Can I Fly For Valentine's Day?

Where is it best to fly for Valentine's day? While there is no single answer, we asked experts, based on their experience, why should anyone fly to their favorite Valentine’s Day location. Which one is your favourite, where will you go?

VOMO Island Fiji Unlimited Romance Package

Located in a stunning privately owned and expansive225-acre island among the Mamanuca Islands of Fiji, VOMO Island Fiji is an all-inclusive resort offering honeymooners and couples alike a chance to revel in the freedom of alimitless, romantic and private escape. With the island nation of Fijireopening for the first time after nearly two years to U.S. tourists on December 1,2021, couples can finally book an enchanting trip to the island nation’s pristine shores - just an 10 hour nonstop flighttime from both LA and SF.

Check Valentine's Day flights for VOMO Island Fiji

VOMO’s couples’ activities are truly unparalleled and the resort is exceedingly popular all-year-round for honeymoons and romantic excursions. A private island paradise where everything is personal, and with space galore and secluded beaches to explore, VOMO is atrue couple’s haven:

  • NEW Unlimited Romance Package: Exclusive to U.S. travelers, VOMO is offering anUnlimited Romance package which offers couplesan unlimited array of romance-filled itinerary with the activities listed above as well as a Beachfront Villa for 7 nights for two adults, cabana lunches at Rocks Beach Club,private twilight dinners, and sunset cruises.
  • Lovebirds can enjoy strolls on long white sandy beaches, lined with hammocks and swaying palm trees, crystal clear warm waters to snorkel and Mt Vomo rising at one end of the island – there’s something to see, to explore, and to indulge in at all times. Adventurous duos can take a paddle in akayak for two or learn to stand up paddle board; join the morning escorted snorkel safari and explore the amazing lively reefs around VOMO, or a fun round of golf on the island’s 9-hole course. New brides can also zen out with a yoga session or VOMOFit classes with personal trainer. And that’s just before lunch!
  • Fijian Spa Treatments: Afternoons are for couples spa visits at the serene award-winning Kui Spa. Highly skilled therapists offer a heady list of relaxing treatments for singles or couples to unwind and indulge in personal time. VOMO’s spa uses the beautiful organic Sodashi range of products. Fijian spa treatments are at a whole new level.
  • Private Island Dining & Picnics: VOMO’s little sister island of Vomo Lailai can also be booked by just one couple per day. On Vomo Lailai’s beautiful beach, the resort sets up a beautiful gourmet picnic, sun loungers and towels and delivers you to the tiny island with a two way radio and your preferred selection of beverages. Just call us on the radio a few hours later when you are ready to be rescued from your own little paradise island.

For the sustainably-conscious couples – theresort also used Fiji’s border closure to build a freshwater bottling plant on the island, with a goal of eradicating the use of single plastic bottle. VOMO has eradicated the use of small single bottles of toiletries and replaced all with a locally made organic product called NAMA. The exclusive VOMO scented soap, lotion, and hair products are bottled into locally made Fijian pottery for guest bathrooms.

Maui, Hawaii, is the perfect place to fly to for Valentine's day

1. *The Best Destination for Romance*

There are plenty of unique things to do in Hawaii that are perfect for couples. It's a romantic paradise, from exquisite hotels and resorts to epic beaches and lush green landscapes.

Check Valentine's Day flights for Maui, Hawaii
2.* Beautiful Beaches *

Maui has some of the best beaches in the world. The beaches are absolutely stunning, and you can't go wrong exploring them with your significant other.

3.* Experience the Spirit of Aloha*

Aloha is a word filled with joy and love, which perfectly describes the Hawaiian culture. Experience this through food, dance, music, and so much more! This Valentine's Day, you should experience what it truly means to be Aloha.

4. *February is Whale Season in Hawaii*

If you're looking for some excitement, February is the month to go. This time of year is when whales migrate towards Hawaii from Alaska, making it easier to spot them in the wild! If watching whales with your partner doesn't screen romantic, I don't know what else does.

Lihue is the primary airport on the island of Kauai

If you’re thinking about traveling to Hawaii for Valentine’s Day, consider flying in to Lihue Airport.

Check Valentine's Day flights for Lihue

Lihue is the primary airport on the island of Kauai– my personal favorite. They handle overseas and interisland flights, and have an easy-to-navigate system that allows for a stress-free flight.

Vail, CO is one of the most romantic resort towns that have a lot to offer during the winter

Vail, CO is located conveniently just 35 minutes away from Eagle County Regional Airport, which services several major airline flights from metropolitan areas across the country including New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Miami etc. There are plenty of Private SUV Limousine companies if you want to be on the luxury side, and plenty of shared shuttle options as well. Even if you and your significant other are not fans of Skiing or Snowboarding, there are plenty of winter activities that are catered specifically for visitors that do not ski or snowboard.

Check Valentine's Day flights for Vail, CO

In regards to accommodation, there are several international chains like Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt and Four Seasons properties, but also some local hotels like The Sebastian, Sonnenalp or Solaris. For drinks and food you can find anything, from dive bars and live music spots, to high end restaurants like La Tour or Matsuhisa. Vail, CO is a hidden gem for non-skiers/snowboarders but most certainly worth visiting if you are looking for something quieter.

St. Lucia. The views on the island are some of the best in the world

For a romantic Valentine's Day, I can't recommend flying to St. Lucia enough. The views on the island are some of the best in the world, especially when you're looking out at the famous pitons.

Check Valentine's Day flights for St. Lucia

You can drive through a volcano and relax with your date in the hot mud baths. The seafood is amazing and it's a great spot for snorkeling or diving.

On my last trip to St. Lucia we stayed at Jade Mountain resort, and it was one of the best travel experiences of my life.

Napa wine region has tons of luxurious hotels to stay at

Of course, there are the obvious places like Paris, New York, or another large metropolitan city, but one city that I think has unique charm and provides a great deal of romance is Napa.

Check Valentine's Day flights for Napa

Napa is incredibly easy to get to, either out of San Fransisco or Santa Rosa Airport, and all of the major towns you’d want to visit, including Santa Rosa, Sonoma and Napa.. The entire wine region has tons of luxurious hotels to stay at, restaurants to visit and wineries to sample during the day. It’s an easy area to visit during the weekend, especially if you don’t have a lot of time. You can easily stay 2 nights in a hotel, book 2-3 wineries during the day, and then have a gourmet dinner during the evening, and there are ways to visit Napa on a budget as well, if you’re trying to save money. Once you’ve finished up the weekend, you can take a few bottles of wine home with you, a remembrance of a truly romantic weekend.

Maldives will exceed your expectations

When looking for a perfect romantic getaway environment suited for you and your spouse, then the Maldives is a place you should consider. This Valentine's Day, take your wife to this beautiful island country situated in the Indian Ocean within the Indian subcontinent of Asia. I love the Maldives because it has a lot to offer and will exceed your expectations. The Island country is packed with lots of beautiful and natural scenarios that will blow your mind with crystal clear waters and naturally distanced islands that make it a perfect haven for couples to enjoy valentines.

Check Valentine's Day flights for Maldives

The most memorable thing about the Maldives is that the activities provided there are ideal for couples looking to have fun. You will find all types of resorts ranging from clublike to boutique resorts and even those offering family fun if you consider carrying your toddler on the trip. The hotels on this island are world-class, packed with excellent hospitality features that will ensure you have an unforgettable Valentine's date with your spouse. If the hotels don't suit you, you will enjoy unique guesthouses options. In addition, you can enjoy liveaboard sessions, which include surfing, diving, and water sports.

New York, New York has the best places

Valentine’s day is very special for me and my partner and we always try to spend our valentines by traveling. There are a lot of places to go to spend your Valentine’s day and it is mostly by preference.

Check Valentine's Day flights for

As for me, the best place to fly for this day is to New York, New York. This place is simple but has the best places for you and your partner. You can spend your night by walking at Central Park and by visiting other places that New York has to offer.

KwaZulu-Natal safari, South Africa, to spice up relationship

Valentine's Day is a celebration of love and happiness. As a relationship expert, I always advise people to celebrate valentines day with their partners. May it be simple or grand, marking this occasion can help strengthen relationships by making your partner feel more loved.

Check Valentine's Day flights for KwaZulu-Natal

KwaZulu-Natal is one of the most popular destinations in South Africa because of its scenery and warm climate. You can also find here the Thanda Safari Private Game Reserve. It has the perfect setting in the heart of rural Zululand and is close to the Indian Ocean. It is ideal for couples that love nature and want something wild to spice up their relationship because they also offer an incredible KwaZulu-Natal safari on 7,800 hectares of land with animals including elephants, Lion, Buffalo, Rhino, Leopard, and Cheetah.

Thesen Island, South Africa, fits all kinds of couples

One of the most unusual hotels in the country was an old power station that became a luxury and standard hotel room, self-catering and semi-self-catering suites, a honeymoon suite, and an exceptional facility.

Check Valentine's Day flights for Thesen Island

This is located on Thesen Island, considered one of the most prestigious locations on the Garden Route.

This is an excellent place for Valentine’s day as you are given an option to relax, enjoy the experience and plan outdoor activities. It fits all kinds of couples.

Bali, Indonesia because there is a sense of magic and romance in the air

Bali, Indonesia is the best place to fly for Valentine's Day. There are a lot of smaller islands surrounding Bali, take Lembongan for example.

Check Valentine's Day flights for Bali, Indonesia

They have secluded cottage resorts that make you feel like you are the only people on the island. And if you have had enough of each other, you can rent a motorbike and venture around the island, do some sightseeing and trekking, scuba diving, and other water sports. It's special because there is a sense of magic and romance in the air. The island is frequented by honeymooners and it's a prominent feeling that gets to you.

Mexico - try something relaxing and experience adventure at the same time

Valentine's day is coming. More than any other year, we want to spend this year extra special with the love of our life. It has been one of the most awaited special days for couples and you can celebrate it, not anymore at home. After a long journey together with your partner, of course, you might want to celebrate and try something relaxing and experience adventure at the same time.

Check Valentine's Day flights for Mexico

As a marketing expert of a travel tips website, I recommend spending your valentines in Mexico and doing cave swimming, a natural swimming hole experience in the balmy climes of Mexico.

One hotel is named Hacienda Temozón, a Luxury Collection Hotel that features a tour to Sacamucuy, a 20-meter wide circular cave known as a cenote where guests can plunge in privacy to their heart's delight. You can also both enjoy watching a Mayan Shaman performing a cleansing and wellness ceremony that includes incense, local vegetation, and candles. Not only that, but it also has modern pools where you can take advantage of the spa and enjoy the local cuisine available in the hotel. Enjoy this vacation and know each other more on this trip.

South Padre Island, Texas has miles and miles of pristine beaches

One of the best places to fly for Valentine’s Day is South Padre Island, Texas. If you’re from the northern U.S., you’re probably especially longing for sunshine and warm weather by mid-February, and South Padre delivers both.

Check Valentine's Day flights for South Padre Island, Texas

It has miles and miles of pristine beaches featuring soft, fine sand and calm, clear water.Many couples enjoy snorkeling in the warm gulf waters and watching the ocean life thriving beneath the surface. The island is home to wildlife sanctuaries where you can escape the crowds and watch for birds, sea turtles, and other island wildlife.You’ll find a wide variety of restaurants for romantic dinners. If you’re looking for adventure, you’ll find it at one of the island's water parks, on a dolphin tour, ziplining over the land, or parasailing above the sparkly waters.South Padre Island is a hidden gem that’s the perfect place for a Valentine’s day getaway.

New Orleans - Couples will love Carriage Rides of the French Quarter

If you're looking for a place that's full of historical sights, lively music, and tasty cuisine, head over to New Orleans for Valentine's Day. New Orleans is a perfect place to visit because there are plenty of things for couples to do.

Couples will love Carriage Rides of the French Quarter and visits to numerous garden courtyards.

Couples can also take up a Creole Jazz Cruise that pulls out all the stops while cruising along the Mississippi River.

Check Valentine's Day flights for New Orleans

Anyone else should fly there for Mardi Gras and a host of other year-round music festivals. Since New Orleans is known for its music culture, you can catch live music performances on a daily basis. New Orleans is a special place to be due to its rich history and unique heritage.

Kennebunkport in Philadelphia provides couples with the ideal setting

When a place is deemed as “The Town of Romantic Love”, you just know it’s a great getaway for Valentine’s Day. Kennebunkport in Philadelphia provides couples with the ideal setting and a wonderful array of things to do for the most romantic day of the year.

Check Valentine's Day flights for Kennebunkport in Philadelphia

All throughout February, the town features Pain the Town Red events, which include cocktail classes, winter activities, date-night happenings, and festive soirees. White Barn Inn, Auberge Resorts Collection offers festive packages for all types of couples as well. Some of these packages include romantic spa dates and wine and cheese pairing seminars.

This small beach town is also known for its abundant seafood restaurants and popular water activities. Couples could go on romantic sailing cruises, such as on a Maine Schooner or Windjammer. If they prefer to explore on land, there are also several rental places in town that offer bikes and scooters.

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Where can Valentine fly be if the lovers don't want to be bored?
For a bright and active holiday, the KwaZulu-Natal safari in South Africa is perfect. This is a very popular place with beautiful countryside scenery and the ocean to boot. Therefore, it is an ideal holiday for couples who love nature and animals.

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